Morning came and he was back in the same routine, in fact it was the same routine for the next three days. At the end he passed the test with flying colors, and they let him rest for half a day. The next day they tried to catch him out, but once again he applied the make-up correct. Over the next two days he had nail extensions and they were painted. He was tested over and over again with the make-up, but never once let them down. His hair was dyed a dark copper color, and was cut and shaped with the make-up, he looked nothing like his usual self. He didn’t even recognise himself, and it was frightening, he was told on several times that he had a pretty face. He spent the day being taught how to get it back, even from drying after wet. It was two weeks when they thought he knew enough to do it without their help.

Then one day Fiona came in with what looked like a pair of knickers. By now he was used to them all touching his manhood, and he never got an erection. They showed him how to gently push his testicles back up inside him, and put the strange knickers on. They were very tight but comfortable and to his surprise they matched his skin color. Once on he looked in the mirror and for all intents and porpoises he looked like a girl. His manhood being limp; was now compressed into his body, but it was one hell of a strange feeling. He was also made to take them off and put them back on, even in the dark until he had got it right. He was then dressed in a short white dress; that stopped ten inches above the knee. Knickers to match with tights and two-inch high heels, the shoes he had been wearing from day one. For the first time he wore a bra that made him feel a lot better. He was taken to a mirror and he saw for the first time what he looked like. He was now unrecognizable, and although he thought so himself he was not bad looking.

For the last two days he was taken out into the town to shop for clothes. It was to get him used to being seen, and whistled at which was strange. They tested him over and over again, until one morning in the third week he was told that he was ready to go and meet Shannon. Fiona and the other girls see him off in the taxi, and wished him luck. The train ride was uneventful but on the station he was about to get a taxi to the farm when he changed his mind. He rang the house number and Shannon answered “Hello how can I help.”

“It’s me Shannon, Paul, will you come down the station and pick me up, everyone is looking at me. The madam could not help me, so they sent me back by train, for heaven’s sake get here quick.”

“Shit, why didn’t they phone me? Wait until I get back I will give them a piece of my mind.” She picked up the car keys and almost ran out the door, ‘God he must be frantic being humiliated like this.’ Ten minutes later Shannon was at the station and she walked onto the platform. There was a group of girls talking in the middle and she walked down to them. “Excuse me have you seen a man standing here looking lost” she asked. They all shook their heads and answered no.

“Did many people get off the train” she asked.

As the other girls walked away to get on the train, that was now coming into the station, the girl remaining answered “No I was the only person that got off.”

“That can’t be right you must be mistaken” Shannon stated.

“No there was only me Shannon.”

“She was just about to walk away when she said “What did you say?”

“I said there was only me on the train Shannon.”

“It’s you Pauline” she stepped back and looked at him and smiled. She then stepped forward and threw her arms around him, and then she kissed him on the lips

“Careful” he said, “You’ll mess up my make-up, and people will think we are lesbians.”

Shannon laughed out loud and put her arm through his and took him to the exit. At the exit he showed his ticket, the young man asked “What about your luggage love?”

Shannon was about to answer when Paul said, “Would you be a darling, and put it in the boot of that car?”

“Anything for you love and he picked them up and placed them in the boot. She walked over and gave him a five-pound note, and saying “You have been very helpful.” He smiled at her and said thank you. He then walked around the side of the car and opened the door for her, she sat in and after closing her door, he raised his cap as Shannon drove off.

Shannon was laughing all the way back to the farm; she just couldn’t believe what she had just seen.”

Shannon pulled up at the farmhouse and the workers stopped to see Paul walk in, with Shannon behind him. After she closed the door she walked up to him, and kissed him on the mouth. “I’m so glad you are back lover, and I will get you back for the dirty trick you just pulled.”

“You had better call me Pauline at all times from now on, Shannon after all this we don’t need mistakes.”

“You didn’t seem very nervous talking to those girls at the station? Come to think of it why were you talking to those girls?”

“Do I detect a little jealousy? They had just asked me the time that’s all. I think you had better start worrying when I start talking to boys.”

Shannon laughed once more, and then she said “I think we can go out for a meal tonight to celebrate. Now we can carry on with the game, and I have a lot planned for us both.”

The following morning Paul got out of bed and dressed, he applied the make-up as he had been taught. He was now wearing a T-shirt and slacks with flat shoes, Shannon looked up as he walked into the kitchen. “Good morning Pauline how do you feel now that your home?”

