Recently I was talking with a fellow Domme who was telling me of her newest pleasure . A submissive who whom has oral skills that have blown her away, so much so she has nicked him super mouth.

So what transformed this mere mortal into an oral superman? Have you guessed yet? Of all things, Super mouth was trained as a speech therapist. As a few many know my middle child has speech problems and has been involved in speech therapy (with me) for a number of years. Of course! all the mouth exercises will help you gain a new mastery over your lips and tongue, why didn’t it ever dawn on me before of the possible uses when combined with a Femdom training and a twist. I returned to my speech pathologist with new interest in other uses for the topic at hand. So now I see you can’t judge a field of study by its un-erotic exterior *grin*.

based on the premise that oral sex can—and should be outrageously fantastic every time. The poor quality of much oral sex being performed today can be baffling at first, but it becomes more understandable when one considers the factors involved. There are a plethora of psychological and social reasons that the tongue tickle hasn’t been cultivated as a talent, but more often than not, a fatally simple want of skill and knowledge is to blame. This guide addresses both situations, but is mostly devoted to the latter,

When you engage in oral sex, you’re taking the most delicate, vulnerable part of your lover’s body—their genitals—and placing them between the most potentially vicious, animalistic part of yours—your teeth. The teeth are situated in the mouth to gnash, process food, and ward off harm. It’s a wonderfully human quirk that we use this part of our body to give pleasure. Ironically, this distinctively human trait has been characterized by previous generations as dirty and uncivilized, so it’s little wonder so many women new to Femdom have trouble saying just what they like in oral sex. I’ve found through research with the New Dominants I teach; Them doing things to your body is easy, allowing themselves to ask for what they want, is the hardest of all the Femdom practices. Sometimes a submissive might need a little coaching in this department. But there is no need to fret, you can teach yourself the skills of oral mastery..or should that be Mistressry? Either way it’s not going to be a mystery 😉

I don’t need to argue here about the importance of great sex to the health of a romantic relationship. We’ve all seen TV shows and movies that portray sex and passion as uber-racy, with bodies writhing in satin sheets under perfectly dimmed lighting, as if little elves had benevolently prepped the room for a one-two-three orgasm. But if sex and romance are overvalued, oral sex is all too frequently undervalued in the media and culture at large. Still occasionally stigmatized as “dirtier” than straight-up sex, the power of oral sex for sustaining and deepening a romantic relationship often gets overlooked. Sharing pleasure, as in intercourse, and giving pleasure have very different effects on a relationship, simply because they have very different effects on your partner. Being able to give pleasure to your partner, unselfishly and lovingly, can be very important and plays a different role in your interpersonal dynamic. Oral sex is special in that it makes the other person feel cared for, tended to, and looked after. If actions speak louder than words, oral sex is like speaking through a megaphone when you tell your partner that you like and enjoy them.

Yet somehow, despite all this being so, most people don’t perform oral sex as well as they could. In fact, most people sort of suck at oral sex (and not in a good way). But it doesn’t have to stay this way—we can choose to raise the status quo.

Oral sex must be performed properly to be effective and enjoyable. According to my new found friend and speech path, (and now oral coach *grins*), unless your mouth is strong and controlled, there’s a limit to how much pleasure you’ll be capable of giving your lover. For instance, there’s a special way of elevating the clitoris through the suction of the lips, and then holding this position and stimulating it with a circular motion of the tongue that reliably drives women to ecstasy (we will get to this later). But a normal person frankly doesn’t have enough jaw control—not to mention lip strength and fine manipulation—to pull it off. Most people can’t even tie a cherry stem in their mouth, wow what’s the world coming too  .

Tongue and mouth control

What has my new friend Simon super mouth got to say about this matter: Drawing on the experiences with patients and being a male tongue slave, I can tell you that an average person trying to perform the move you just mentioned would have a very high likelihood of slackening their jaw control while they tried to keep up the muscular action of the tongue, leading the jaw to close in what could be a very painful little mishap. The most pleasurable moves require a level of expertise that most of us simply don’t have. When it comes to oral sex, we need more than a list of good ideas, no matter how tantalizing those might be.

