And they met 05

She buttoned up her coat as he reached for his pants.

“what do you think you’re doing?” She ask. “you won’t be needing those, and as a matter of fact take that shirt off now too.”

As he did in the parking lot, he did here too. Looked around to see who could be in seeing him in his nakedness. She did have neighbors and they were all close. Close enough to see him if they were looking out windows. But he didn’t question as he pulled the shirt over his head laying it aside.

“now what Mistress?”, he ask.

“well, come around and open my door handsome, unless of course you want to have our visit here in your car?” she told him.

He did, the air was cool, but a relief as he was hot. His stomach in knots as to what he hoped was going to happen. The fantasies of what would be always ran through his mind and each time it ended in a different scenario and each one more fun than the last. He got to the other side glanced in the direction of the neighbors house a bit nervous wondering if they were home.

“Don’t worry Charles, they aren’t home…well, at least I don’t think they are”. She couldn’t help herself, the laughter escaped her lips again. Back into that pocket again and the leash was back out. This time she clipped it to the gates of hell locked securely to his still swollen prick. She jerked and tugged just enough to make his cock jump and seem to dance. She arced the leash from side to side to make it go back and forth. Seemed she was going to sit in the car forever and play with his cock. She giggled like a child with a new toy. Her eyes focused on his member, the smile ever so wide on her lips. After what seemed like several more minutes than it actually was she extended her hand to him and he helped her out of the car and shut the door. It was then he’d noticed how slender her fingers really were, but strong at the same time. She let go and gave one last tug on the leash, snapping him to attention.

“lets go you horny slut, I know that ache you have is in need of quenching”.

He followed her up the steps of the porch and to the door. She took a key out of that pocket and unlocked the door and they were inside. He looked around, it was small but cozy looking. Again she pressed him back. This time not so gentle, her body crashing into his she dropped the leash and cupped his balls while her lips met his in a long, deep wet kiss. With the other hand she slid the tip of her thumb across the new slickness that leaked from the tip of his cock. She wanted to feel that hard shaft between her lips, still tasting the sweetness of his precum from the ride home she longed to feel that shaft filling her throat, throbbing in her mouth. But not just yet…she had other plans to take care of first. He would very willingly beg before she gave him what he needed.

His hands slid up her hips under her coat which she hadn’t removed yet, they came to rest on her breasts. Squeezing and rolling the nipples between his finger. He felt her immediately tense and she pushed herself back away from him.

“did I say you could touch me?!”

“Well, n-no you didn’t.”

“n-no you didn’t…Mistress!” she said in a child-like mocking tone with a more stern, grown up voice emphasizing Mistress,

“Don’t forget who you’re addressing Charles. On you knees man and don’t even think about moving from this spot, I’ll be back in a moment. We need some ‘corrective’ tools for you.”

With that she turned and headed back the short hallway to disappear from his view. She didn’t go far though, he could hear her rummaging around. And his mind raced as to what she meant by ‘corrective tools’? He knew she wasn’t really much of a sadist so he wasn’t concerned that it would be a flogger or any such beating stick. But all the same, that was one of the things that excited him about her. You just never knew what was next where she was concerned. He heard what sounded like drawers opening, doors shutting then a loud thud which caused him to jump in his skin as he wondered what that noise could possibly have been and hoped it didn’t have anything to do with ‘corrective tools’. He waited what seemed to be forever. She didn’t come and didn’t come. But he could still hear her doing what ever it was she was doing back there. He looked down at his now limp cock, tightly locked up in the steel and leather and couldn’t believe he was even in this position. A year ago he was giving her orders and she fought him every step of the way. She did try hard to be a good sub for him, he knew that. But he also knew you just can’t change the nature of some people. And hers was strong, so strong in fact that she was the only woman he’d ever given him self so completely to and ask for nothing in return.

He was startled back to reality with at light tap-tap-tap on his nose. And a smell of leather and her perfume filled his nose.

“Hellooo, anybody in there?” Came her question in a sing-songy voice.

He looked up and there she stood in front of him looking down into his eyes. He was melting, the dom was finally all but gone. He wanted nothing more than to please her at that moment. The coat and boots were gone. She had on a very sexy pair of black leather, lace-up ankle strap heels, black stockings and a under the bust black leather corset with it’s matching thong, her bare breasts and hard nipples looked made for his mouth and he wanted to feel them there. To complete the vision were black velvet opera gloves. In her hand was the instrument that caused the tap-tap-tap. A riding crop. He wasn’t all that thrilled with the all back clad Dommes he’d seen online all the time especially when they were holding riding crops. But in this instance it was effective. His cock raged with desire. Around her shoulder hung coiled black silk ropes. Under other circumstances and with different rope it would have appeared she had cattle to rope.

“Now then, since you have problems keeping your hands to yourself I’ll be practicing my arm binding technique.”

And with that she turned and went to a comfortable looking easy chair and sat down, spreading her legs wide to give him a good view of her thong covered pussy, a hand on each knee.

“Crawl over here”, she lifted one arm and motioned with the crop to the spot on the floor between her legs that she wanted him to be.

She watched and smiled, he was staring intently at her leather clad crotch.

“you aren’t looking at my pussy are you Charles?” She mocked. She knew he was looking and he knew she knew.

“Do I need to put a hood over that head too? Maybe a blindfold would be to your benefit. If you can’t see what’s coming you may not be as scared” She laughed heartily. She knew she was enjoying this way too much!

“There’s a good little sex toy, crawl to Mistress”, she said as he reached his destination then she laid the crop on the floor beside her chair and placed a gloved hand on either side of his face and pulled him to her lips to kiss his mouth. After kissing him soundly on the mouth she brushed her lips across his jaw and up to his ear and whispered…

“you WILL be drained dry before you leave here my dear, I’m gonna eat you up.”

And with that, her hand dropped to his full, tight balls and she squeezed until he thought the cum was going to start pulsing from the end of his dick that moment. They felt so good in her gloved hand she didn’t want to let go.

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