Hello, I am a new member to CnC and am a new Domme; these desires have always been there, but I’m just now acknowledging this hidden part of myself. I write little trashy femdom scenes and stories to express this part of me as I try to figure this out. Thank you for reading!

“Obedience Training and Couch Privileges”

We are enjoying some quiet time together, me on the couch and you, my boy, on the floor. You asked for permission to get on the couch and I denied your request. I want to drape my legs over your shoulders and tease you with my bare feet.

You respectfully say, “OK, Ma’am,” without any arguing or displeasure as you sit back down on the rug. Then you quietly add, “Ma’am, please may I touch your feet?”


“Please, even one touch?” You eye my feet that I’m resting on your body. I’m having fun tormenting you and I smile when you beg. I rub my feet along your arms.

“No. Not even one touch, unless you want to be punished. ”

“OK, Ma’am.”

You don’t want punishment, and you want to obey me and please me, so you go back to your book. I’m reading mine too but soon I’m distracted by my desire for my luscious boy at my feet. You are shirtless and barefoot, because that is the rule when we are alone, and you are soft skin, hard muscles, hairy chest…everything I love. I slide forward on the couch and wrap my legs around you, trapping you and squeezing you with my legs.

You look up at me with a smile and lower your book to the floor. “Ma’am?”

I snap my fingers and point to the floor. “Get on your knees, hands up.”

Eager to please, you obey quickly and you are up on your knees on the area rug, with your elbows out, hands behind your head, eyes down. You are so beautiful and obedient I get a thrill through my spine straight to my pussy from your submission. It makes me wet.

I grab your hair in my fist and tilt your face up. “Obedience training time, slave. You will not move or speak until I give you permission. If you move or speak, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Your pupils dilate as you slip into your deep submissive mindset, and the muscles on your face relax with it. “Yes, Mistress,” you breathe. “I won’t move or speak.”

“Good boy. Sit back on your heels, lower your face, and don’t move a muscle.”

You lower yourself to sit back, keeping your arms up, eyes down. I am tingling with desire from dominating you and from your obedience. You are lovely there on your knees for me, waiting and still and silent because I have commanded it.

You don’t move or make a sound, except for your ribs moving as you breathe slowly, in and out, in and out. I watch you for a moment, ready to catch you misbehaving and moving. But you are still. Your stillness; your submissiveness,  is incredibly arousing. The ache between my legs is radiating throughout my body. My breathing is getting shallow as I imagine shoving you onto your back, riding you and coming hard over and over again. However, I want to play for now and draw out the pleasure…fucking can come later, when I’m ready.

I go back to my book. It pleases me to ignore you as you are submitting, because it is humiliating for you, and you are submitting deeply, when you are not getting anything out of it other than my pleasure. So I leave you there kneeling and I watch you out of the corner of my eye as I read with my pussy aching and wet.

I make a note of the time because I don’t want to leave you there too long, but long enough to make it difficult.

You are a very good boy and you hold still for me for fifteen minutes.

“Alright, pet, you may move. Come and stand up.”

You push up and stand before me with your arms folded behind your back and your eyes down. You look a little nervous, since I haven’t told you whether you pleased me or not.

But I take one of your hands from behind you and say, “Look at me, pet. You did very well with your obedience training. You’re such a good boy, I’ll allow you to touch and worship my feet, and then get on the couch with me.”

“Thank you, Ma’am, thank you so much! “ You smile for me and it’s beautiful as you drop down low on you knees and press your lips to the arches of  my feet, then each toe, and then my ankles; as you wrap  your strong hands gently around them.  Your humble, loving touch thrills me.

After you’ve had your fill of my feet, you climb up with a smile and lay on the couch.  I allow you to lay your head in my lap and curl up into me, wrapping your arms around me. I hold you in my arms and kiss my pet. Your cheek is warm and scratchy on my lips.

“You’re my good boy, “ I whisper in your ear. I hold you for a while and allow you to doze off a little in my arms.

When you wake up you are all warm and rumpled and sweet as you blink up at me and smile with your soft, lovely lips closed. I trace along them with two of my fingers, then you part them so I can put my fingers in your mouth. You suck and lap at my fingers and it makes me get that sexy hot tingle up my spine, there’s something so sweet and submissive about when you suck on my fingers.

