Shannon 02

it was the following morning when Paul got up that he thought his head had been hit with a sledgehammer. He lifted his head off the pillow then letting it fall back down as if it was made of lead. He rolled out of bed and fell to his hands and knees, and then using the bed as an aid stood up. As quick as he could move he staggered to the bathroom, and threw water over his face. He mustered the strength to wash and shave, and then walked down the stairs. Shannon was sitting at the table when he walked into the kitchen. He made himself a coffee and sat down opposite her, then looking over to the waste bin saw the empty bottle of JD. “No wonder my head is aching he said, I never thought I drank as much as that though.”

“There’s more, but we will talk about that after we have had our little talk. I have given our problem a lot of thought, and have worked out a plan of action, well to be correct some rules with a binding contract. I have been reading a lot of books on the subject for the last two days, and have come up with a solution. As I said the other day we have to make changes if we are going to stay together. I believe what I said was one of us has to be the dominant one, and the other the submissive, don’t you agree?”

“Yes I suppose so Shannon, what have you got in mind?”

“Right now listen in to the rules, and you had better digest the meaning.”

“One, the dominant person has the right to punish the submissive. This can either be done by kind, or by minor chastisement. Chastisement can be in the form of minor corporal punishment, or in a task depending on the wrongdoing. If the submissive does something wrong, then the dominant one has the right to do the same back, two wrongs do make a right.”

“Two, the submissive must always do what the dominant one says, however embarrassing it might seem at the time.”

“Three if at any time the submissive one embarrasses the dominant one, she/he has the right to humiliate the submissive in any way he/she seems correct.”

“Four, restraints can be used as forms of punishment, as they can also be used for sexual pleasure.”
“Five, bondage is allowed.”

“Six, dressing up and roll play is also permitted, no exceptions.”

“Seven, mental torture is also allowed.”

“Well what do you think of my proposals Paul?”

“Yes I see what you’re getting at, but how do we choose who is the dominant, and who is the submissive? Also, how do we know that the submissive is going to do all that the dominant says?”

“We choose by playing a game of cards, and there has to be some sort of hold over the submissive. Now do you want to play cards or not, and it will be only one game?”

“Yes I agree and the game will be three-card brag.”

“Ok Paul, then you must first sign the contract under my signature, and the winner crosses out the dominant ones name.”

“Paul signed and then went to the drawer, and brought back a new set of playing cards. He took the jokers out then shuffled the pack, what are the ground rules?”

Shannon thought for a moment then answered, “Ace low, and no king, queen, ace, and one, two, three is the lowest run. Bouncers beat straight runs.”

Paul once more shuffled the pack, and placed them on the table saying “Cut.” Shannon took the top quarter of the pack off, and put them to one side. With the rest of the pack Paul dealt three cards each, saying we turn one card over each in turn. Shannon turned a nine of spades over face up; Paul turned a king of hearts. Shannon then turned over a seven of hearts, and Paul a queen of hearts. Shannon then turned over an eight of spades, Paul looked at the hand she had, and his stomach felt queasy, and it was not the drink the night before that was doing it. He turned the card over and his heart missed a beat, as he saw another king looking back at him.

Shannon took hold of the contract and crossed out her own signature, and then looking at Paul said, “You had better go back to bed.”
“Have we started already Shannon?”

“No but you look terrible, we will talk when you have had a little more sleep.”

“Thanks” then he stood up and walked up the stairs back to bed. It was a while later that Shannon slipped the contract in an envelope, and then in another envelope with an accompanying letter. It was addressed to her solicitor, and she walked outside and into the car. She went down to the village, and posted the letter then returned to the farm. It was three in the afternoon when Paul finally came back down stairs, and he was looking a lot better. Shannon made him a coffee and they both sat at the table, “When does my domination start then, today?”

“No it is the first of the month on Friday, and it will start then.”

“How do you know that I will do all that you say?”

“That is because if you don’t do as I say or tell you, I will show you these photos to all your friends, and then she showed him the print outs of the photos.”

“He nearly choked on his coffee, what the fuck, I think you had better go and get me another bottle of JD, and then I might wake up on the same planet that I fell asleep on.”

Shannon laughed and said, “I caught you both at it last night, and took those then threw him out on his ass. He phoned up this morning, saying that it was a date rape drug that he had slipped in your drink. He is now in New York for the next four years, but the pictures will come in handy my love” and she kissed him on the cheek.

“Crying out loud, you’re bloody serious aren’t you?”

