Laundry Room

In the fantasy, I’ve been in my old apartment building’s basement, doing laundry in the laundry room. It’ll be extremely late, maybe 3 AM when I’ll hear the noise of boots approaching slowly. The noise will get louder, until the woman comes into the room. She’ll have open toed high heels and beautiful feet/skin. She’ll be very pale and very tall: About 6“2” with blue/gray eyes and jet black hair. She’ll make me feel very uneasy with her presence, and walk towards me. Often in the fantasy, she shoves me up against a wall, just to see how wimpy my reaction would be. Taking pleasure in watching my nervousness, she’ll pin me against the wall. If I try to talk, I’ll be choked.

How I get to her feet is always different, but sometimes, she’ll just start to choke me and not want to stop. She’ll see how weak I am, and I guess she knocks me out. I’ll wake up at her feet, and I’ll be collared. She’ll see me wake up and say “Hands and knees!”. If I don’t obey her command, I’ll usually have the choke collar tugged on hard. When I’m on my hands and knees, she’ll ask me if I like her feet. Nervous and confused, I’ll say yes, and go on for a good amount of time about why they’re so nice. I’ll talk about the black nailed toes and the softness and the color and how I didn’t know a woman who had to walk around in such hard shoes could have such soft feet, and how the bottoms of her feet were so soft and didn’t have any ugly, unattractive callouses or imperfections.

She’ll have a sort of smirk on her face… it’ll be a European looking face with a sort of dark, brooding look. When I look up at it though, I get choked horribly, and quickly learn to stay down, looking at her feet. Finally, I’ll be ordered to kiss them. I’ll obey the order with confusion and delight, kissing each toe at first and then moving to the foot itself. I’ll lift her feet to get good angles, never missing her ankles or the sides in general. I’ll take one of her feet out of the shoe one at a time, and carefully bring it to my mouth. I’ll lick the bottoms of her feet and assure her of how great she tastes. By the second foot, I’ll be licking the bottoms when it will all of the sudden be shoved into my mouth. I’ll gag a little as she’ll fit as much of her foot into my mouth as she can. I’ll kiss her legs through her stockings, licking them and looking for delicious sweat pockets, like the backs of her knees which I’ll lick fiercely. When I go to high, she’ll have no problem pushing me back down.

Eventually, She’ll end up sitting down on a chair. I’ll sit on the floor, at her feet. By now, I’ll be rubbing/kissing her feet while we wait for our laundry. When it comes out, I’ll be invited to come to her place. Once there, instead of getting what I thought would be a nice vaginal fuck, she’ll gag me, tie me to a table, bend me over it, and fuck me fast and hard with a vibrating strap on. She’ll get a couple intense orgasms, but I’ll be in pretty bad pain since she was clumsy with sticking it in me too fast. When she’s finally done, I won’t be able to move for a few minutes- I’ll have to stand perfectly still because it hurt so bad.

Generally, things end with her spitting on my ass and eventually untying me. She’ll order me to curl into a ball and sleep at her feet like a dog. I’ll do so happily: Though sore, I’ll have a great time kissing and licking her feet as she lies down. I’ll ask her if she liked it, and this usually results in her only show of affection: She comes down to where I am, kisses me on the cheek, spanks my ass and goes back to lying down with her feet in my face. I rarely get an orgasm in the fantasy, because that’s not what’s important. Though I go to bed with a throbbing, unfulfilled cock, I’ve finally found a woman I can have fun with and that’s enough for me.

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