I take my other hand and start rubbing at the crotch of your jeans. Instantly you harden and I feel the warmth of your cock through the denim material. I rub your hardness, and then run my hand along your taut inner thighs and your tight ass as well. You shift and squirm a little as I trail my fingers along your thighs and back to your cock. You are still sucking on my fingers, so I pull them out, and you close your eyes for a moment, then look up at me with the  peace of submission in your eyes as I own and claim your body and your soul.

Tugging at the waistband of your jeans, I smile and pretend to be annoyed and say, “Why do you have these pants on? They need to come off, and your underwear, too, slave. Now, right now, get these clothes off.” And I shove you off of me with a little laugh. You laugh too and you are stripping your pants and boxers off as fast as you can, and then you stand in front of me with your arms behind your back, and your cock is jutting out  hard and eager, at my eye level. You are naked and I am fully clothed, I love humiliating you this way, and I know you love it too. You are just the naked slave now, here as my toy and for my entertainment.

I’m tempted to just lean forward and torture you by putting my mouth around your cock, just for a taste, just to hear you moan…but I pretend you don’t deserve to have Mistress put her mouth on your slutty cock. So I trace my fingers up it, so softly and slowly, and you tremble, and make a little noise in your throat, as your cock jerks in response.  I love it when you make your little noises!

You know that you are not allowed to come without permission, and I have not given permission since yesterday morning. You wanted to last night, and I said, “No.” Sometimes I just want to keep my slave horny and under control. So you are hot and hard now, and I want to play with my naked slave.

“Get back on the couch, so I can play with my toy.” You obediently climb back onto the couch, head in my lap, and cuddle into me. But Mistress is not interested in cuddling any more.

“Straighten your legs.”

You obey, and then I get an idea, because everything is so much hotter and sexier with bondage. I push your head from my lap and stand up. You lay there, waiting for directions.

“Wait there, slave. Don’t move an inch, I’m not through with you.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” you say. Your eyes glazed and peaceful with your submission.

My eyes sweep over your naked body laid out for me on the couch like a dessert. My thighs are getting damp, I’m so wet and achy for you. 

I go get your ankle cuffs.  I bring them back and your eyes widen with nervousness when I hold them out for you to see. You are still getting used to bondage and the cuffs, but you are such a good boy for trying to please me and submit to them. I buckle the cuffs onto your ankles, and then I clip them together, and you are securely bound. Instantly I am aroused even more than before; I am tingling and wet and my pussy is starting to ache because of your submission to my bondage, naked, on the couch, to be my toy. I sit back down with your head in my lap, and slide my hand down to your cock.

“Put your arms up, hands over your head. You will hold still, toy. If you squirm around, I’ll punish you. Do you understand?”

You lift your arms until they’re over your head, with your hands up by the arm of the couch.

“Y–yes Ma’am,” You say nervously. You try to shift your legs, and are reminded that they are bound close together. You make a noise in your throat and your hazel eyes darken.

“Are you alright, pet?” I say softly as I cradle your cheek.

“You are so beautiful in my ankle cuffs, you know.”

“Thank you, Ma’am, I’m alright, just a little suffocated feeling, I’m OK though,”

“Good boy, I’m here with you, just fly with it, OK? Just let go of everything, and submit it all to me, and you’ll be safe.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” you say, and you relax into the couch and into my lap. Once again I start tormenting your cock, and it hardens again. I wrap my fingers around, and collect some precome, and stroke you softly. Your eyelids flutter closed and you whimper in your throat and tremble, because you are not allowed to squirm or move and you can feel your legs are bound and you are not going anywhere. I continue to torment you with light touches and stroking, until you can’t help it, and you forget my command to hold still, and you start writhing and squirming like a little slave, and trying to get your cock out of my reach, because you know that you are not allowed to come.

“Please, please,” you beg. “Please Mistress…”

Shaking my head, I release your cock, and say, ”Well, you decided to squirm around, so I must punish you, slave. What do you want, your nipples pinched, or your ass spanked?”

Gasping, your fingers curl overhead and you stare at me. Your submission has got you in a daze. I grab your chin, hard, in one hand and your hair in the other hand, and force you to look up at me as you lay back in my lap.