So I asked Simon..“what now, what can a sub do? or a Mistress teach, to make oral better, or take it new levels?”

You may think that your tongue is a soft, pink love muscle that simply rests in your mouth until you need it to chew, speak , yell your safeword, or get sexy. But it’s the most powerful muscle in your body in terms of exerting force, and as any speech therapist can tell you, that little sucker is exerting force all day long. The tongue exerts a minimum of six (and a maximum of eight) pounds of pressure in your mouth each time you swallow. The average individual swallows one thousand times in a twenty-four-hour cycle. You don’t need to be a math geek to figure out that that’s a lot of pressure—at least six thousand pounds a day—to be exerting anywhere in your body. And it’s more than enough to alter the structure of your mouth and the placement of your teeth significantly *shock*.

Oh ok! well is there a particular place you should have you tongue simon super mouth? I know the answer to this one, but can you explain it? 😉

Yes MissB, there is a right way and a wrong way to place your tongue in your mouth. If we could feel just a little more of the six thousand pounds of pressure our tongues exert every day, most people would figure out how to place their tongues correctly as a matter of urgency There’s a part of the mouth that’s designed to withstand the pressure of the tongue—the hard palate on the roof—but most people never use it. Instead, they rest their tongues between their teeth, in the bottom of their jaw, or even worse, against the backs of the top teeth. Over time, placing the tongue in each of these spots weakens the tongue and surrounding muscles. As you read this paragraph, where is your tongue in your mouth? If it’s anywhere other than resting on the roof of your mouth behind (but not touching) the top row of teeth, your oral sex ability is being compromised. Try this experiment: read the rest of this article with the tip of your tongue always pressing against the hard palate on the roof of your mouth, without touching your teeth with the tip of your tongue always pressing against the hard palate on the roof of your mouth, without touching your teeth.

A poorly placed tongue impairs any and all uses of the tongue and mouth. Most people don’t know that this is an issue—while performing oral sex, they might just think that it’s natural to feel strained, get lockjaw, or have a gag reflex. While kissing, they might think that it’s equally normal to feel like they can’t get their lips in the right spot. But all of these (and snoring!) are symptoms of a misplaced tongue.

Aside from these effects, the placement of these incremental bursts of pressure changes the shape of your jaw and the placement of your teeth; determines how free your tongue is to move in, out, and around your mouth; and influences how much energy it has. You probably didn’t know that every time you swallow, you’re either helping or hurting your greatest oral sex asset. You probably didn’t even want to know that. But if you do want to give mind-blowing, satisfying, remembered-with-a-grin oral sex each and every time (and if you want to have fun doing it), you’re gonna have to accept a few Tongue Realities.

Tongue Reality 1: Your tongue does not like it when you smoke.

  • I know, I know, it’s sexy (sort of) and it can be a way to bond with Ms. Unapproachable Mistress Smoker, but the fact is that smoking isn’t good for your tongue. A smoker’s tongue tends to be lazy and lifeless, bulbous and placid. Simon adds that your tongue needs to be an energetic, frontward, stand-up soldier, not a limp pile of mess hall meat. Not to mention, smoking is flat-out bad for you, so it’s not like you would be getting rid of a productive pastime. (MissBonnie: shut up simon super mouth your boring me enough to light up 😛 )

Tongue Reality 2: Your tongue needs exercise, too.

  • You may think that your tongue gets a fine workout by eating and talking and kissing, but usually quite the opposite is happening. Since most people don’t even know the right position for their tongue, these activities actually weaken it by reinforcing bad habits. If you want a tongue that can lead wild excursions into intensely sensual experiences of oral, you have to give it specific, controlled exercises.

Later, you’ll find some of the exercises to jump-start basic training for your tongue: MissB

Tongue Reality 3:

  • You don’t know your tongue. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have already gone to speech therapy (MissB: though like me, you might not have recognized this as luck at the time LOL). Or maybe you were even luckier and inherently assumed correct tongue positioning. But it’s highly unlikely: out of more than ten thousand patients I’ve seen, not a single one walked into my office with their tongue correctly placed. Most of them didn’t even know that there was a correct position for the tongue.