“Great! I have never felt better.”

“You look great to and I can’t believe that you look so good.” She stood up and looked at his make-up adding, “You apply your make-up like a professional. In fact for first thing in the morning you shouldn’t look this good, I still can’t believe that I never recognised you at the station.”

“I know how you feel by the first day they showed me what I looked like I nearly had a heart attack. I could not recognise my self and it was frightening I can tell you.”

“But your voice has changed with your looks, how did they achieve that?”

“It’s an accident of nature or rather these rubber knickers, they are so tight but I must say comfortable. Do you know those women and girls knew every part of my anatomy by the time I left the establishment? They had reason to do so but I’m not so sure about the hairdresser, I think she wanted to look at my wedding tackle, or she was a pervert.”

Shannon gave a little laugh then said; “The stables are built and there is not an empty one and we now employ stable hands. They clean the stables and exercise the horses for the absent owners, and you have a girl that looks after yours. I have asked them to get our two ready for this morning, when you have eaten and changed we can go out and meet the other owners. I have told them that you are Paul’s sister and you are here while he is away in New York.”

The phone rang and Shannon picked up the receiver, “Hello how can I help? Oh it’s you, Fiona! Yes he’s here and she told the story of the meeting on the station. Yes ok I will tell Pauline what you have mentioned, and I can’t thank you enough. It is very good of the girls to do what they have suggested and I owe them big time.” There was a little more small talk about horses then Shannon put the receiver down. “The girls want you to go back every two weeks so that they can give you a good waxing, it’s to stop irritation.”

“Well I hope it’s not as painful as the last time I nearly had kittens.”

“Don’t be silly I wax my legs once a week and it doesn’t hurt a bit.”

“Well next time you are doing it; try it on your pubic hairs.”

She once more laughed and added, “I see what you mean, but I think you look very sexy having no hairs down there.”

“Yea right, I’m going to change into riding clothes.”

Twenty minutes later he walked down the stairs wearing riding breaches white shirt and no bra. “Get you looking sexy for the men,” Shannon said and laughed.

“You know what they say? If you’ve got it flaunt it.”

Shannon laughed again, “Come on lover lets go out and meet the public.” They walked out the door together and headed towards the stables, the workers on the building stopped as they walked past. They both heard one of the men say, “She is better looking than her brother,” and it made them both smile. Their horses were both outside their stalls ready to be mounted with a girl holding them both still. Shannon said; “This is Angela she looks after and exercises your horse when you are not here.”

Paul greeted her by saying, “Good morning Angela.”

“Good morning ma’am I hope you enjoy your ride.”

“Thank you, I’m sure I will,” and both Shannon and he took hold of the rains and walked their horses out into the courtyard.

They were riding out towards the woodland, and Paul asked “Is that a fire I see in the wood?”

“Yes it’s the Greens thinning it out, come on we can see how they are getting on.” It was ten minutes later when they rode into the wood, it was a lot tidier now and there were little piles of timber stacked all over the place. One of the Green boys came towards them, he raised his cap saying, “Good morning Miss Shannon.”

“Good morning Mr Green, I just came over to see how you are getting on. What are you going to do with the piles of wood?”

“What do you want us to do with them Miss Shannon?”

“Can you cut some wood for the house fire and fill my woodshed, I will pay you to do so and then do what you like with the rest. I am sure that someone will have a use for it but I don’t want any left for the horses to trip over.”

“We will do that Miss Shannon and there is no need for you to pay extra.”

“Thank you and I will tell the foreman to get you a tractor and trailer as I think this ground is unsuitable for your truck.”

“Thank you Miss Shannon I will inform my father.”

They both turned their horses around and rode out into the sunlight. “Do you know he was staring at my breasts the whole time he was talking to you Shannon? He stripped me naked as I sat there, but he must have left my knickers on or he would have had a heart attack.” Paul said it with such a straight face that Shannon burst out laughing. Then with the same straight face he added “It’s nothing to laugh at Shannon that kind of thing makes a girl very uncomfortable.” This time she went hysterical and almost fell off her horse. “Do you know his perverted attentions have made my nipples go like two little peas on top of mountains?”

“That’s it Shannon said, I’ve laughed so much I am hurting will you please stop talking.”

They went silent for the next ten minutes riding, it was broke when Shannon said, “I will be sorry in three months time.”

