Ordeal for two

Kevin opened his eyes slowly. As consciousness returned so did awareness. He found that he couldn’t move. He gradually realized that his hands were restrained and that he was completely helpless, splayed in the form of across, naked and vulnerable.

As his awareness grew he discerned a figure in front of him, which resolved itself into a beautiful blonde woman, tall slender, her gleaming blonde hair caught high on her head in a ponytail that cascaded down her back like a curtain of silk. She wore only an abbreviated leather bra and g-string, elbow length leather gloves and a spiked choker around her neck. Her legs were encased in shiny leather boots that rose up to her thighs.

“Hello gorgeous”, she purred, running her fingers over his chest. “I am Mistress Satin. I’m so glad you could come and play with us. We’re going to have so much fun together. And I’m really really glad you could bring your lady friend with you. She will be able to join in too.” Kevin became aware then of other figures present. Two girls were there holding a third between them. The two girls were dressed alike. They each had on 7” high heel shoes of black shining leather, and wore a leather collar at their throat. Both had their gleaming straight hair loose, falling down their backs, one blue-black and the other a rich auburn with golden lights.

The girl between them was naked. She was a voluptuous brunette. Her hands were cuffed in front of her. A long fringe of gleaming heavy hair fell to her eyes.
The blonde mistress moved over to the helpless girl.
“Hi sweetie,” she crooned, cupping her victims chin in her hand.
“Oh but you have such luscious lips,” she whispered, leaning forward to brush them with her own, gently kissing them as her long slender fingers gently tweaked the brunettes nipples.
“Angela isn’t it? Such a lovely name – such a lovely girl. No wonder Kevin likes you. And I’ve heard a whisper that he particularly likes your hair. Let’s have a good look at it.” At her gesture her two attendants forced Angela around.
“Oh that is such beautiful hair, and so long!” Satin smiled, running her hands down the waist length thick silk. She looked over at the naked male on the cross.
“You just love this hair, don’t you? Let’s see about getting it really nice for you to look at.” So saying, she went to a table and returned with a comb. She then started to comb the helpless girls hair, over and over. With each stroke the hair gleamed even more, shining and moving like a heavy silk curtain.
“Oh look at you’” laughed Satin, glancing at the naked male. He now had a huge erection, throbbing and straining as he watched Angela’s hair being combed.
“Here Jess, you keep on with the comb. I want to go and play with that for a while.” Satin had a gleam in her eyes that promised the play would only be enjoyed by one of the players.
Now the other girl spoke.
“Please Mistress Satin, may I …..?”
“Sorry Mila – of course you may”
Mila smiled, and still holding Angela with one hand slipped the other between the captive’s legs and began to gently stroke her. Obviously skilled in the use of her fingers it wasn’t long before she had Angela squirming and writhing. Jess still continued to comb the beautiful hair.

Mistress Satin was now gently teasing the penis of her naked male victim. A long time expert in the art of sexual teasing, she stroked and tickled him to within a fraction of orgasm, only to stop and watch him drip helplessly before she started on him again.
“My you really have got aroused by that hair’” she breathed to him softly. “It’s such a turn on for you isn’t it? Hmmm I wonder if we could find another use for it though?” A smile appeared on her lips.
“Oh I have such a good idea girls,” she laughed. She went and whispered to them. Their faces lit up with joy.
“Ok girls, lets get started. Get him down from there.”
In a few minutes Kevin was off the cross. Straps restrained his ankles but his hands were free. Angela had been tied to a chair, her long hair hanging over the back. Kevin was given the comb.
“Ok Kevin start doing Angela’s hair. And in case you feel reluctant – Jess?”
Jess appeared with a short wand. With a smile she touched it to Kevin’s genitals. He jerked and screamed. The girls all laughed at his reaction.

Under Mistress Satin’s direction he carefully combed Angela’s hair until it shone like glass. His tormentors laughed at and played constantly with his by now huge erection.
“Ok now my darling boy I want you to braid Angela’s hair. One long silken braid. I’m sure you know how to do that, don’t you?” His captors lounged around watching him as he braided Angela’s long silky hair. Millas hand had found its way between Jess’s legs, gently stroking her, while Jess buried her face between Satin’s thighs, her tongue busy, tickling and teasing her mistress, occasionally resurfacing to watch progress on Angela’s hair.

“You are very good at that,” smiled the blonde mistress watching Kevin. “Perhaps I can find a use for you here. Ok girls put him up again.” In a few minutes the struggling male was again bound to the cross, and this time gagged. The cross was then hoisted high into the air. Jess and Mila then dragged Angela over and stood her on a stool under the naked man. Satin then took the silken braid and looped it around his testicles before pulling it in a tight knot. Angela was held still by the two girls. After the hair had been tied securely, the distressed Angela was taken from the stool and forced to balance on two slender pieces of wood about 30 cm high. Her beautiful hair formed a tight cord of braided silk to Kevin’s testicles. Satin surveyed their handiwork, and at a nod from her the girls released Angela and stepped back “Oh Angela, your hair is so soft and sexy- but now it can do some real damage too. Imagine what would happen if you fell off those blocks. All your weight suspended from Kevin’s balls. We do so hope you don’t loose your balance sweetie. Jess why don’t you see if Angela is easily stimulated?”

While the other two watched Jess knelt in front of Angela and ever so gently began to finger her. As she stroked and teased she watched Angela’s face, a smile of anticipation on her full lips. Soon Angela began to moan and squirm, the slender blocks under her feet beginning to move.
“Oh look’” said Mila, taunting. “She would rather cum than save his balls”
With an effort Angela managed to stop herself on the brink of an orgasm. Jess looked disappointed to begin with, but then smiled and put her face into the balancing girls pussy. There her educated tongue began its work, flickering in and out, stroking and caressing, bringing her helpless victim back to the brink again.

Watching the torment, Mila’s fingers were now servicing Mistress Satin, both of them aroused and wet as they waited for the inevitable to happen. This time Angela could not hold back as Jess again took her to the edge. After keeping her on the brink for a while, Jess then took Angela past the point of no return. She spasmed and jerked and the blocks fell from under her feet. As her hair transferred her weight to his testicles he screamed into his gag, but only muffled noise came out. The three tormentors laughed and taunted the hapless pair. Later Mistress Satin surveyed her two distressed captives.

“Kevin you are so lucky we didn’t have you higher off the ground. You would have lost your balls then instead of just getting them black and blue. But maybe one day we might try that“
“We are going to have so much fun with you two. Angela you will be so useful and entertaining for my girls to practice on. And your beautiful hair can be used against Kevin in so many ways still.”
“And Kevin – you will be my official hair slave. You will be required to care my hair – wash, brush style – the lot. And not just for me but for Jess and Mila too. Of course there will also be my friends too. Yes that would be entertaining. But no cumming for you! Just the frustration of being forced to comb and care for our hair, and the humiliation of getting aroused by it in front of other women. You should provide endless amusement. Now pick up that brush and get started on my hair.”
So Kevin picked up the brush and started to brush her golden hair. In front of him the other two girls now had Angela hanging by her braid from a beam and were enjoying the easy access this offered them to their victims pussy. Angela would cum again soon.

Orginal story by Longbob © CollarNcuffs.com

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