and they met 07

She spread her legs wider and watched with a grin as he shuffled on his knees, careful not to lose his balance and fall over until he got turned and was facing her. She stood, her crotch in his face and she looped a finger in either side of her thong and slowly slid them down her body. Once past her hips she let the panties fall to the floor and sliding her hand back up her thigh she slowed and drug her finger tip across her clit. Rubbing and caressing where his had just been. Sliding a finger into her pussy she fucked her hole, in and out. In and out, taking the finger out and placing it against his lips, tracing them, sliding it in his mouth where he began to suck off her juices. She felt his moan against her finger more than heard it. And as she sat down told him.

“Take off my shoes.”

“But Mistress, I’m tied?”

“Oh Charles, Charles, Charles” She said with exasperation and shaking her head.

“with your ‘teeth’ my dear. You can do it…I have faith in ya”, she laughed.

He began to bend forward but found it was harder than he thought. They way she had his arms bound behind him and that leash secured to his cock and balls each inch forward pulled his hard organ and full balls tighter and farther backward.

“Awww, is my naughty slut having problems?”

“no Mistress” it was not the complete truth, in fact had she not raised her foot to his mouth he knew he would have fallen face first onto her leg. Once her foot met his mouth half way he used his tongue and slid it under a lace on her shoe, getting a hold of it with his teeth he pulled back and it came undone. She placed the back of her heel against his shoulder and used it for leverage to pull the shoe free from her foot.

“now the other” she said. And the process was repeated.

“Ahhhh, that’s better. Now, take that anxious tongue of yours and starting at the inside of my leg on my ankle glide you way up to my knee.” As his tongue slid up her still stockinged leg her foot came back down to rest flat on the floor. And he felt the top of her stocking bunch around his nose.

“again my dear…use those teeth, pull my stocking off”

He did as told with both legs as she was naked again from the waist down. They only part of her that was covered was her waist. She still wore the long velvet gloves which she used to send shivers of delight up his spine when she caressed his flesh with her wanting hands. And the silver chain and locket with the two little keys sparkled like her eyes in the sun light that streamed in the big window behind them. He could see the lust and want in her eyes. He could also see the nick glinting, he knew she was enjoying every minute of this and he couldn’t wait for her next instruction.

“now continue on that journey you started mister. BUT go slow, don’t rush to what it is we both know you want.”

His tongue circled back and forth part of the way to her waiting pussy, then back to her knee, then back up again. Sending waves of pleasure through her whole being.

“Ohhhh, yessss” she moaned, grabbing his head and controlling his movements on the path she wanted him to take and at last pulling him to her cunt. She held the back of his head while her other hand spread her pussy lips to allow him better access to her clit. His lips were warm and strong against her swollen clit. His tongue darting across her. Her breathing quickened and another moan escaped her lips.

“Fuck me with that tongue.” came her horse growl. And she thrusted against his face. His tongue sliding into her hot, wet pussy. Feeling as velvety as her gloves. The movements of his tongue became more urgent as did the movements of her hips. Her juices were driving him wild and he couldn’t wait to feel his cock sink deep into that velvety softness, feel her contracting on his cock as she was his tongue. He was sure her pussy contractions alone could milk him dry as horny and in need as he already was. She pulled his head back to her clit…

“now suck me, suck me off slut. I want to cum all over your face…nowwww!”

He locked his lips around her clit and did as he was told, intoxicated with her orgasm as she thrusted and moaned. He felt shivers race through her body as she slowed, panting to finally a stop. A smile growing on her lips.

“ohh that was very good indeed, you’re gonna get it now mister.” She said with her evil chuckle. “you do still want it don’t you?”

“ohh yes Mistress…pleaseeeeee” he moaned, his voice so full of need, want, desire. The look in his eye was desperate and as pleading as his voice. She reclined back on the chair and reached for another cigarette. Sliding her hand down between her breasts to wipe the small beads of sweat that had started to collect there. She stretched her legs out on either side of him and just watched him for a few minutes, looking into his eyes. Wishing this moment could last longer than she knew they had time for. She put the smoke out after a few puffs and wrapped her legs around him locking them behind him pulled him closer to herself and leaned forward to trace her tongue across his lips, nipping and biting his lower lip, sucking on it. Until finally kissing him full on the mouth again.

“You know Charles, I’ve never been with a man yet who claimed that he loved to eat pussy and was good at it. And they never are. You however seem to be the exception to the rule. It won’t take much at all and you’ll know exactly how to expertly please me and my cunt every time.”

A smile crossed his lips, the first ‘real’ one she’d seen. The others had been full of nervous anticipation. This one was relaxed and comfortable. And that made her heart beam all the more, overflowing with pride that she felt for this man. She again swung her leg up and over his lead, like she was dismounting a horse.

“be right back” she told him.

Again she went to the back of the house this time she returned post haste with a blanket and something else in her hand. He couldn’t quite make out what that was though. She kept it to her side and his view was obstructed by the sway of her hips as she neared him

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