Am I sick

This poem is not authored by me….not sure of the author….but I certainly can appreciate the sentiment and feelings expressed: Authored by Buttboy Aug 8th 2016

am I sick
am I sick

Am I sick?

Is there something wrong with me?

Because I am turned on by being taken

Being used by a power greater than my own?

Many think I am weak

Just because I submit

In this world of independence

I need someone to depend on

I am told I need no one

But that is not who I am

You do not know the strength

It takes to suppress my ego

To give my will to your loving control

I must give up personal control

To stop acting in defense

I give up my fear of loss of status and worth

I give the gift of no resistance

To the Domme of my choice, my wife

A lifestyle contract

And a safety word

That guides our world

Being submissive is not just about the sex

It extends beyond the bedroom

It’s a lifestyle I choose to live

Regardless of what others think

Without access to my inner being

The reward of my body has no meaning

I give only to SHE who truly deserves

The one for me receives the key

You cannot force me to submit

That is my choice and my will alone

Use of force, intimidation or fear

That is not submission

It is only abuse

I take responsibility

For my submissive ways

No government, religion or any person

Can cause me to feel shame

I will not feel guilt

For who I am

I will not allow myself to be censored

I will be free

I am not corrupt

I am sane

I am healthy

I am not sick

I am me

I accept the submissive me

My Mistress can give me all I need

In return I fulfill her commands

She takes care of her pet

In return for my inner self.

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