It was a few days later and Friday night. Paul had just finished his day’s work, and he was glad the week was over. It took him longer than usual to drive home, because he left late, and then he had caught all the traffic. He pulled up outside the house, and noticed that all the lights were off, and that meant Shannon was at the farm, and she would be waiting for him there. He was starving, but it looked like he would have to wait a few more hours, before he stopped his hunger. Inside he walked straight to the shower, and was hoping it would be refreshing, and make him feel better. He was walking down the stairs with the towel around his waist, when he heard the phone ring. As he ran to answer it, the towel almost fell off but he held it up with one hand and grabbed the receiver.

“Hello Paul speaking, how can I help?”

“It’s me Shannon, in the bedroom you will find some clothes on the bed, and I want you to wear them when you drive up here to the farm tonight. Put your normal clothes over the top, and I will see you later.”

“Paul walked back up the stairs, and then stepped into the bedroom; he walked over to the bed and got the shock of his life. There on the bed was a pair of three-inch stiletto shoes, a pair of stockings, and a Basque with suspenders. There was also a pair of silk knickers, ‘she’s having a laugh he thought.’ He picked them up to throw them off of the bed, and then he saw the print of him and Simon, ‘god she’s blackmailing me and I have to do as she says.’

He picked up the Basque and slipped it on, followed by the stockings and clipping them to the suspenders, and then pulling on the knickers. He looked at him self in the mirror, and straightened up one of the suspenders, and asked out loud, “What the fuck am I doing?” He put a pair of jeans over the top with a tee shirt, and then put some trainers on his feet. Picking up the stiletto shoes, he walked out of the door to the car. It was just then as he sat inside the drivers seat that he had a frightening thought. ‘What if I have an accident dressed like this?’ He answered his own question by saying to him self ‘don’t have an accident.’

By the time he got to the farm driveway gates it was dark. Paul jumped out of the car and punched in the numbers. Nothing happened so he pressed the buzzer button and waited.

The intercom sounded and it was Shannon talking, “Hello who is it, and how can I help? I cannot let you in without prior appointments.”

“Shannon it’s me Paul let me in?”

“Are you wearing those clothes I told you to put on?”

“Yes I have no choice have I.”

“Right then listen in, by the left hand gatepost, there is a pair of handcuffs take them with you to the car. Then drive the car down the road to that lay-by, and take all your clothes of except for the ones that I told you to wear. Make sure that you are wearing the stiletto shoes because I will know if you are cheating. Then get out of the car, and close the door locking the keys inside, I have your spare set here. Put the handcuffs on with your hands behind your back, and walk back to the gate and press the buzzer once more. I will let you in and come down to the gate to meet you.”
“That lay-by is at least a hundred yards away Shannon! I can’t do it.”

“You have to do it, if you don’t want me to send off these pictures to your friends by e-mail. Now chop, chop go and do it, and you had better be quick as it is almost turning out time in the pubs.” The intercom went dead and he was stood there thinking how he could do this.

He then had a brain wave, ‘I will give it some time as if I have done all she asks then buzz her again.’ He gave it five minutes and buzzed the intercom.

“Yes who is it?”

“It’s me Paul let me in I’ve done as you asked.”

Two lights came on and Shannon said “I can see you on the CCTV; you have still got all your clothes on. That was very silly, now I will have to punish you tomorrow.\\”

“I think you are punishing me now Shannon.”

“Of course I’m not, I am just going to give you some sexual stimulation, now go and do as I say” and she added in a stern voice “And stop being a baby.” The light went out at the same time the intercom went dead.

Paul bowed to the inevitable, and bent down to retrieve the handcuffs, he then stepped back inside the car and drove it down to the lay-by. On the way down he was pleased to notice, that there was plenty of cover if a car came. He stripped off and put the shoes on, and felt a right strange dressed the way he was. Then he waited to hear if there were cars about, and got out closing the door, he heard the click of the lock and his heart sank. He was now committed and he ran as fast as he could with the shoes on. He heard a car coming, and dived into the shrubs that were on each side of the road. Paul let two more cars go by before he felt safe to venture out once more. He ran the rest of the way before the next car came and went. It was hard to keep his balance because his hands were behind his back. Once it had gone out of sight he pressed the buzzer once more this time with his nose.

“Yes who is it this time?”

“It’s me Paul, please let me in I’m freezing and scared I am going to be seen.”

“The light came on once more, and Shannon said “Nice now do a twirl.”

“Bloody hell Shannon, I can hear a car coming.”

“Then you had better be fast” and he heard her laugh.

He spun around and waited, and he could hear the car getting closer, still the gates were not opening. Then just as the car was almost on him, the gate opened and he squeezed through. As the car went past he sounded his horn, fuck I hope he never recognized me. He was stood with his back to the wall, and out of sight of the road, he waited an age thinking that Shannon would not come. Then he saw the car headlights, what if its not her he thought and its one of her friends going home. He slipped behind the bushes to his left and waited, the car arrived and stopped. Then he heard Shannon shout, “Paul where are you?”

