Shannon 04

Paul woke up looking at the sunlight that was blinding him, so he slipped out of bed and went for his early morning shower. Once he was dressed he went down for breakfast, where Shannon was sitting drinking coffee. He poured a coffee for himself while Shannon told him that the insurance people had phoned her, saying he had to go for a medical. She gave the address of the clinic to him, and said, “The appointment is for today.”

Well I have plenty of time now that I have been made redundant. I had a check up the other month, so I wonder what they want to see me for now.” Paul was correct when he said that as soon as the takeover was complete, he would be made redundant. His house was now on the market and would soon be sold, and Shannon was spending more time at the farm.

You had better get your skates on as it’s in an hour’s time, and I think I had better come with you. I have nothing to do today, and I could do with a break away from the farm. Come on I’ll drive, we can have lunch after the appointment.”

It took forty minutes to get to the clinic, and as soon as they stepped in the door, they were ushered into another room. There was a woman sitting behind the desk, and she stood up as they entered. “Hello Paul and you are?”

I am Shannon his wife.”

“The two of you please sit down, what I have to say is serious but reversible. However first, just to check that I have the correct information would you please take off your shirt Paul?”

Paul did as he was asked and the doctor came around the desk. She checked his heart beat, and listened to his breathing then she took out a magnifying glass, and looked at both of his nipples. “Yes I see it all now, the scan was correct it’s there as plain as day.” She then went back to her seat and sat down saying “You can put your shirt back on.”

Paul was worried now, “What’s the problem doctor; am I going to die?”

She laughed and answered “No you won’t die, but if we don’t operate straight away you might have to have a lot of skin graphs. You have a rare skin disease that only one in four million people get. What we do is put you to sleep and operate, we lift the skin and put a solution under it then sow it back down. The body absorbs the solution, and over a period of time it cures the disease. The only problem is for a while it will look like you have breasts.”

“What if I don’t have the operation?” Paul asked.

“It will spread all over your chest eventually and it will be the devils own job to cure.”

“Oh God what the hell am I going to do” he put his head in his hands and added “Shannon tell me what to do?”

“You have no choice lover; you have to let her operate on you as I don’t want you getting worse.” She looked at the doctor and asked “When could you operate doctor?”

“I could be ready in a few hours, if you want to go away and think about it you can do so. I must stress though, that the sooner you have it done the quicker it will heal. We have the facilities in this clinic to do the operation with after care if needed. He would have to stay in the clinic for a week, but after that we would allow him home but still bandaged up. We will send a nurse every day to change the dressing on the stitches.”

“What about scars after the operation?”

“He is a young man, and the stitches will be fine, and they will disappear in a short time.”

“Today will be fine” Paul said with a shaky voice.

“I will be here for you when you wake up Paul, don’t worry everything is going to be fine you wait and see.”

It was a week later when Shannon picked Paul up to return him to the farm. He was still bandaged up, but he was happy to go home. The house in London had been sold, and Shannon had removed all their belongings. She had hired a driver to fetch Paul’s car to the farm, and it was parked up when they arrived.

Shannon helped Paul out of the car, she did not want him straining and tear his stitches apart. He walked inside and sat down at the table, and waited for Shannon to sit opposite. “How does it feel Paul?”

“Indescribable, it does not hurt but it feels strange, it feels as if I have a great weight on my chest. How are things on the building side Shannon?”

“I have had a few alterations done inside the house, and I still have a bit more to do. Experts from up north will do the bits and pieces that are left to do inside the house. The swimming pool has been started, and they have allowed two months before completion. Until you are fully recovered you will have to stay inside the house, I don’t want you damaging your stitches. The stables have been started, and should be completed about the same time as the pool. So as not to embarrass you lover, after the workers have gone home for the night, I will take you out in the evening and show you around. I am looking forward to having you on the farm all the time, you never needed that silly job, and you know you never liked it.”

It was true he hated the job, and it stressed him out too much. He also knew that all the time he had this problem with his skin, that they would always wondering what was inside his shirt, to be truthful so was he. Since the operation, he had always had to be lying in his back with his head covered, while the dressing was being changed. He knew that it had been one hell of an operation, because he had been out cold for ten hours.\

It was three weeks to the day when the nurse told them, there was no need to change the dressings anymore, and left the last one off. The stitches had healed and there was very little if any scar. “I must go now I don’t expect to see you for a long time, but I will send Miss Shannon up as she wishes to see you.” When she had gone he was still in the semi dark, and his shirt had been buttoned back up. He looked around for a mirror but couldn’t see one. The wardrobe that had been fitted still had no mirrored doors, as he knew that they would not be arriving until the end of the week.

Shannon walked in and said; “Sit down on the edge of the bed Paul I want to talk to you.” He did as she requested and she sat at his side, “Now that’s all over and we are back to normal almost, how do you feel?”

“I feel great but I can still feel a weight on my chest, and more than ever now.”

“Good, now let’s get back to the game, as it has been a long time, do you remember what you said to me, on the first night the game started?”

