Breaking In Your New Whip

As any quality leather good, a Whip usually needs to be broken in not to only to assess its merits (impact, weight, etc.), but also to gauge the responses it brings forth from the submissive.

To break in a Whip, you first need a whipping post, and a subbie tied up to a post. This assumes you are an experienced whip user. Otherwise, skip the boy for now–just practice on the post!

Swinging a bullwhip may require a lot of space, so be sure to have your boy take down frames and things in the playroom that the Whip could catch in its path. Then you can tie him up! Don’t forget a nice, wide collar and a good weightlifter’s belt to protect the boy’s sensitive parts is a good start if your not overly confident . You may also want to wear full leather or solid clothing to protect yourself. Swing the Whip to the boy’s back for a while and ask for some feedback. (Take the gag off at that point.) Then, proceed to the boy’s butt and ask for more feedback. The boy’s input will help you decide when and where to use the Whip for optimal results.

Keeping you whip in peak condition.

Cleaning Whips is not that tricky, (unless you need to get rid of blood stains) Here’s how to maintain your Whip:

  • 1. Rub the Whip along its length with a mixture of water and a good quality Saddle Soap (easy on the water).
  • 2. Dry in open air. Never put leather near a direct heat source–it damages the leather by contracting it and eventually cracking it. It may take a couple of days for the Whip to dry thoroughly, so hang it so the air cirruates the leather or lay it down flat if you haven’t the room or wish to keep it hidden . Do not allow to dry with a kink in it.
  • 3. Once dry, wipe the excess soap with a soft cloth. It will give the Whip a nice shine too.

More dos and don’ts:

  • * Store the Whip, clean, in a dark, dry place. Sunlight would dry it out, and dirt may crack the leather.
  • * Coil it along its natural bend. Do not tighten the coils unnecessarily.
  • * If you don’t like the shine on the Whip, use your boy’s tongue to clean the handle.( spit will dull it)
  • * If your boy’s tongue does not do a good job, soak the Whip in brine (lightly salted water) and use it on the boy–that should teach him some manners!

In any case, do not oil the Whip: It makes the leather become too soft and eventually crack or rip. Plus makes the handle slippery and put off your aim.

Using Your Whip

Depending on the Whip you use, and where you use it, you may want to position your boy so that he can fully appreciate his whipping. Here are a few favorite my positions

Whipping the butt:

  • * Bent over a horse or table with feet and hands secured to the support posts. Avoid having your boy grabbing his ankles and stand without any support: This causes a great pain in the lower back and distracts the boy from the focus of your actions–his butt. Of course, if you want to whip him for a long time, you can have him clean your girlfriends Boots with his tongue while you warm his butt
  • * Spread-eagled, face down on a bed or the floor: This is a nice position because it does not spread the butt muscles thin but rather bunches them up for a nice rippling effect.
  • * On the bed, with arms and feet tied together and to a wall behind the boy’s head. You can either have the boy spread his legs or keep them together; in either case you will have nice access to the boy’s butt and the tender flesh of his thighs.
  • * Bent over with head firmly locked between your Boots (if he failed to clean them properly).
  • * Whipping the back:
  • * Standing, spread-eagled, against a wall, with a Boot hanging from the boy’s balls. To keep the boy’s head up and protect his neck, a posture collar is good, and so is a hood attached from its top to the ceiling (just make sure the boy does not pass out!). Alternate the whipping between one side and the other, starting with the shoulder bones, proceeding to the shoulders and ribs (watch for the nipples). Finish with his butt for good measure.

Hanging upside-down with the arms tied in front. Your boy will swing back and forth and wiggle, unable to escape his punishment. If you do not want your boy to swing, anchor his collar to a ring on the floor and/or hang him with his legs spread wide.

Whipping the chest:

  • * Hog-tied (in the back) on the floor. You’ll see your boy squirm around while trying to escape your Whip. A nice work-out!
  • * Spread-eagled facing forward (on a bed or against a wall). Do not forget to hang a Boot from his balls if he is standing up!

This list is under no circumstance exhaustive. It just gives you an idea of how to get your boy to focus on the impact of the Whip rather than being distracted by muscular problems or a determination to keep his footing (if he is not tied up). If you have two boys (or a female to add to the mix;) ) to discipline, it is always a good idea to tie them together so they share the experience of your whipping. Spread-eagled face-to-face or butt-to-butt, on the floor in a sixty-nine position, for two males bending over with their balls tied to each other’s balls, are all excellent positions.

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