Cams for Couples

Every had fantasies about a threesome?

If you and your partner have ever had fantasies about being part of a threesome, or being voyeurs or even exhibitionists, a BDSM Femdom webcam session may be just the thing for you. Contrary to popular belief, webcams are not only for individuals; couples can have a blast on either side of the camera.

Hot monogamy is not a contradiction in terms.

If you take the time to assess your relationship and things are going fine except that the romance department has slowed down a bit, it may be an opportune time to add something new to your repertoire. Sometimes you need a little spark to get your imagination and creativity going in the bedroom. Webcams can be valuable tools, if you know how to use them to your advantage. The anonymity associated with cams and computers allows couples to express themselves in ways they may be too afraid or embarrassed to do face-to-face. You can explore activities you’ve only whispered about, without any fear or shame surrounding them.

Interacting with someone on a webcam can be a great prelude to an evening of passion.

It’s easy to imagine caressing each other and getting each other aroused as you’re watching someone else get turned-on on the other side of the camera. In addition to getting turned-on by looking at someone else getting turned-on, you may well be able to pick up a few new ideas for yourselves for later!

You can verbally seduce each other with the person on the other side of the cam as a witness.

It may turn you on to see her or him get jealous, or be a simple reminder of how sexy you and your partner can be when you’re both hot and committed to arousal. Many couples who have considered a threesome to be the ultimate turn-on have used the webcam with their “third” on the other end to explore this fantasy more fully. Couples who like the idea of a ménage a trios but are uncomfortable living it out in real life can use this safe situation with a chat host to live out this fantasy without the jealousy and insecurity that often come along with experiencing a threesome in real time. Many people are turned on enough by the idea of talking with their lover about choosing a third so that the need to do it in person becomes secondary.

If you and your honey are more the exhibitionist types, you can try finding a person with a cam to tell you what to do. Let’s see, maybe the chat host or hostess is into being dominant and as a couple, you like submission. Then the host or hostess can dictate your experience, safely of course, while you and your partner enjoy following directions and the stimulation that comes along with it. Or if you’re really daring, you and your partner could get a cam yourself and set it up so that others could watch you. You get the experience of being exhibitionistic without the risk of doing it in public without the observers’ permission. With webcams, you have anonymity and safety.

What if your partner is not very experimental?

It’s important to remember that the two of you are simply exploring your sexual options in a safe way together online, privately. If your partner has expressed prior reluctance to try something new, especially associated with the computer, discuss your cyber-options before you start out. If you’re both comfortable using computers, online experimentation might not be as intimidating as new face-to-face activities. You can enjoy it together, with the computer screen as a sort of neutral dividing line to keep things steady.

As always, communication with your partner is key. Instead of cams being a solo activity that keep you apart as a couple, join in together and explore your sexual likes and dislikes so your sex life becomes enriched. Remember, a short time with your partner online can often be foreplay for a night of passionate love-making ahead.

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