But take heart—tongues are easy to get to know. They have simple needs that are easily satisfied. And you and your partner are going to get a lot out of this new acquaintance. Speaking of which, there’s a list of side benefits to these exercises that could lure the biggest couch potatoes on the planet to open their mouths and exercise their love tool: MissB

You’ll Feel Better

  • Much of your body’s tension goes into the face, neck, and shoulders and stays there. We grind our teeth. We can’t get our sinuses unclogged. We get short of breath sooner than we should, not from exertion but from not breathing properly. All these symptoms can be exercised away.

You’ll Look Better With your jaw muscles balanced, your tongue in the right place, and your swallowing patterns corrected, your face in repose will be at its most symmetrical and unstressed, so your features can appear to their best advantage, that alone is advantage. When you smile, talk, sing, or make love to your Mistress, you won’t be contorted, look tense, or appear worried, because your face will stop storing muscular tension—you’ll be radiating subbie charm instead of strain.

You’ll Sound Better

  • Your voice will have a wonderful resonance, both richer and rounder than you’ve probably ever heard it. It will be sexier, more commanding in the work place too. When you open your mouth to speak, your voice will have more tonal assurance, making people more likely to want to listen and respond to you if your in a job of authority.

Furthermore, if you snore , performing these exercises and keeping your tongue correctly positioned will eliminate the possibility of a single little snore—or even a midnight chortle—ever escaping your lips, and waking your Mistress beauty sleep. When the tongue is positioned correctly, your mouth is physiologically incapable of snoring. MissB

Common Problems

Now that you are familiar with these basic notions on tongue placement, it’s time to start preparing you to deliver lifelong ecstasy to your Mistress. But first i want to talk about my personal experiences over the years before simon super mouth teaches us: MissBonnie

I find many oral sex lovers are inadvertently lopsided—either they have lots of enthusiasm and lack the required skills, or they have some know-how but no panache. The following problems are ones I’ve experienced first hand, you may want to address them to make sure that you’re a well-rounded lover and attentive submissive.

1. Lockjaw.

  • his jaw is gripped by tension, set in one position, so his tongue is allowed no free play. (This can be a particular problem for lispers adds simon.) I feel like hitting him with a base ball bat LOL

2. The Tooth Monster.

  • Lack of jaw control that there teeth get in the way, snagging on things that they shouldn’t and making what should be a tender, erotic moment seem like an operation without anesthetic. Gawd this hurts! see above use of baseball bat!

3. The Drowning Pool.

  • They produce too much saliva, which gets in the way of their breathing properly and keeping up a steady, even, controlled stroke. Means my orgasms can get spoiled 🙁 boys we aren’t joking when we say “we want a man who can breath through his ears” LOL

4. The Tongue Depressive.

  • His tongue is sluggish, lazy. He can’t flick it lightly to catch those sensitive spots at the right time and with the right pressure. simply frustrating!

5. Flabby Tongue.

  • our tongue is bulbous, large and flaccid, with no flexibility and no tonal quality. For all the good it does your me, he might as well have rolled itself up into a ball and curled away to hibernate for the winter .

6. The Big Gag.

  • You don’t know exactly why, but they’re gagging. And I thought only Brussel sprouts or being force feed there own cum could do this to them! But don’t worry, it can be easily fixed without years of psychotherapy according to simon super mouth.

simon are there any exercises you can use to preparing your mouth and tongue for giving great oral pleasure to your mistress? and what about kissing? gosh simon! you sure like making us wait, but I’ll forgive you. I want better oral  MissBitch

Yes there are loads of strengthening exercise but before beginning the exercises, let’s take a moment to define the problems MissBonnie mentioned.

What simon super mouth got to say on the above problems with oral MissBonnie experienced:
Everyone has a different relationship to oral sex, and while many of these problems may have psychological and cultural components, developing your skills and sense of confidence toward oral sex will help give you an overall sense of well-being. Often performing exercises needed to strengthen the following areas and eliminate these problems for good.

The techniques you’ll be working on later will help you to attain the needed skills and will create a firm foundation from which you can build more advanced skills. They won’t automatically make you a great oral lover, but they will give you all the tools you need.