Paul walked out of the bushes and towards the car, turning with his back to the car he opened the door and sat inside. The door closed by itself and Paul felt safe once more, he never said a word, as she slowly drove the car down the drive. She put her hand across and ran it up and down the top part of his leg, squeezing the bit of flesh at the top of the stockings\\.

“What are you doing” he asked?

“When we were going out with each other, before we were married you used to do that with me.”

“Do you know, I think that the last car that went past has seen me, because he blew his horn? I also think that you have lost the plot, touching my legs like that, you ought to know that I am not that kind of person.”

Shannon burst out laughing, and asked “How did you feel when the car sounded his horn?”

“Fear, shame, embarrassment, for some strange reason it gave me a raging hard, and I’ve still got one.”

Shannon stopped the car and leant over putting her arm behind his back, she kissed him on the lips hard. Then with her other hand she was running it over his legs, until she felt his manhood. She herself was wearing a skirt, and once she had pulled his panties to one side exposing his manhood, she swung her leg over and sat on him. He sat perfectly still, as she rose and fell onto his piercing manhood. Her pace quickened and he too came to the brink, and they both climaxed at the same time. Shannon fell forward, and with her head over his shoulder next to his, and she was making no attempt to get off. They sat like that for a good five minutes, before she slipped off leaving a trail of both their juices on his leg. Nothing more was said on the way to the house. Once there and she had stopped the car he tried to get out, but because of the cuffs he was unable to open the door. Shannon reached across and opened it for him, and as soon as he was out he stood there waiting for her to open the front door. Once inside Shannon walked behind and unlocked the cuffs and took them off. He was stood there looking at her, and with his manhood still pointing out in front. “For heavens sake put that in your knickers” she said pointing.

“Can I go and change into something decent now Shannon?”

“No I want you to stay as you are until I say you can change, now sit down and eat the meal I have prepared.”

“He did as he was told because he was hungry, and the warmth of the house was making him feel a lot better. An hour later they both went into the lounge, and Shannon sat down on the couch. “Stand up there next to the fire Paul; I want to take a good look at you. Keep your legs close together, I want to see what shape your in. Now turn around and face the wall,” once he had done so she stood up, and felt the cheeks of his bum. “Yes you have a very shapely body; I can do things with that. Does it bother you being dressed like that?”

Paul thought then answered “Not now, but it did when I was in fear of being seen by someone.”

“It does not embarrass you being dressed like that in front of me?”

“Yes and no, I don’t know how I feel, but because I am dressed like this, do you think that I am not a man?”

“You are dressed in feminine clothes does it make you feel sexy, because as we speak I see that you are getting aroused once more. I might want to carry this further and give you a wig and make-up how does that sound? I could turn you into a girl and I can see that just the thought is turning you on. Would you like to be a girl for a while, nice sexy underwear touching your skin, making you feel the feminine side of your body?”

‘Why the hell was he feeling like this? Shannon was right of course, the thought was turning him on, and giving him strange feelings between his legs.’

“Would you like me to turn you into a girl when I wanted to?” She was smiling as she asked. “The sex we had in the car was the best we have had for five years, all because you were dressed like a girl. I could call you Pauline, would you like that? Don’t answer these questions now Pauline, answer when you have had time to reflect on what I have said. I want you to be submissive, and passive doing all I ask without question.” Shannon was talking very softly and it was having an effect on what he was thinking. “Do you want to be submissive and passive for me Pauline?”

The sound of her voice being sultry and sexy was turning him on, and he heard himself croak “Yes Shannon.”

Still in a soft silky voice and slipping her hands gently over his body, she added “I might be cruel to you, I might embarrass you, and I might even humiliate you in the company of others, but I would never leave you, and you would never lose my love, would you mind Pauline?”

“No Shannon” her soft voice was intoxicating and he was now under her spell.

“If you really love me Pauline, you will do all I say without question, do you love me Pauline?”

“Yes of course I do Shannon.”

“If you truly love me, you will let me satisfy myself as I want, do you truly love me Pauline?”

“Yes Shannon, you can do as you wish, as long as I am the only one you truly love, and you promise that we will never part.” He couldn’t understand why he was feeling this way, and why he was giving her all she asked for. He knew though that he loved being dominated, and it was the suspense that was giving him the thrill. He knew tonight at the gate when Shannon had him under her control, that he loved the feeling. Maybe this was what was missing in both of their lives to dominate and to be dominated. Even he had to admit, that they had had the best sex for a long time when in the car.

“There will be no punishment tomorrow Pauline, we must go to bed you look tired.”

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