And they met 06

“Alrighty then sweet cheeks, turn yourself around for me. And put your arms behind you back too. You know it’ll be fun getting to do this to a actual person finally. Those bolts of fabric I’ve been practicing on just aren’t the same.”

He turned on his knees, which weren’t used to being on the floor this long. This was a position he’d not been used to. Sure she gave him his online tasks over the past months that involved him being on his knees, but that was shot periods of time, this was beginning to appear that it could take a while. She seemed to be throughly enjoying herself.

“Damn baby, you do have a fine ass. So tight and fuckable.”

As she spoke she was sliding the cool, pointy, leather toe of her heeled foot up and down the crack of his ass. He moaned just a bit and leaned back into her foot.

“baby, your ass wouldn’t be begging would it?” and again with that laugh. Her laughter alone was making him crazy and still no orgasm for him. He needed relief and soon, he was going to burst.

“please Mistress?”

“Noooo, not yet slut.” Simply put, no expression.

She began to undo the rope that had moments before been on her shoulder. As she started undoing the coils and finding the ends she hummed a little tune like she was doing a simple household chore. She reached for the cigarette pack on the end table and lit one then began to wrap. Pulling, wrapping, crossing over and under. She’d stop for a minute every so often to inhale deeply on the cigarette and look at her work. Deciding that it wasn’t right she undid a few rounds and started again.

“damn it!” she cursed, “I told you we needed more rope” There wasn’t enough to reach the whole way down to his wrists.

“I should just warm that sweet ass for ya. Then I bet you’ll listen when I tell you something. Oh well, I have a idea that may work out for the best anyway.”

She swung a long leg up and over his head to get up and this time she went in the opposite direction than before. He assumed it was the kitchen. He heard a drawer sliding open, some rummaging around and then she was back. With a long, thin, nylon leash looking thing.

She bent at the knees directly in front of him, so very close but so out of reach at the same time. He could smell her hair and he felt his member twitch again. She held the leash, which he then saw appeared to be a small animal, figure eight harness. She pulled and pushed on the little brass adjustment bar on the harness until the figure eight suited her and she placed one of the open sections over his cock, still in the gates of hell and still aching, throbbing. And the other end went around his leather strapped balls. She pulled the brass bar in the center till both sections were tight enough to suit her and then between his legs she went with the length of it. She stood and went behind him to sit on the chair again picking up the end of the harness leash as she did. She pulled it tight up between his ass cheeks. His cock and balls both being pulling in a unnatural direction. A sensation he wasn’t used to having.

“hobble your little self forward a bit there sweet cheeks”, she grinned as he took the little shuffles on his knees and she let the cord slack enough for him to shuffle forward. She pulled it taunt when she wanted him to stop.

“How’s that feel slut? Do you like that rubbing against your slutty little asshole?”

“Oh Yes Ma’am it feels good.”

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Three sharp cracks fell across his unprepared ass cheeks. The bite of her crop had stung. He had forgotten all about it still laying beside her chair and he jerked from the shock of her actually smacking him more than the actual pain, which surprisingly, actually felt pretty good to him.

“Let me tell you something right now Charles. Don’t you ever call me Ma’am again. Do I make myself perfectly clear mister?”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry.”

“Tis ok this time, you’ll learn. Trail and error can be fun don’t you think?” And her laughter filled his ears.

“Yes Mistress”

“At least fun for me. I do enjoy tormenting you my dear. It makes my pussy so wet.”

As she spoke he felt her weight shift as she slid her ass to the very edge of the chair. She pulled his partially bound arms to her hot cunt until his hands were within feeling distance of her horny cunt. He could feel how hot through the leather thong that barely covered her beautiful pussy. She guided his hand until it was touching flesh. She pulled the thong aside and guided one of his fingers into her wet hole.

“See how wet slut?” she growled out as she gyrated her cunt up and down his finger. “Put another finger in slut” she said as she fucked his hand.

“Oh Mistress …please let me loose so I can service you properly.”

I’ll decide what’s proper, now shut up and do as you’re told or you’ll get a proper spanking for talking back. DO IT, finger fuck me the way I say and now!!“

“yes Mistress, I’m sorry.”

She rode his fingers and her breathing quickened and moans escaped her lips, he wished he could see her face but in their position all he could see really well were the muscles in her leg, that were planted on either side of him, working as she fucked his wet hand.

Her movements slowed and then stopped. He felt her weight shift again as she slid back on the chair and the rope between his ass cheeks grew taunt again.

“Mercy, I almost forgot I was in the middle of something here. You still need bound proper then you’ll finish what you started.”

The leash pulled tighter, up between his ass cheeks and to his wrists where she wrapped until there was just enough left over to knot to the arm binding rope.

“there we go…done!” She exclaimed excitedly. “Now carefully, dear slut hobble your little self around so you can properly service your Mistress.”

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