Biker Bitch

In the fantasy, I’m in a rough part of town alone at night. It’s an area with a lot of industrial activity and abandoned warehouses. At night, it’s a sort of Urban Ghost town, and very dangerous. I’m going down a shortcut that’s not exactly safe. In the distance, I hear loud motorcycles, and they’re getting close. I eventually realize that they’re not on the main street a couple blocks away, but right behind me, and coming fast. I pretend not to notice and pick up the pace. They finally stop, all three of them. There’s a wall to my left, a bike to my right, a bike in front of me and a bike in back of me. I notice the riders are all girls.

I get a good look at all of them before anything happens. They’re all tough looking girls. They’re not muscular, but they have really angry eyes, and are dressed in spiky leather jackets and spiky leather boots, one with black jeans, one with black leather pants, and one even in a short black skirt and stockings. A couple of them have tattoos on their arms, too. They just stare at me, and the leader says “Get him!” They all jump off their bikes and start hitting me really, really hard. Two of them start to hold me in place while the leader punches me in the stomach. When I can hardly stand, I’m given a good punch to the nose, which abruptly starts bleeding.

Two of them drag me while the leader opens the door to the building I was walking by. It’s open at night, and is some kind of warehouse. They take me to the bathroom, tie me down and take off my clothes. The leader and the second in command argue over my wallet and it’s contents, stealing my money. They’re getting ready to leave, but suddenly, the girl in the skirt says she’s going to stay and “take care” of me. Their little group is very anti-man and the other two figure she’s going to kill me, and so they let her stay and they ride off. Here I am, tied naked to a toilet, and this girl just looks down and smirks.

She’s the shorty of the group, and looks the most feminine. With her leather jacket off, I see she’s got pretty nice tits, and soft, pinkish skin. She has a nose ring, a lip ring and short, curly hair. Her eyes are her only physical attribute that give away her dominant nature. They’re dark and deep, with an oppressive beauty. Without saying anything, she raises her beautiful boot to rest on my cock. It’s black and leather and spiky, and she begins to apply pressure. My cock and balls are in pain, and I tense up. I squirm a bit as the pressure increases more and more. She finally finds the perfect pressure, and a smirk comes to her face as I writhe in pain.

She tortures me by varying between pressures, and she finally spits on my face and stops when she sees I can’t take anymore. She unties me, but takes out a knife to let me know I’m not going anywhere. She lifts me off the toilet seat I was tied to and holds the cold steel to my throat. By this point, I’m begging her not to kill me. She pulls me close to her, the knife still at my neck and she just licks my cheek once, tasting my sweat and my fear. So close to her, I smell everything: It’s a mix of cigarette smoke, beer and sweat that was somehow feminine and arousing.

As quickly as she helps me up, she orders me onto all fours, and I obey. Alone with her in some bathroom stall of an empty building, I know there’s no escape. She tells me to lick her boots, and I do, so slowly. I lick the leather from the front of the boot to the top extremely carefully, never daring to look up. I give little baby kisses to every shiny piece of metal I see on each boot, and when my tongue strays from her boot to her stocking, I receive a kick to my side that makes me fall down hard. When I fall down, she drags me out of the stall and onto a table in the hallway outside of the bathroom. She takes off everything except those shiny boots, and she makes me get on top of her and lick her body. She’s got the knife still, and she holds it against my back.

I lick from her tummy to her breasts, tasting the delicious skin, sweat and cigarette tastes that linger on her. As I suck her nipples, she digs the knife a little into my back, breaking the skin. I let out a yelp, and raise my head. She pulls my head back to her nipples and tells me to relax. She says she’s only gonna cut me a little bit. I suck her nipples more some more, and the entire time, she’s making new slashes in my back.

Finally, she gets up. She leaves me on my hands and knees on the table, and stands on it looking down at me. My back is covered in little gashes that are leaking blood. I feel her cold gaze on my back, and soon, I feel a warm liquid too. She’s peeing on the wounds. As she squats over me, I’m utterly humiliated, and all my wounds are stinging with pain.

Finally, she lies me on my back. The fresh wounds hurt against the cold, hard wooden table. She slowly sits on my face, and tells me to lick her pussy. It’s hard to breathe as I lick her and she grinds her warm, wet pussy against my face. I lick her for what feels like forever until finally, she cums. She gets off the table and puts everything back on in front of me, but I stay lying down, stunned. She leans over the table and kisses me on the lips, and I don’t move a muscle until I hear her bike roar off into the night.

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