Synchronized flogging

Florentine flogging is a two-handed style of flagellation used in BDSM which involves the rhythmic use of a pair of matching floggers, one in each hand of the person administering the flogging.

The term Florentine originally designates the art of wielding two weapons at once, one in each hand. For instance, it can refer to fighting with one sword in each hand, or a sword and a dagger. It is a style developed by the Italians in the city of Florence, hence the name

This video demonstrates the two beat weave/four point florentine movements with a pair of 5′ paracord snignal(signal) whips by Lauren and MidWest Whips.

Messing around in a flogging workshop at Dream Visions Photo Studio in Surrey, UK. Slow 6-point florentine.

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