Jaw Control.

  • So you can open your mouth as wide as necessary, without straining.

Proper Breathing.

  • Learning how to breathe in and out through your nose, so you don’t run out of breath while your mouth is busy. You’ll eliminate one more distraction, and make it that much easier to concentrate on the magic that’s passing between you and your Domme. Easing the Tension. Oral sex involves more than just your mouth. Learning how to relax your neck and shoulders, your knees, your fingers, your whole body, will contribute greatly to your being able to focus all your enthusiasm on the matter at hand.


  • Using your whole throat to swallow releases the constrictions in everything that’s above it—tongue, sinuses, nasal passages.

Mouth Basics

simon excercises pleeeeeease don’t make get my whip!:MissBonnie

ok MissB, sorry I get carried away its a topic very close to every facet of my professional and personal life LOL first I’m going to talk about kissing since MissBitch mentioned it and since great oral involves a great deal of it. After all we do need to start with the basics of the mouth (winks). The next time you’re in the bathroom, take a look at your tongue. Most of us think of our tongues as one unit, but the tongue has four distinct sections that you will need to familiarize yourself with in order to move your tongue techniques into second gear. These are:

the tip (the position of the tongue nearest the teeth), the blade (the point just below the alveolar ridge)

the middle (the section that touches the roof of your mouth when you arch your tongue by placing the tip behind your lower teeth and pressing upward)

and the back (the part that falls away from the roof of your mouth in an arched position).

Your tongue is the largest and most powerful muscle in the body and is distinguished from other muscles by its ability to flatten and point itself so dexterously. Because of its capacity to flatten and lengthen, or sharpen and point its tip, as well as its ability to alternate between heavy and light exertions of pressure, the tongue is custom-crafted to administer oral sex.

There is nothing else in the sex shop that can do all this. To boot, the tongue has a smooth underside, as well as a rough top texture “for Mistress’ pleasure.” *grins* MissB

The Spot

The first step in developing your tongue’s strength and precision (MissB adds: directly connected to its ability to give pleasure) is to identify the Spot. This is a particular place on the roof of your mouth where you will need to place your tongue for the majority of the tongue- and lip-strengthening exercises in this article. To find it, insert your (clean) finger into your mouth so that you’re touching the place where the backs of your top teeth meet the gums. Trace your finger from here to the spot where the roof suddenly drops to another level. This slope is known as the alveolar ridge.

Remove your finger and start playing with your tongue. See how sharply you can point the tip. It needs to be more like a pencil than a hot dog. The sharper you can make the tip, the more delicately and precisely you are going to be able to stimulate your Dominant. (If you can’t make a well-defined point now, don’t worry; there are exercises later in the article that will help you develop one.) When you have made your best possible point and identified the tip of your tongue, place the tip only on the drop-off (or alveolar ridge). Don’t let your tongue touch your front row of teeth, and make sure that it doesn’t fall beyond the ridge.

Keeping your tongue in this position will stop it from changing the position of the lips, something the tongue is notorious (in my field anyway) for doing. Think of your tongue as a hammy actor—it’s always trying to get past, distract, or upstage your lips and jaw from their function. But worse than that, it can also take energy away from the lips. So put that tongue in its place.

Aside from enabling you to participate in the exercises, placing your tongue here can stimulate the blood supply to the brain, increasing concentration and mental clarity. To do this, keep the tip of the tongue pressing up into the Spot, and let the middle of your tongue come up onto the roof of your mouth without changing the tip’s pressure. Only the middle should be pressing into the curved top of the mouth. The back of your tongue should still be hanging down into the back of the mouth. Holding this position will help you become more composed and clear-minded. It requires a little practice to keep your tongue here (MissB adds: about as much as teaching a dog to stay, but this position gives back ten times what you put into it.)

Coming to grips with your lazy lips

Though they take over completely during kissing, lips are a primary point of contact with your partner during all of oral sex and so must be as exquisitely soft and pleasing to the touch as possible. These kissing exercises must be as devoted to developing a velvet touch as they are to extending and strengthening lip movement. While developing mastery over the movement of the lips is extremely important to help them create a wide variety of sensations on cue, you never want to tone your lips so much that they become too firm or muscular.