“Why, what happens then?”

“My time as the domineering one will have run out and you will have to be put back to normal.”

“You know Shannon I have been thinking about that too. I think that if we are on a roll at the time it might be better to carry on until it ends. But I must stress that I don’t want to stay like this forever, as I want to have my go at being domineering.”

“Come on lover lets go back to the house for coffee.”

“I think we will go into town for a nightclub what do you think?”

“I don’t mind but I had better not drink just in case there are any boys that have no idea what no is.”

“It’s all part of the game Pauline, even if they steal a kiss, you must expect the unexpected.”

“I knew there had to be a catch in it somewhere and I hope it doesn’t come to that.” He looked at her and she was smiling one of her wicked smiles and his heart dropped. What had she got in store for him tonight and what was Shannon going to do?

“That’s settled then you can drive and I will have a drink, but not too many just enough. What a night I am going to have, or should I say we?”

It was nine pm and Shannon was down stairs dressed in a white dress that buttoned all the way up the front. Underneath she had on a thong and bra and neither covered very much.

Paul walked down the stairs wearing a dark blue dress that only just covered his bum with knickers and bra. He had knee length glossy black boots on and a matching purse.

“You look stunning lover I think you will pull tonight.”

“There you go upsetting me before we even leave the house, and we had better go it’s an hour’s run.” “They had been in the nightclub about four hours and Paul sat down for the first time with Shannon. For the last two hours the boys would not let him off of the dance floor. He had been sitting there for about three minutes when a young man sat down at their table and handed Shannon a drink. “This is Leo,” Shannon said, “When we go home in a moment I said we would give him a lift. You don’t mind do you Pauline?”

“No Shannon when are you thinking of leaving?”

I’m going to have a couple of dances with him and then we will go.

Just then a boy came over and grabbed Paul’s hand and dragged him onto the floor. Just his luck it was that time of night and the slow dances had started. The boy pulled Paul to him and put a hand on his buttock over the dress. He was almost crushing Paul who found it very uncomfortable, “Steady” he said and pulled away slightly. Paul didn’t mind having the dance and he didn’t mind it being slow at least it was passing the time and an experience that he would never forget. It was just as the dance was coming to an end when the boy pulled him close fast and French kissed him. Paul tried to pull away and over the boys shoulder he could see Shannon smiling almost laughing. When the boy pulled away Paul gave him a light smack on the face saying “You better not try that next week when I come here.”

The boy smiled and answered by saying “I will see you next week then,” and he walked away as Paul walked back to the table.

“He was friendly Shannon said.”

“Yes it seems as though I have talked my self into a date here next week.”

The young man at the table asked Shannon to have a dance and she obliged by getting up. She smiled at Paul saying “Look after the drinks Pauline and stepped onto the dance floor.”

Paul looked on as they both got close together and she had her head resting on his shoulder as she used to do when dancing with him. As he looked at them dancing he noticed the man’s hand was resting on her buttock under her dress. What the hell is she letting him do that for, surely she’s not drunk. She pulled her head off of his shoulder and as they looked at each other she kissed him in a French kiss. Both of the boy’s hands were now on her buttocks, one on each cheek. Paul’s heart was beating twenty to the dozen she was behaving like a whore. He thought about going up and dragging her away then he remembered how he was dressed and what he had in his bra. Another slow dance started and once again they were both close to each other and his hands were now moving all over her buttocks. They once more went into a lingering kiss and he could see her eyes looking at him as their lips touched. At the end of the dance they both came back to the table and the boy sat down. “Keep Leo, company while I go to the little girls room Pauline.” It was ten minutes before she came back and said, “We had better go before the crowd.” Leo stood up and took hold of her hand and they walked out together.

Outside in the car park Paul pressed the electronic key and opened the doors. He got in and Leo got in the back and to Paul’s shock Shannon got in beside him. He looked in the mirror and saw Leo put his arm around her. Shannon said, “Put some music on for the game Pauline,” he knew what she meant and did as she said. He could see them talking and smiling at each other, it was impossible to hear what they were saying over the top of the radio. He did however see movement and saw Leo’s other hand move. He had to pull up in the next garage for petrol and when he got out and looked down into the back seat while filling the tank his heart almost stopped. Leo had his hand inside the top of Shannon’s dress, ‘he must be feeling her breasts’ he thought. He tore his eyes away and went to the cashier and paid, then quickly walked back. Her dress was now unbuttoned all the way down and she had no bra or thong on. He got back in the car and with a shaky voice asked how much further Leo?

