And they met 04

Now underway, naked from the waist down and locked-up tight. He listened intently as she gave him directions. Turn there, straight through this light.

“Now we’re home free baby” she said as they started up over the steep hill. As he took in the scenery, he noticed that town was disappearing fast. Soon they were to the top of the hill and there were no more houses, no more stores…just trees. The road narrowed a slight bit and wasn’t as smooth either. They dropped down over the other side of the hill and it was like a different world. Relaxing, quiet, on his way to things he’d, to this point, only dreamed & lusted over with her. Down the road they traveled and she said…

“only a few more mile Charles, just stay on this road”. He glanced over at her and she was smiling, looking him in the eye she reached into that magical pocket again. This time when her hand reappeared she had a jelly vibrator in it, she leaned closer and slid the head of the fake cock against his lips,

“surprise baby, I’m gonna show you a trick.” She turned the end of the vibrator and it sprang to life. She undid her coat and he damn near melted. She lifted her left leg and placed it down on his again growing cock, careful not to bump the wheel. He was already having trouble keeping it between the lines she’d noticed. She slid her right leg farther apart and took the vibe from his lips and slid it across her hard nipples, down her belly and between her wet slit. Using her other hand she spread her cunt lips wide exposing her clit. Tracing the fake cock back and forth across her clit. A moan escaped her lips.

“Soon baby, real soon your mouth will take the place of this piece of plastic. But until it does you’re going to watch me cum.”

His prick was swelling in it’s confines. It hurt, ached. More than it ever had that he can recall. “ohhh Mistress”, he whispered. “pleaseeee”. He heard his own voice, like that of a child pleading for a want. Only he wasn’t sure if his want was to watch her pleasure herself or grant him release. She worked the vibrator back and forth until it glistened with her wetness. And then she slammed the length of it into her greedy cunt. As she did his hips thrust involuntary, as though he was attached to that vibrator, he so wished he’d been at that moment, wished he was the vibrator. He’d heard this over the phone in the past, but to see the look of pleasure on her face, hear her, smell the sex. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to even keep the car on the road much longer. The road began to twist and turn, up a small grade then back down, around another sharp turn. He couldn’t watch her and the road at the same time…he was missing parts of the show. But he heard every little sound. He heard her wetness and she slammed her toy in and out of that tight fucking pussy. Yes, she was fucking that vibrator like he hoped she’d fuck him before he had to go home.

“careful Charles, the road is a treacherous one. We want to get home in one piece. I have plans for that cock and I don’t want it wounded if you miss a turn and hit a tree.”

Her voice was starting to waver ever so slightly. He could tell she was getting close. She worked the vibrator faster, it hummed it’s magic, and her booted foot dug into his naked crotch. Pushing his cock between his legs. The only thing that saved his dick entirely was the gates of hell. The steel rings wouldn’t allow enough give for her heel to do any real damage, the pressure he felt was actually rather pleasurable for him combined with the ache, the need he was feeling. He took a quick glance at her again when the road straightened a little. She grinned wide and moaned loudly,

“I’m cumming Charles, if this was your cock you’d feel my cunt clenching down on that hard prick right nowwwww!”

She fucked the vibrator hard and fast and drew her orgasm out till the last of her spams subsided. He was amazed, and again in one of those states of disbelief. He’d been with this woman all of about twenty minutes and already she’d gone beyond what he was expecting their first meeting to be like. He never half believed what any Mistress talked, bragged about. He thought the majority of them did nothing more than blow hot air…but this one, he laughed inside his own head, yes, this ones a keeper. That dom that he tried hard to keep locked up just couldn’t help himself by times. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to see her on her knees in front of him. Those grinning lips of hers around his hard throbbing cock, sucking him dry. His hands on her head, fingers tangled in that silky hair, pulling her closer as he fucked her mouth. Moaning with pleasure as her warm moist mouth met every one of his thrusts, the suction building. His balls tightening. Until his hot cum pulsed down her throat.

Her voice shattered through his daydream. As if she’d read his mind, and looking straight through him she cocked one eyebrow…

“Really Charles? Lick it clean” she pushed the vibrator to his lips. “lets see how good a cock sucker you are handsome. You know you want to suck my cock as badly as you want to feel it fucking that sweet ass of yours”.

She again, as before, pressed the fake cock to his lips. He, unsure of his technique touched his tongue to the head of the dick like a child tasting a lollipop. He’d licked many a cunt..but never a dick. This was new to him. He got a taste, licked some more. He started to lick more urgently, she saw him, right before her eyes become intoxicated with her cum so she teased. As he tried to get more, she would pull it away. And then she told him to take it all. She slid the big cock into his mouth and he sucked it like a greedy little bitch. She removed her foot from his crotch and with her free hand pulled his legs farther apart. His cock bounced up from between his legs. She saw the tip of his swollen prick was slick with his pre cum. He had quite a puddle going by this time and noticing the familiar landmark to the left, she told him he was to take the next left hand turn he could. And with that her head disappeared to the passengers in the car behind them. Between his legs she went. Her tongue darting in and out between the steel rings. She put her mouth around as much of the tip that was sticking out from the final ring and sucked the sweet liquid off. He wanted to cum so bad, mumbled through the cock she still slid in and out of his mouth. Not sure how he was even managing to keep the car on the road he just wanted to pull off…right there, right then, finish this properly. Long before he was ready for her to stop she did. Looked around and motioned…

“here we are, next drive on the left my dear…we’re home” She pointed in the direction of the house on the hill. He made the turn and up the hill the car climbed to come to a stop in front of the house.

“We made it and nary a scratch!” She laughed. “You’re hired!”

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