To keep your lips soft and inviting, make sure that you never perform lip exercises with tense lips. Pucker and tap your lips gently with your index finger. How soft do your lips feel? This is how they should feel when you perform the lip exercises. Avoid tensing your lips when you go through the motions of each exercise. For the first week of practice, you should do all of the exercises standing in front of a mirror, so that you can be sure that the correct parts of the lips and mouth—and nothing else—are moving. In the beginning, you should do each exercise separately, with a five to ten minute break in between. After the first week, the exercises can flow into each other. Each exercise should be performed every day for seven days to start, then switch to every other day for an additional week to train the muscles to remember their new skills.

Kissing Exercises

Pucker Up

With your tongue on the Spot push your lips all the way forward until they open and roll their insides out, sticking as much of the inside of your lips out as possible. Then, keeping them fully extended, open and close your lips, bringing just the fleshy parts together to form a small circle. Touch them together five times.
Practicing Pucker Up may make you look a little silly, and a lot like a fish, but trust this exercise—it will put you far ahead of the game by helping you find the correct positioning of the tongue and jaw.
This exercise acquaints you with the soft insides of your lips—when you perform it, notice what potential the lips have to create soft, delightful sensations. Lip implants are popular because they promise exactly this sensation. But in order to deliver it, make sure to note the difference in texture between the soft, glossy inside and the drier outside of the lips. Many people make the mistake of firming up the lips, and kissing with only their rough outside edges, thereby missing out on the moist inner lips’ inherent kissability. (You can feel how un stimulating this is if you simply close your lips and slightly roll them in between your teeth so that only the outer lip is exposed.) This part of the lip has no friction or engagement, both of which are absolute necessities for an erotically stimulating kiss.
However, others make the mistake of rolling the lips out too far. This results in the “I felt like he was eating my face” sensation. When you kiss, the other person should be able to feel both the rough and glossy parts of your lips and never just one or the other. Similarly, during oral sex, the entire lip should be used for greatest effect. However, on a particularly sensitive clit, use just the glossy insides to avoid over-stimulation.

Another issue that significantly impacts kissing and oral sex is the strength of the lips. Most of us never think of the lips as muscles, but lip strength is an extremely important factor for any kind of lingual caress. Pucker Up identifies and prepares you to use your entire lips, but if the muscles are weak the effect won’t contribute much to your kiss. In order to give a really memorable, arousing smooch, your lips need to be strong and under your control. One exercise for this is called E like “Eat,” O like “Swoon.” (MissB: You can use your imagination for what kind of “eating” this refers to.) E like “Eat,” O like “Swoon”

With your tongue on the Spot and your teeth together, look at yourself in the mirror and pull your lips as wide apart as they can possibly go. Place your pointer and middle finger with the pads against the teeth, and start saying “eeeeeeeeee.” Not “ehhhhhh,” like “elephant,” but a strong, sharp “e” like “eat.” Keep looking in the mirror to make sure that your lips are the only things moving (that is, don’t move your jaw, neck, or tongue) and that they are stretched widely enough so that they aren’t touching your fingers. Hold your lips in this position for the count of ten.

When you’re ready, remove your fingers and pull your lips into a tight little circle with the insides of the lips pressing forward—as if you were trying to touch someone else with the smooth insides of the lips—and say “OOOOO” like “swoon.” This will strengthen your lips, as well as the surrounding muscles.
Do ten repetitions of these kissing exercises every day for a week.

Advanced Lip Exercises for Kissing

The Saltwater Pump—Front

  • Pumping exercises increase your lip dexterity. Put one teaspoon of salt in half a glass of warm (not hot) water. Pump a mouthful of this back and forth behind your upper lip.
  • Allow the shape of your lip to be changed by the pressure of the water moving in and out. Perform this for a full minute, pushing the salt water as far as it will go without opening your lips.
  • The presence of the salt will make you aware of the exact places your lip expands with this exercise.
  • Take note of how much your lip can actually stretch, because you’ll be using the insides of your lips extensively in kissing and manipulating the finer points of your lover’s anatomy.
  • You should be using a half a glass of water to complete this exercise through a series of three to seven mouthfuls (depending on the size of your mouth).
  • Do this three times a day for a week.