It is about a mile up the road further he answered and turned and kissed Shannon on the lips. The music had gone low and he heard Leo say “Lovely pussy” and Shannon laughed. It was a minute later when Leo said, “Pull over on the right Love and I will get out.” Paul pulled over and Leo asked, “Shall I see you again Shannon?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then I wish you all the best love,” and Leo kissed her once more on the lips. Once he was out side he waved as Paul drove off.

Nothing was said on the way home and it was quiet right up until they were both in bed. Then Paul reached across and put his hand on her belly and moved down to her pubic area. He felt her open her legs and his hand moved away going up towards her breasts. He took hold of the nearest one in his hand and started to knead it. Then he turned and knelt by her side letting the sheet roll off the bed. Bending down he kissed her other breast still kneading the first. He lifted his head and saw her looking at him as if for the first time and bent once more this time taking her nipple between his teeth. He gently squeezed and flicked it all ways with his tongue, looking up he saw her close her eyes. Paul knew that she loved him doing this and he gently squeezed the other nipple with his thumb and finger and turning it back and forth at the same time. Then still holding her nipple in his mouth and sucking on her breast he moved his hand down towards her pubic area once more. His fingers touched the lips of her sex and she gave a little moan. The finger probed and teased then played with her curls of pubic hair, she started to wriggle about. As his finger probed once more she lifted her body to get more but he pulled back leaving her wanting. She moaned once more and he smiled, he was once more in control. He knew without looking that his manhood was solid and hurting him, she had turned him on in the club. Then on the way back she had turned him on again with her antics in the car. He knew it was all part of the game but she had hurt him all the same.

She had known what she had been doing and she knew that it had turned him on watching another man touch her in places that only he had before.

He had lusted for her in the car and he wished that he had been Leo in the back seat. He moved his lower torso across and spread her legs, then with a final act of revenge pierced her body. His movements were slow, as he wanted to savor the moment. Shannon was pulling down on him trying to speed things up but he was not having any of it. She was moaning incoherent noises and was now pushing up to meet his thrusts. In an act of mercy his rhythm got faster and she opened her eyes and looked at him. She was staring as if in a daze and once more both climaxed together. He slowly lay on top of her for a moment still taking his weight with his hands, and then rolling off lay on his back.

It was a few moments later when Shannon said thank you lover, then turning around to face him put her arm over his body. Now that was a session to remember Paul, we have never had it so good. I’ll bet that next week will be even better lover and she kissed him on the chest. She sat up and retrieved the sheet and pulled it over them both then she fell asleep.

In the morning Shannon was awake first and lay there looking at Paul. She knew that last night she had set out to make him jealous and instead she might have hurt him. She loved Paul more than mere words could ever say and she would never see him hurt. He has done all she asked in the name of the game and has not once complained. She was lost in her thoughts and did not see him open his eyes and look back at her.

“What are you thinking about Shannon?”

“I was thinking that I hurt you last night.”

“Yes you did hurt me you also made me extremely jealous and I wanted to stop you kissing him on the dance floor, but it also excited me seeing you blatantly doing it, you were teasing me to the extreme. In the car I was not hurt but again excited at seeing what he was doing to you. His hands were going places where only my hands had gone before. I felt ashamed at allowing you to carry on like that without saying anything. I felt humiliated but at the same time that also excited me, it was as if he knew who I was and was he laughing at me. It could only have been worse if it had been someone I knew when I was Paul. Strange as it might seem even the thought of that gets me mildly excited. I felt last night that I had to prove a point and be better than he was although he only touched you. I believe our sex is getting better since this game has started.”

“Yes lover our sex is getting better and I take note of all your thoughts. While we are on the subject of the dance floor I saw you French kissing a boy.”

“Please don’t tell me that made you jealous, he stole a kiss and I smacked his face.”

“You didn’t slap it very hard because he was laughing and made a date for next week.”

“Well he was kind of cute and he held my bum in a very sexy way.”

Shannon burst out laughing when she stopped she said, “I am really proud of you. I have put you in some really awkward situations and you still have time to have fun. I love having you here all the time it’s like being married again. Come on lover let’s get up it’s time for breakfast.”

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