And they met 02

She was thrilled to be finally in the parking lot. The ten minute ride seemed to take hours. She got out of the car and told the driver,

“give me five minutes…if I’m not back out you can leave”.

Through the door she went. The regulars were well on their way to never-never land, drunk already she thought. That’s good, for us anyway. Those guys won’t remember a thing. As she looked around the rest of the bar there wasn’t anyone except for that man she’d waited so long to torment in person. She saw him sitting there, half eaten hoagie on the table, couple empty coffee cups and the collar laying there as he’d been told. When she was satisfied that no one else was in eye shot and the view was his alone. She slowly walked toward him, unbuttoning her coat as she did and pulling it open for him to have a full view. He couldn’t even believe his eyes. Not that he was thinking that she was beautiful…he lusted after her for so long that was a given and she looked just like her pictures. What he couldn’t believe was the fact she didn’t have a stitch on under that coat except those boots. His cock was instantly hard, aching. That same familiar feeling he’d had so many times past, due to her teasing and tormenting.

“Hello Charles” that familiar voice said.

“Oh My God Mistress!” is all he could get out, his voice a little shaky compared to what she was used to hearing.

Her smile widened, “ohh, not even a hello after all this time?”, she chuckled. Mission accomplished she thought. The man was flustered. He stood as she got to the booth and waited for her to sit. He wasn’t sure what was to come next, he wanted to kiss her hello but was afraid to touch her. Not sure that he was allowed to take such liberties. But she solved that problem as she brushed her lips against his cheek and sliding her hand to his crotch to take a feel at the same time. Mmmm, nice she thought. And she buttoned her coat back up as she sat down opposite him.

“Ummm, uhhhh…I-I’m really sorry. Yes, Hello Mistress. You’ve just really taken me by surprise. You know, people say they will or have done this or that when you talk online…but this is…well. It’s totally unexpected. It IS nice to meet you finally”.

“But Charles we’ve talked for a long time now, surely if you haven’t learned another thing about me, you’ve learned that I do mean what I say? In any case I have a driver waiting, so what’s it going to be? Are you taking me home, do you wish to keep your collar now that you’ve seen your owner live and in person? Or shall I go now before my driver leaves and you can head on your merry way back home yourself?”

“yes Mistress I will take you home, definitely”

“then I suggest you pay your bill here if you haven’t already, we have much to do and not much time to do it in. No time for small talk, lets go”.

About that time the waitress appeared at the table. She took notice of the collar on the table and a sly smile crossed her lips. She ask if the lady would like a menu or if she’d like her regular. The lady answered,

“No thanks. I won’t be eating…here.”

She’d not be ordering today. What she wanted wasn’t on their menu. The waitress then gave him his bill and as he stepped up to the bar to pay it he felt his owners eyes watching him. He felt a flush wash over him, like he was the one exposed. When he turned back to the booth, she was standing. Collar in hand. He walked back and she told him…

“on your knees my little sex toy”

A look of shock, horror almost, crossed his face. Not here he thought. Geesh, not that there was that many people in the pub, but still. He lingered just a second too long.

“Charles! Did you not hear me? I said on your knees! NOW!”

“Yes Mistress” he stammered, his face turning red as he went down on his knees, wondering what the drunks at the bar might be thinking. He had his back to them he couldn’t see their faces. He imagined them to be sitting there snickering at the man on his knees. What he didn’t know is those men weren’t even paying attention. And his Mistress was greatly enjoying his discomfort. She pulled the bottom of her coat just far enough apart for him to see her pussy.

“See that Charles? If you want the privilege of worshiping that wet cunt, you’d best be quicker on the draw. And when I tell you to do something you just do it”

With those words she let her coat fall back shut and placed the collar around his neck. As she fastened it she told him…

“Don’t forget who owns you, you’re mine and you aren’t getting away now.”

Then she reached into her coat pocket and out came a leash. She clipped it to the collar.

“On your feet man” she said. And out the door they went. The men at the bar drunk and without a clue, never even noticed.

Part 3}

She spied his car in the lot and headed straight for it. Waiting for him to step up and open the door for her. As he did, stepping in front of her she slid her hand across his ass.

“Mmmm, nice ass baby. We’re gonna give that thing a good working out later”

She pulled the leash in such a way that he was forced to turn and face her. His back against the car, she pushed her body against his. He flushed again as he thought of her naked body, so close. Just beneath that coat and again…so close.