The Lip Massage

  • Whereas the Saltwater Pump softens the deeper tissues of your lips, performing the same motions with air softens the surface of the lips, especially the delicate edges where your lips touch.
  • It will also help you gain control over this crucial area for oral sex.
  • This is the part of the lip that will hold the clitoris in place; it is also the part of the lip that is most responsible for stimulating the surrounding area during clitoral stimulation.
  • Using your breath instead of water, push air behind your upper lip as firmly as you can. Again, do not tense or engage the lip muscles, but allow them to be moved and stretched by the power of your breath.
  • Do this ten or twelve times during the day.

The Saltwater Pump—Side

  • Using the same ratio of salt to warm water as in Saltwater Pump—Front, push the water outward against the cheeks.
  • Allow your cheek muscles to relax completely, then slowly push the water completely into them and maintain the position for a few seconds.
  • Let the water blow back into the mouth gently, with still further relaxation of the cheek muscles. Alternate forcing the water in and out of the cheeks in this manner.
  • Do this five times a day, filling and emptying twice each time.

Monkey Face

  • Slowly force salt water behind the upper lip, gradually building up pressure until the lip is completely rounded out.
  • Make sure that the lip muscles are completely relaxed.
  • Do this five times in a row, then perform the same process on the lower lip.
  • Try this again using air to reach the subtler musculature. The reason for doing both is that while using water makes the lips more flexible, air makes them tangibly softer. Taking some air into your mouth, force it gently into your upper lip, as if you are blowing up a balloon.
  • Hold to the count of ten, five times in a row on the upper lip, then the bottom lip, and then both

The Jug of Plenty

  • This exercise will give you some of the softest, most memorable lips on the planet.
  • To perform it, you need an empty plastic half-gallon jug (or container of equal size and weight) and about four or five feet of string. Good cotton string is highly preferable to dental floss or thread.
  • Place the jug on the floor, and tie the cotton string through the handle so that you can lift the jug off the floor with the string.
  • Put one end of the string in your mouth, and bend over so that you are looking directly down at the jug.
  • Lift the jug off the floor by puckering your lips and using them to pull the string into your mouth.
  • And you may want to close the blinds! this one is harder to explain than whip marks 😉
  • Some people start to suck as if they were eating a long piece of spaghetti. Instead, actively use the inner part of the lips to pull in the string, hold it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue, and then use your lips to pull in another segment.
  • Lifting the jug six or eight inches off the floor will do.
  • Your face should remain parallel to the floor.
  • Lift and lower the jug ten times (each time should only take a few seconds).
  • Be very careful when taking the string into your mouth. Do not perform this exercise haphazardly or while rushing.

Button Up!

  • The purpose of this exercise is to get the muscles of your lips to strengthen by working against themselves.
  • The idea here is to tone the lip muscles by forcing them to adapt to increased stress.
  • For this exercise, you will need a button between the size of a dime and a quarter, and a piece of string as long as your arm.
  • Thread the string through the button, and tie the ends of the string together.
  • Pull the button with one hand and the string with the other until the doubled string is stretched taut.
  • Place the button in your mouth, and position it equally between your top and bottom lip (but not touching your teeth).
  • Holding the button with your dominant hand (left for left-handed, etc.), hold the string so that it is perfectly straight and even.
  • Begin to pull your dominant hand slowly away from your motionless head with steadily increasing force
  • The button will attempt to escape your mouth by forcing your lips open—don’t let it.
  • Pull harder until you find the point where you lose the button.
  • Try to remember how far away your dominant hand is when it pops free, so that you can set your goal for the next time just beyond that point.
  • Do this five times a day for seven days, then three times a day for another seven.
  • These exercises all help make the lips supple and soft, while maximizing their tone and energy so that they never tire of giving your partner pleasure.
  • The energy you put into your lips here will show up in tenfold when it’s time to give some luscious licks and kisses


