Poems by Mistify

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There is a place that time has forgot,
Very few know…….this magical spot.

The steel was melted in fires that burn,
A mighty sword forrged……dubbed “Caliburne”

This blade can not break, and only one man can wield,
It rests in a stone…a midst a field.

It waits in the stone, for the true king of Brittan,
Arthur his name, who’s future is not yet written.

This blade that came, from where time has forgot,
Helped build a great kingdom…called “Camelot”.

No other could wield, Arthur did fear,
The sword was put in the lake, by Bediveir.

Arthur has died, his spirit lives on,
Now he lays rest, in this place called Avalon.


Strength of Steel.

I stand alone on this empty field,
With no one else, but this blade I wield.

I stand alone my enemy slain,
In the name of God, my King, and Country Vain.

I shall not stray, I shall not alter,
My heart is true and will not Faulter.

I follow this code, and hold it true,
The battle is over, this steel did prove.

I search this realm for the cruel and wicked,
They will know my blade..and wrath inflicted.

This mighty steel I hold this hour,
has won the day, with courage and valor.


The Fallen King

A Kingdom extended, as quickly can fall,
Yet the king still lives, standing tall.

He conquered his enemies, his lands extended,
But EVIL has come, his reign had ended.

His castle destroyed, a legacy lost,
But honor remains, no matter the cost.

Stone pillars and towers can fall,
But the heart of his kingdom….still lives in all.

His subjects loyal, and still will follow,
They need their king…with darkness on the morrow.

Evil and Darkness, the world is shown,
But all will end, when the king does reclaim his throne.


Garden Knight

She sits alone in her garden vast.
A sacred place that binds her past.

What is to come..her future unclear.
Only thoughts of the past……she sheds a tear.

She fights for others with courage and conviction.
Standing for honor, to end corruption.

She is Lady K…the honored knight.
Her foes will fall and flee her might.

But in this place, no battles to fight…..
Just peace and serenety…..
this Garden…..this night.


To my dearest Love:

I have searched all this world for that one missing part.

A person to come and fill the void in my heart.

From the moment I started to have feelings for you,

I knew deep inside they were genuine and true.

My heart was empty with love so denied.

I now feel complete with you at my side.

I devote myself completely to you.

I promise to love and always stay true.

I will never mistreat you, or let my heart wander.

And if the need be, I will fight for your honor.

My love for you grows with each passing day.

My heart is now yours and will be always.

When I think of you my heart is on fire.

You are my one and only desire.

I believe it was fate that brought us together.

Our bond is a strong one lasting forever.


Note to my Love

I look in your eyes, the color so true.

Like beautiful water, a cool crystal blue.

Your hair a bright red, ever so elegant.

Like the sun burning bright, strong and brilliant.

Your smile is perfect, a beautiful scene.

Like fields of grass, peaceful and serene.

When I am down, you bring me good cheer.

What would I do, without you my dear.

Full of compassion, so lovely and kind.

There is no one better, that one could find.

You must have descended from heaven above.

I’m glad you found me, my friend my love.


Follow Your Heart

There may be some times, when you’re lost and confused.

The options are there, but which one to choose.

Do not be afraid, if the outcome is bad.

If you feel it’s right, then do not be sad.

You can never go wrong if you follow your heart.

Just look deep inside for a good place to start.

Look to yourself when things go astray.

To find the right answer, and guide your way.

If you are not clear on what path to take.

Just follow your heart, and there is no mistake.

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