in my latest fantasy, I’m wandering around in the woods in a very rural area at night. I’m utterly lost, and finally, I see an exit. I climb up a steep hill, and see I’m back to civilization. The exit I took left me in the backyard of a big house. I start walking, relieved to be out of there. I plan to walk around the house and try to find my way home. When I get close to the house, however, the back door springs open, and I hear the cocking of a shotgun. The weapon aimed right at me, I of course don’t notice the beautiful woman wielding it. She maintains her aim and tells me if I move I’ll be shot. I stand there, frozen.

With the weapon, she gestures me into her home, and I walk in. I keep my hands in the air. Though not told to do so, I want her to know I’m not going to try anything. She puts the weapon to my back and coerces me down the stairs into her basement. Once I’m down there, she runs back into the living room to put her gun away, and then joins me in the basement. She closes the door behind us. I notice a few things. There are no windows, and the design is somewhat familiar. It’s a sound proof basement! Absolute terror fills me now, as I know she’s planning something- She obviously doesn’t want me screaming for help. all of the sudden, she flicks the light switch on.

I see her now. She’s obviously in the army, or recently was, as she not only wears camouflage clothing, boots and dog tags but also has that unmistakable look of a soldier, and the eyes of a predator. She’s tall, and a tad bit muscular, yet soft. She’s white, with tanned skin and a long red ponytail. My guess is that she’s around thirty or thirty five. She has only moderately sized breasts and a well toned ass. She looks built to fight. She looks at me disapprovingly and slowly walks down the steps towards me. She tells me she doesn’t need to point a gun at me, because I look like a wimp.

She’s right. I’m short, scrawny and terrified. As her lean, powerful body approaches me, I simply stand still, with my heart racing. When she finally reaches me, she puts her hand on my mop of curly hair and pushes me down to my knees. She orders me to lick her boots. I sit on my knees, stunned in confusion until she leans down, grabs me by the neck and chokes for a good few seconds. Breathless, I regain my composure and put my mouth to her right boot. I lick slowly and carefully, obeying her command. After the right, I move to the left. I start kissing her boots after I lick them, and she is pleased. She tells me I’m being a good boy, and she orders me to undress.

I obey her, blushing and humiliated. Shockingly, seeing my sub average muscles and skinny build, her eyes widen and she is amused. She grabs me by my flaccid, soft cock and begins kissing my neck. Submissively, I lean my head to the floor, presenting the entire left side of my neck for her. This is really at first from fear and shame alone, but as she begins to kiss my neck slower and slower, using more and more of her nice tongue, my dick gets hard. Holding my head down to get at my neck with one hand and stroking my groin with the other, I know that she’s taken me and that she’ll do whatever she wants to me- at her pace. Almost drunken with power, she slams my back into a cold, hard wall and tells me into my ear that she’s sorry, and that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She tells me how horny she is, and how weak and pathetic I am. She tells me she’s hungry and I’m girl food.

She chokes me again, clutching my neck hard and pushing it to the wall. She bites my cheek unbearably hard, and all of this makes me squirm. She leans her body against mine, choking until I almost pass out, and biting until I have a bunch of bloody holes on my cheek. She releases her hands from my neck, and slowly licks the blood. Shivering from the fear, my now soft penis uncontrollably lets out a stream of piss. It’s aimed at the floor, and I’m peeing at my own feet. Seeing I’ve lost my nerves, she doesn’t go back to hit me more. Instead, she looks down at the yellow puddle with a sort of pride, and orders me back onto my knees: This time, kneeling on the puddle.

Seeing me where I needed to be, she pulls down her camo pants, slides down her panties and shoves her beautiful bare ass onto my face, ordering me to kiss it. I promptly spread her asscheaks and begin kissing her little pink butthole. At first, the taste of skin, sweat and well… ass makes me sick. Soon however, I start to like it. It tastes delicious in a filthy way, and I feel like I can put off being bloodied or choked if I can kiss her ass well enough. Soon, I start to lick it: Baby licks at first, and then long, deep strokes. In an attempt to submit fully, I begin shoving my tongue up her butthole, tasting the dark, wet, dirty fleshy rectum. A low toned “mmmmm”, comes from her mouth, and I know I’m pleasing her.