  • Let’s refine your control and fine manipulation of the tongue. For french kissing, an excellent exercise is to look in the mirror and bring your tongue fully to a point.
  • Stick out your tongue and bring it to a point without touching your teeth or lips.
  • Hold it in this position and make a mental note of its size and shape.
  • Now relax and widen the tongue as much as possible, still without touching your teeth or lips.
  • The first time you perform this exercise in the mirror, you may be surprised by just how versatile your tongue really is—it can stretch from a point less than half an inch long to four times that size without touching the teeth or lips.
  • The concept of your tongue as a free agent, moving independently of your teeth and lips is particularly important for oral love, even crucial.
  • While kissing, allow the tongue to move independently, but avoid making it sharp or pointed (at least until kissing has become extremely passionate and aggressive).
  • Remember that a soft, wide tongue is much more inviting than a darting poker, and that each minute change of your tongue shape will be felt intimately by your partner.

exercises that apply directly to oral sex

So simon what about exercises that apply directly to oral sex?


Nose Touch :

  • Stick out your tongue and curve it up. Try to touch your nose. If you can touch your nose already, try to touch only the tip of your nose using the tip of your tongue.
  • Repeat twice.

Chin Touch :

  • Stick out your tongue.
  • Curve it down and try to touch your chin.
  • See if you can touch your chin without the tip alone.
  • Repeat twice.

Up and Down :

  • Open your mouth, keeping your tongue inside and behind your teeth.
  • Move it slowly up and down, touching the tip to the roof, then to the base.
  • Do not run the tongue along the roof or over the teeth.
  • Pretend there is a toothpick between the roof of your mouth and the bottom of your jaw, and move your tongue along this perfectly vertical line.
  • See how fast you can go while keeping the tip as the point of contact.

Side to Side :

  • Open your mouth a little.
  • Let your tongue peek out.
  • Move it back and forth to each corner of your mouth on a curved path (following, but not touching, your bottom lip)
  • Do this four times.

Peanut Butter :

  • Open your mouth a little.
  • Pretend you have peanut butter all over your lips.
  • Lick all the peanut butter off your top lip, then lick it off the bottom one.

Tongue Push :

  • Keep your lips closed.
  • Place your tongue against one cheek and push it out, while using three fingers to gently push against the tongue from the other side of the cheek.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Open Wide :

  • Open and close your mouth.
  • Letting your tongue rest on the bottom of your mouth, stretch out your cheeks but don’t strain your jaw.

Smiley Face :

  • Keeping your lips closed, give the biggest smile you can muster.
  • Think of the oral sex master you will shortly become.

Sad Mouth :

  • Keeping your lips closed, turn your mouth down as far as you can.
  • (MissB: Think of the fact that according to the McKinsey Report 60 percent of women report that their spouses give “moderately” satisfactory oral sex. )

Show Your Teeth :

  • Keeping your teeth closed, open your lips and give a big smile.
  • Say “extremely satisfactory” without touching your lips to your teeth.

Kisses :

  • Pucker your lips and make one long kissing sound, keeping your lips closed, by sucking air in through your tightly contracted lips for ten seconds.

Raspberries :

  • Stick out your tongue and close your lips around it.
  • Then blow air out, letting your tongue and lips vibrate.
  • This may tickle.


  • press your lips together and pop them apart, making a loud noise.
  • Do not suck in—the popping sound is created by simply rolling your closed lips in very slightly, then allowing them to separate.

Fish Face :

  • Push your lips out to make a fish face (without sucking in your cheeks for dramatic effect).
  • Open and close your lips a few times

Lipstick Lad:

  • Press your lips together and rub them back and forth, as if you are spreading lipstick around on them.

Oooooh . . . Aaaaah :

  • Focusing all of your attention on your lips, very elaborately shape your lips into the small circle that accompanies an “oooooh” sound, and hold it for about ten seconds.
  • Then, smoothly transition into opening your mouth as far as it will go and saying “aaaaah” for ten seconds. Do each five times.

If you have successfully completed these warm-ups, congratulations! They are admittedly hard for sophisticated adults to perform.


