and they met 09

She sat down on the blanket beside him. Reaching over she placed a thumb and index finger in the o-ring on his gates. Looking at him she ask…

“Do you suppose I could make this thing cum with my tongue while it’s locked in here?” She studied his member intently, the cogs turning he could see.

“Most probably, Mistress.” he answered with hope in his voice.

“Well it’ll have to wait for another time, I’m tired of waiting. It’s been to long already and I’m hungry for this.” She said giving his cock a good shake.

With that she placed a key in the lock and as it clicked shut it now clicked open again. First one then the other. Both straps fell loose. His cock ready to be freed once again, his anticipation building. The want growing. His cock was already hard, but he hadn’t been prepared for the gate to come off. It took some tugging and when his cock finally fell free the pleasurable pain was intense as blood that had been denied to the tip rushed the length of his still growing, hard cock. He was amazed at how much more it seemed to grow. He couldn’t remember his cock ever being so hard, or ever being denied orgasm for so long with a woman right under his nose. He was beginning to see the benefits of the submissives life. Not that he didn’t during their online play, but this was really something else altogether. And he hadn’t been prepared for the intensity of the play. The emotion involved was very satisfying to him.

She swung a leg across him and slid the length of her body on top of his. Her arms holding her up as she looked down into his eyes, her hips gyrating, wet pussy sliding up and down the length of his hard shaft.

“how’s that baby? Easing your pain any?”

“Mmmm, yessss Mistress.” He growled, trying to get his tip into her pussy.

Every time he got even close she would move just out of reach, enough for his mission to fail. His frustration was showing, his eyes begging, pleading with her to just give in. But she wasn’t done quite yet. The teasing was so much fun and she was going to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Both her arms went under his neck pulling him close and letting the full weight of her naked body down on him. Her mouth found his neck and she licked, bit, sucked. He felt the tip of her tongue on his ear lobe and slowly tracing up the outer edge, back down and she whispered in it…

“You need to cum real bad don’t you, you sexy little slut? You want to fill me up with all your hot cum, don’t you slut? You wanna feel my hot pussy around that big hard cock don’t you slut? Fucking you hard and fast until you can’t take anymore and you explode? Tell me Charles, tell me what you want, you might just get lucky and get it.”

In between each question that was actually more of a statement than question her tongue licked, or her lips kissed. She nipped his ear lobe. All the while her breath as strained as his. Both having fits of passion and wanting each other stronger and more urgently than they imagined they would. It was a most exquisite moment for them both.

“Ohhhh Mistress, Pleaseeeee”, was all he could get out.

As her mouth began to kiss it’s way down his neck, along his collar bone and beyond. Her lips found a nipple, it was hard and she didn’t let it go to waste, she sucked and nipped it. Rolling it in her teeth causing him to shiver. Tracing tiny circles around it, licking her way to the other nipple to do the same. her mouth and tongue working him to a frenzy of want, need. His moans increasing in number and volume. She pushed her self up on her knees, still astride his hips she sat back on his cock. The tip showing between her pussy lips. She slid back and forth a few times, rubbing her clit on his hardness, watching the tip disappear only to re-appear with the next movement. He wanted to reach up and grab a handful of tit and massage them as they bounced with her movements, or at least grab her hips and slide her back and forth on his swollen cock.

As if she knew what he was thinking she said…

“Don’t think about it mister, I’ll bind your wrists over your head if you touch me before I tell you to.”

And with that she leaned back down to resume her work on his nipples, licking sucking enjoying the taste of his flesh. Both of them moaning in the pleasure that was enjoying each others bodies and the effects they were having on one another. She worked her way down his ribs, across his belly. Swirling her tongue around his navel. She could feel his breath being taken away as she tickled him with her firm tongue. She got to his hips and nipped his flesh, her teeth working down his outer thigh, a tongue across his knees. Kisses up the inside of the other thigh, while her hands slid up the outsides to find their way around his cock. Firmly gripping and stroking his hardness up and down. Her tongue sliding across his balls all but did him in, he wasn’t ready for that as he’d been to that point laying back, eyes closed just enjoying the sensations. He’d been teased so long now. He just wanted to feel himself inside her by this point.

He raised his head to watch her, she was already looking at him with a half a smile on her face.

“Now, my dear. You may touch me now.” And she slid her tongue up the length of his hard shaft to meet the pre cum which had started to run down the length since she held it up from his body, stroking.

She licked his tip clean, as he moaned his need through his quickening breaths. He was almost afraid to touch her in case he did anything to change the erotic feelings she was inflicting upon him at this moment. At the same time he wanted to feel her silky hair entwined in his fingers that he’d only ever dreamed about to this point. Hesitantly he placed a hand on either side of her face. Caressing her gently, running his finger through her hair. It felt like fine silk and he couldn’t decide which was softer, her hair or mouth. She watched his eyes, she was smiling at him through half close lids full of lust. Her mouth working up and down on his cock. She loved doing what she was doing he could ‘feel’ how much. His hips began to thrust of their own accord. He had no control left. He did want to fill her up with his hot juices. All the while she was manipulating his balls adding to the sensations he was experiencing.

She buried her face in his crotch. He could feel the muscles in her throat trying to swallow him. He’d never felt anything so good on his cock before. His whole length was being worked all at the same time and he was in heaven, he was sure of it. Up and down, down her throat the tightening sensations of her swallowing while he was this deep in her was unlike any blow job he’d ever had. He pulled her tighter to him and she pushed deeper down on him, her free hand sliding under his ass pulling him tighter into her mouth. Her mouth left him long enough to tell him “NOW, I want to taste you NOW!” And she again buried her face, the tip of her nose against the flesh of his groin. Pumping his cock up and down with her tight, warm mouth, sucking. And then she felt the first throb begin. His body tensed and she held his ass to her tight, her other hand still on his balls, squeezing with each throb. His exhausted moans filling the room. His cock pulsed and she felt the hot liquid slam into the back of her throat as she swallowed him. With each new throb she swallowed squeezing every drop she could get out of him. As his cock slowed it’s contractions she began to work her mouth back up and down again on it length, licking the head. Not missing a drop. Giving his balls a final squeeze to be sure she got every drop, the last squeeze cause his cock to twitch a final time and a last little bit of cum dribble from the tip and started oozing down the shaft. She was sure not to miss that bit either, looking him in the eye as she licked it away. A smile crossed her lips as she took her time licking him all over, his cock, balls, again his legs and belly. A bite on his nipples. All the while his cock still in her hand massaging his now very sensitive member. She nuzzled into his neck, kissing him, she whispered…“Delicious.”

“Thank You Mistress, that was wonderful. More than wonderful really. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long for this visit.” And with that he wrapped his arms around her, she still had a hold of his now spent cock and they laid just quietly enjoying the moment.

The last thing he remembered hearing was her voice in his ear whisper…

“Mine!” as she squeezed his cock for emphasis. And they both drifted off to sleep in a very satisfied state

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