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Imagine being in the depth of a terrific BDSM scene with your partner. Now, imagine the laundry bag full of clothes pegs/pins. “What?” You say! Think about it, why not take common household items and use them in an erotic encounter? Those cheap metal paper clips with the little miniature handles…a handful of colorful plastic or wooden clothespins…just imagine all the erotic spots you could use a dozen or two or three of those adorable and inexpensive miniature craft clothespins.

First and foremost, the basis of all BDSM play is ‘Safe, Sane and Consensual’. It is generally the Top’s responsibility to maintain safety during a scene, but, in my opinion, it is equally up to the submissive or bottom, to know and understand different play styles and safety considerations, before consenting to a scene. Now, let’s talk about safety!

Frequently, clothespins and clamps are used primarily on the breasts area, particularly on nipples. Other parts of the body are also erogenous and include, inner thighs, the webbing between toes and fingers, scrotum, and along the shaft of a penis. Clothespins make interesting earrings, on males, and with care, and can be used on any part of the body where you can ‘pinch’ up a fold of skin for the clamps and clothespins to grab. Here is the crux of the safety issue, in a nutshell: Clips, clamps and clothespins create the erotic sensations by cutting off the circulation! When left in place too long, or placed where they can crush or damage tissue and internal structures, such as the delicate blood vessels of the penile shaft, watch out! You have just managed to create a medical emergency for your submissive.

Selecting your ‘torture’ toys carefully is a step you can take to alleviate at least some of the danger involved in clamping human body parts and dangle bits.

Types of Clamping Toys

Wooden Clothespins

– By far, the most common clamping toys used in the BDSM and Femdom community. These are so inexpensive and readily available, you can easily toss them in the trash when you are finished with a scene, rather than trying to sterilize and re-use them. Wooden clothespins come in many sizes and clamping strength, so take your time and choose the right ones for your scene.

clipped penis
clipped penis

Plastic Clothespins

– Also, inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes (try the little doll size clothespins from the toy store for a real ouch and owww sensation!). Generally, the spring is not quite as strong on plastic clothespins as you find on quality wooden clothespins, but test them on yourself first, anyway. Plastic clothespins are much easier to sterilize than wooden ones. Just boil them in a pot of water for 3-5 minutes at a rolling boil, then strain out the water with a colander, and leave them to dry thoroughly before repacking them in your toy bag.

Alligator Clips

– Alligator are probably the most severe type of readily available clamping toy. They can be purchased at Auto supply stores, craft stores and electronic supply stores. They have teensy little painful teeth lining the jaws, and often have a ring or loop that you can attach weights of different sizes on for additional erotic torture. Be sure when sterilizing metal of any kind, to let it dry thoroughly before packing, or you will have a bag full of rust the next time you open your toy bag. Use a hairdryer to speed the drying process.

Legal-type Paper Clips, Medical Clamps, and Store-bought Clamps

– I personally never recommend the heavier paperclips bought at office supply stores. They have far too much ‘pinch’ to play safely, especially for a first-time clamping scene. Medical clamps, called ‘forceps’ are available in stainless steel and a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally, stainless steel forceps last forever and are sterilized by boiling them. They also make a great part of any Medical Scene! Finally, there are the great (and often decorative!) clamps you can purchase at any adult toy store, and even online.

Basic Safety Reminders

• Watch the placement! Never clamp any piece of flesh near to dense blood vessels, to avoid damaging nerves, or internal structures, such as the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penis, and tissues of the clitoral hood in women. Any damage to these structures can be permanent and cause lifelong pain and suffering.

Watch the clock! Don’t allow any clamping device to remain in place longer than 20 minutes maximum! The whole idea of clamping is creating condensed erotic pain when the blood flow starts recirculating back into the unclamped tissues. Do not allow the clamps to cause irreparable damage!

Watch Cleanliness! Never use any clip, clamp or clothespin on more than one submissive, without sterilizing the pieces thoroughly! And, NEVER switch back and forth between anal play and any other orifice with ANY toy.

With good planning, good communication, and adequate time for a session, your BDSM Femdom Clothespin Scene can be amazingly fun for everyone. Enjoy the exploration, and use your head. Your partner will appreciate it, and if you want to play clamping games again with them, you will too! Play safe!

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