Now that your tongue, lips, and cheeks are soft, supple, and ready to move, you’re equipped to practice more advanced exercises.
These exercises apply directly to oral sex and simulate particular moves.

Tongue Cluck :

  • Put your tongue tip behind your top teeth and get the sides of your tongue up, too. Suck in and cluck, making a horse-galloping noise.
  • See if you can get the middle to come down first, and the tip of the tongue last.
  • Focusing on getting the middle of your tongue to come down before the tip will teach your tongue how to stimulate your lover using the soft underside of the tongue instead of the rougher taste bud side.
  • Few people know how to do this, and as the smooth side of the tongue feels delightful on the sensitive parts of the body, this exercise is well worth the effort of mastering.

Tsk-tsk :

  • Use this exercise to train your tongue to use the area between the roof of your mouth and the taste bud side of your tongue to create more surrounding sensations on your lover.
  • With your lips open, place your tongue tip on the bump behind your top teeth and suck in gently.
  • If you hear a sound like a disapproving old woman, you’re doing it right.

Whole Tongue Suck :

  • This exercise helps you teach your mouth how to focus on a specific area and to use sucking to heighten sensation.
  • Suck your entire tongue up onto the roof of your mouth.
  • Press and release, making a sucking sound.
  • Repeat five times.

Tongue Stretch :

  • This exercise will give your tongue more dexterity, so that you can be sure to find your lover’s hot spots.
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth while you raise and lower your jaw.
  • You should feel your tongue stretch.
  • Repeat ten times.

Tongue Push :

  • With your lips open, push your tongue onto the bump behind your top row of teeth for ten seconds.
  • Relax.
  • Repeat three times.
  • This will teach you how to apply pressure with your tongue in a designated place, and it will strengthen your control over when and where your tongue applies force.

Baby Talk :

  • Place your finger between your top and bottom rows of front teeth and practice saying these syllables: “tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh”; “duh, duh, duh, duh”; “nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh.”
  • Notice how your tongue moves down with the center first, and then the tip?
  • This will help you further develop your ability to stimulate your lover using the soft underside of the tongue. Your finger should have no teeth marks on it, and should not be wet by the end of the exercise.

Crush That Candy :

  • Using a small piece of circular candy (like a Skittle or M&M), use your tongue to press the candy into the bump behind your front row of teeth, without pressing your tongue into your teeth as well.
  • Press the candy with your tongue steadily, until it breaks or dissolves.
  • Do not repeat.
  • For the health conscious, a Cheerio works exceptionally well.
  • This exercise tones and strengthens the tongue, and if practiced regularly, will eliminate fatigue.

KKK (Not That One) :

  • Keeping your tongue tip down behind your lower teeth, open your mouth and make a “k-k-k” sound by lifting the back of your tongue.
  • When your lover is ready for more intense stimulation, use this tongue motion to stimulate them with the rough, taste bud side of your tongue.

More Imaginary Peanut Butter :

  • Pretend you have peanut butter all over your bottom lip.
  • Stretch your top lip over your bottom lip and pretend to wipe all the peanut butter off, addressing the sides as well as the front.
  • For supersensitive areas on your lover, the lip is a great substitute for the tongue.
  • The soft inside of the upper lip can extend in the manner exercised to caress and awaken sensitive spots that can be stimulated more aggressively with the tongue later.

Hold It and Blow :

  • Practice blowing a cotton ball across a table through a straw held firmly between your lips.
  • Focus on applying specific amounts of pressure with the air you exert from your mouth.
  • This will both fine-tune the muscles of your mouth and teach your tongue to flatten at just the tip—an excellent position from which to initiate upward strokes over the clitoris (or other supersensitive areas) with definite feeling but not an overwhelming degree of it.

Different Strokes :

  • Pretend that you have whipped cream all over the roof of your mouth.
  • Using the tip of your tongue, sweep it from front to back along the roof of your mouth.
  • Do this for ten strokes, then change direction, now going from front to back and noting the difference in sensation
  • The basic exercises should be performed for two weeks, and the intermediate ones for an additional week. (This is because the intermediate exercises build on and hone the raw skills developed by the basic ones.)

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