“a proper hello is order don’t you think?” she said huskily as she pressed her lips against his. He felt her hand on his still hard cock. She rubbed, squeezed. His whole manhood felt so achy and in want and her working it the way she was wasn’t helping matters at all. He thought he’d cum right there in his pants if she didn’t stop..he’d longed for her for so many months already and this was torture indeed. As her tongue pushed his lips apart he heard the faint click of her undoing the leash and felt the tug on his neck as she pulled his head back with her fingers now entwined in his collar.

“that’s all for now big boy, take me home. You’ll get the rest later”. And she slid the leash back into her coat pocket.

He helped her into the car and hurried around to take his place behind the wheel. She slid the seat back so she could stretch her long booted legs out.

“Now Charles, before you start the car remove those pants and anything underneath them too.”

He looked at her in disbelief. But knew better than to question or dally as he didn’t want to bring down her wrath. He started to undo his fly as he looked around to see if anyone was in the parking lot, although little good it would do him if there was anyone. He couldn’t disobey her. As he slid his pants down and pulled his legs out his hard cock sprang forth. The grin that was on her lips turned into a malicious sneer.

“My, my what a nice package you have for Mistress, all smooth and hard for me. Glad to see you shaved that hairy beast as I ask. That will be to both our benefit”.

She reached into her pocket again and out came a contraption of steel and leather. At first he wasn’t sure what she had, until she dangled it from a hooked finger and it fell loose from it’s jumble. He then recognized the gates of hell he’d so eagerly wanted to wear. They had teased about them for months now and finally he was going to feel that cold steel and warm leather around his cock. She looked at his cock, looked at the steel rings, and back to his cock.

“You know Charles, this is never going to work. That prick is just to hard to even think about this fitting”, she laughed. “You need to lose the hard-on my dear or we’ll never get this on you.” She lit a cigarette, wound her window down and the cool spring air rushed in. Again she laughed.

“well, that should help, little chilly out there isn’t it man with the hard cock?”

“yes Mistress”, he answered. But the cold air wasn’t helping to alleviate his problem in the least. His dick throbbed harder than ever. He just wished she’d give him release right there in the parking lot. He wanted it so bad. But she was not going to make it that easy for him. He made a move to start the car.

“Don’t you dare!” She snapped. “Don’t even think about starting this car till you’re locked away in my gates.”

She drew deeply on her cigarette again, blowing the smoke out the window. She undid her coat just a bit, enough that he could steel a sideways glance at her breasts, he could see clearly the tattoo on her chest that he could only barely make out in photos she’d sent. It was a old tattoo, faded but somehow still fitting for her. He also noticed she wore the locket he’d sent her for Christmas. But now it had two little tiny keys added to the locket that was originally on it. That made his cock uncontrollably twitch as he realized what those keys were for. Her hair looked as silky as it did in the photos. He wanted to feel it to see if it was so, but didn’t dare. And the scent of her was so familiar, it was the same as those panties she’d sent. Ohh, he had to stop thinking this wasn’t helping his predicament at all. He needed, wanted release and bad.

She looked at his crotch again, “well mister, I don’t think you’re trying very hard. That damn prick is every bit as hard as it was before. What are we going do with you? I had a feeling this may happen, so like any good boy scout, I came prepared.”

And with that he heard the most wicked chuckle so far. She flung her butt out the window and reached into that pocket again. He thought, she must have bottomless pockets in that coat. She removes her hand from the pocket and in it has a clothes pin.

“look familiar baby?” She cooed, then laughed again.

“umm, yes Mistress” he stammered, “but really, if we wait just a few more minutes…Owwwww” he hollered. Before he knew it she had put that clip right on his dick, no warning. It was just there. And again she laughed.

“oh really, don’t be yelling like a little girl. People will think I’ve, …ohhh I don’t know, put a clip on your dick or something.” Her laughter by this time had turned into uncontrollable giggles as she watched him squirm in discomfort. “I have more if just one doesn’t do the trick” she threatened with even more laughter. But one was working as she watched him clearly suffering, she almost felt sorry for him…almost. She was having far to much fun to feel to much pity though. She knew what was about to come and he wouldn’t ever remember any little bit of pain he was feeling now.

As the swelling of his engorged cock went down, she ripped the clip free and he again hollered…“Owwwwww, my god that hurts!!!”

“Are you complaining Charles?”

“No – no not at all, just saying is all.”

She places the steel and leather down over his now, very soft prick, retrieves two more leather straps from her pocket, one to lock his balls to the gates and one to go around his cock. She pulls, prods, shifts and gets the straps arranged to her satisfaction. Then back into the pocket and out comes two open, little brass padlocks. And with a glint in her eye she clicks them both shut as she tells him just how owned he really is. And now he may start the car and take them home.

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