Soon, her ass becomes my sanctuary. I try to stay there as long as possible, knowing she won’t hurt me if I’m worshiping her rear. I kiss it softer, lick it slower and shove my tongue deeper. After a few minutes pass, she’s still thrilled with my servitude and is now bent over fully, leaning on a wall. Eventually, she has an idea. She pulls up her pants and her panties. She yanks me back to my feet, grabbing me by the neck, and throws me into a desk, bending me over. Before I can see what’s happening, my hands are thrown behind me and cuffed. She tells me it’s time to play with MY ass. Terrified, I protest and attempt to get up. She grabs my hair and pushes me back, bending me over the desk again. She opens a compartment in the desk and pulls out a bottle. The next thing I feel is some kind of warm jellyish lubricant being applied to my asshole with two fingers.

I close my eyes and stay there, feeling the very moment when her fingers go from applying the lube to penetrating me. At the instant they enter my ass, my legs begin to wobble and my heart races faster than ever. They go in a bit at a time, at first barely entering me. To my relief, the woman tells me to relax, and that she’s going to go in slowly. My ass is still tense and tight, but eventually I manage to relax somewhat, allowing her to go in deeper and deeper, until she’s ready to put more than just her fingers in me. When she takes her fingers out, I know what’s happening. I hear her pants unzip, and then drop to the floor. Scared again, I close my eyes tighter. I’m so scared, I barely notice how painfully tight the cuffs are, and before I know it, her plastic cock is going in me. She had put extra lube on it, and she inserted it slowly, bit by bit. When all eight inches were in me, there was a moment of calm.

I thank her for being so gentle. I thank her over and over and over, humiliated and terrified, but grateful that my ass wasn’t hurt badly. In response, she bends over and whispers into my ear. She tells me she’s gonna give me the hardest fuck of my life, and that I’ll never forget her. She stands back behind me, still inside me and spanks my rear and starts pounding me. It hurts so badly at first that I have to be pinned down. She rests her arms on mine, which are still cuffed behind my back. I even cry a little, but gradually I start to loosen up more, and she no longer has to restrain me. She starts spanking me more and more, turning my ass red. I feel each pound she gives me, in my dick, in my prostate and in every bone of my body. I’m so sexually and emotionally confused, I can’t control my emotions and struggle to stop the tears, but the better it feels, the more I loose control as I feel liberated, enslaved, aroused, abused, controlled and raped all at once.

After a while, she slows down and then even stops. The sound of my cuffs clanking and my body hitting the desk and her little satisfied moans are replaced by silence: And then, something odd: The woman pushes the vibrate button on the dildo. We simultaneously are hit by a tidal wave of pleasure, and she makes loud, loud moans, squeezing me tightly. The sight of me bent over before had made her so wet that cum was already dripping on the floor- So when that thing starts vibrating, she’s already ready for an explosive orgasm. When she herself can no longer stand upright, she collapses and bends over me. We’re both bent over the desk, her on top of me. When she cums, she’s squeezing me tightly and screaming in my ear. The feeling is tremendous for me too, but she has her orgasm and turns off the vibrator before I can have one.

She pulls out of me slowly, and spanks me one more time. As she puts her pants and panties back on, I shiver, sob and fall to the floor. She takes off the painful cuffs, and gives me some water. Little do I know, I’m being drugged. In the water there’s a strong sedative: It doesn’t put me to sleep, but relaxes and pacifies me. When I’m too calm, relaxed and high to know what’s going on, she takes me to a big, comfortable bed in another part of the basement. She puts comfortable leather restraints on me- on my legs, arm and neck, pinning me down. Then, she takes her clothes off, slowly. I’m blindfolded though, and can’t see her.

The next thing I know, she’s on top of me. I’m happy and relaxed, and she’s riding me slowly. I feel a few kisses on my lips, and she occasionally leans her chest toward my mouth so I can suck her nipples. Her body is by now covered in sweat, and “stinks” beautifully. There’s a side effect to the sedative: My anal muscles are all completely relaxed. To finish me, she undoes the leg restraints, lifts my legs in the air and milks my prostate from the front. I cum like I’ve never came before, and it keeps coming out. She slaps me with her hand, getting my cum all over my face. She tells me to have a good night and that she’ll be back to play with me first thing in the morning. I didn’t know where I was. i didn’t know her name. Then again, I was so high, I hardly knew my OWN name.

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