“You must choose, slave. Which do I punish, nipples or ass? You must ask for your punishment respectfully.” I pinch your chin a little harder and jam my thumb in your mouth, to clamp on your jaw. You make a little noise, and when I see I have your full attention, I remove my thumb so you can speak, but I keep my fingers woven tightly in your hair and give it a tug.

“Mistress, please spank me,” you say quietly.

“OK, slave. Roll over, present your ass for punishment.” Releasing your hair, I push you out of the way and stand up.

“Yes, Ma’am,” you say humbly as you roll onto your stomach and draw your knees up under you. Your ass is up and ready for discipline. You keep your hands clasped over your head.

I admire your tight, luscious ass for a moment. You turn your head and glance up at me nervously.

“Put your face down into the cushion, slut,” I tell you. You obey immediately. I used that voice you know you’d better obey. You are being punished. I let you kneel there and be nervous for a minute. I know you are listening…am I taking my belt off? You know you were really bad, if my belt comes off. But no, this was only a minor infraction; I simply come up to the couch, and start spanking you hard with my hand. You get no cuddles or warmups, not for a punishment spanking. Just stinging smacks to your ass until it’s nice and hot and rosy, and you are gasping and sweating a little. You are a good boy for your spanking, and hold still for it until I’m satisfied.

“Are you going to obey me and hold still when I tell you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I promise,” you gasp. I give you one more good hard swat on your backside, and you suck in your breath at the sting.

“Good, because if you don’t, the next round will be much worse, and I’ll put you in the corner, too.”

“Yes, Ma’am, thank you for punishing me. I’ll be good.”

“Get on the floor, on your back.”

You move off the couch as quickly as you can with bound ankles, and I enjoy watching you wince as you sit your stinging ass on the carpet to lay back. You put your arms back up overhead as you look up at me. The trust and submission in your eyes is beautiful and my pussy is throbbing and wet after spanking your ass. I sit back on the couch and rest my naked feet on your flat stomach. I can tell that you want to move your arms down and touch my feet but you don’t dare with your stinging ass reminding you to behave, and anyway, you want to be good. You want to please me.

“Now, slave, you will obey me, and hold still. This is your last chance.”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you for another chance.”

I smile down at you wickedly. Leaning forward, I take my soft, bare feet, with my shiny red toenail polish, and wrap them around your cock. I curl my toes in and around your cock, and feel you harden in an instant, as you shudder and moan. You squeeze your eyes shut, shaking your head slightly back and forth between your upraised arms.

“Oh, oh, Mistress,” you moan, as I stroke your cock with my feet. You are throbbing hard and slick with pre-come as you whimper. Your toes curl with the effort of holding still as I give you a footjob and torment my slave. You are moaning and whimpering and I smile at your sweet little noises.

“Don’t you dare move, slut. You are my toy, my plaything, you are not permitted to move, or you’ll get another spanking, a real one, with my belt, and stand in the corner.” I know that you love discipline and the promise of more punishment really pushes your buttons and makes you groan in the sweet agony of your surrender. I stroke your cock and torture you with my feet as you moan and whimper, and I can feel your cock throbbing and pulsing between my feet as I stroke and play with it for a long time. This time you are good and you hold still.

“Please Mistress please please may I come?” You finally cry as you tremble beneath me.

Feeling your muscles tense and quiver beneath me, I torture you a little more then I give permission.

“Yes, slave, you may come, go ahead, surrender, let go, be a little messy slut and come all over yourself.”

“Ohhh, yes, thank you, Mistress…Oh…”

I’m rubbing you hard with my feet. You topple over the edge, and with a great groan, you erupt all over yourself, and spurt your come all over my feet and your stomach. I milk every drop out of you until you have a film of sweat over your body and you are gasping and limp on the carpet. I don’t make you lick my feet clean because licking cum is a hard limit, so I grab the towel that I put on the side table, and kneel beside you to kiss your soft lips.

I wipe off my feet, and then I clean off my boy, and say gently, “You were a very good boy, you obeyed and waited for permission, and you held still…you are very good and please me very much, pet.”

After you’re clean, I kiss you again, and take the cuffs off, and praise you for wearing the cuffs for me, and I hold you and let you curl into me again, all limp and soft and vulnerable.

You really are a good boy. So good, I’m going to allow you to bury your face between my legs, and pleasure me until I come over and over again…

The End.

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