“Yes of course I do, I said that you had full control over the game and me, you were to be the dominant one and I would be the passive. You said you would always be here for me, and you would never leave me. You know Shannon that I would never go back on my word because you are my lover and can do no wrong.”

“Well we are going to put it to the test right now so you had better come with me to the spare room.”

She then took hold of his hand and led him out of the room, and then along the landing. Shannon opened the door to the spare room and walked inside, it was dark and Shannon opened the curtains to let the light in. “Come here and stand in front of this portable mirror” he did so but the mirror was covered with a sheet. She was stood at the side of the mirror and said “Now you had better get your self ready for a shock.” Shannon whipped off the sheet and waited for a reaction.

Paul said, “My God, how am I going to hide these from the rest of the world? It’s like I have a big pair of, pair of….”

“Breasts” She finished the sentence for him, “They are rather good aren’t they? That’s why the operation took so long; the implants are a c-cup. It’s all part of the game Pauline, don’t worry the implants can be taken out at any time and you are still a man.” She walked behind him and put her arms through his so that she could cup his breasts in her hands and lift them slightly. She teased the nipples and to his astonishment they rose to the occasion. “Are you mad at me Pauline, for tricking you like that?”

He turned to face her and after a moment said, “I will stick to what I said, and the game. I love you Shannon and that is all that matters and I can only assume that this is just the start of something more frightening.”

Shannon smiled saying “That’s it lover, take it in your stride, and I love you too” and she kissed him on the lips. “You will always be my man she added, no mater what happens from now on.”

He looked at her very serious and asked, “I will never wake up and find my manhood has been taken from me? There is no way that I could live with that or forgive you.”

“Oh Paul, I promise that will never happen, I would never do that to you, please believe me. That will never happen in the game, you will only go under the knife once more but that will be to take the implants out. You are my man, and you could never satisfy me if you are a woman.” She could see there were tears in his eyes, “Lover, I will have it wrote down and witnessed if you like. “It’s just that I don’t want to die, and that is how strongly I feel about the thought.” Oh lover, I don’t want you to die either” she knew by the way he spoke that he meant what he said. She also knew that she would never let that happen, as she was very much in love with Paul. and fall as he breathed. Shannon was looking at him and she asked “What are you thinking of Paul?”

“I was thinking that having my own pair of breasts, makes my life a little easier.” “How do you work that out?”

“I can play with my own, instead of trying to play with yours.”

She laughed out loud and then said “No seriously, what are you thinking?”

“I was lying here looking at my breasts, and the nipples on the tip, and I suddenly got a hard on.”

Shannon put her hand over between his legs and felt his manhood, “Wow that is very hard.” She leaned over and took the nearest nipple in her mouth while her hand played with his manhood. “You are finding having them a turn on Paul, and the thought of you being turned on, turns me on.” Once again she took his nipple in her mouth, this time she sucked and clasped the nipple between her teeth. Paul rolled over and pushed her on to her back, and with a hand resting either side of her head, he pushed her legs apart with his body. He slowly lowered himself and entered her sex, and then with slow methodical movements, he started to take her to her peak. She lifted her head and sucked on one of Paul’s breasts, and kneading the other with her hand. She had matched his rhythm, and was now lifting her lower body to meet his thrusts. It was over as soon as it started, when they both reached their climax together, Paul fell off to one side and said “Sorry Shannon.”

“What for lover?”

“I just could not control myself, it was far too hard.”

“I know Paul, I felt it as you entered” and she smiled.

“No! You know what I mean Shannon.”

“I loved it Paul, it was spontaneous and unexpected, and it is that little bit of spice is what our marriage needs. Now that you are fully fit once again I have arranged for you to visit someone. This person can only help you, and you must do all they say however embarrassing it might be. I will go with you for the first couple of hours just to get you settled, and then you will be on your own for the next few days. I will be there to pick you up or meet you whatever it is? Don’t worry its all part of the game.” On hearing this Paul got a bad case of butterflies in his stomach, what was he going to be in for now?

“When is this going to take place Shannon?”

“Tomorrow lover, we have to sort you out so that you can go outside without being stared at.” She was looking at his body and noticed that he had very little body hair and she knew that he almost never shaved. His face was thin, young and quite boyish despite his age. He had very few if any muscles that showed, with no blemishes or spots, and to her astonishment his hips and torso had shape, and it was something she had never noticed before. Even more astonishing, was the fact that the breasts did not seem out of place on his body.

“No operations?”

“No lover, I told you no more operations” she saw the relief on his face and smiled. Shannon grabbed hold of his manhood, “Come on lover, get up and I will make you breakfast.” Within moments of saying that, she had jumped out of bed and after dressing disappeared out the door. Paul then pulled him self off the bed and dressed. Shorts, jeans and socks, then to top it off he put on a tight T-shirt. It was then that the breasts he had were more prominent; the T-shirt now exaggerated them.

Paul walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Shannon was frying breakfast. When he walked in she looked up and saw what he had seen earlier, but decided not to comment, “Sit down Paul and I will bring the food over.”

After he sat down he asked “What is this place that I’m going to Shannon?”

“It’s a place were they will teach you how to dress, and put make-up on” She waited for a reaction but there was none. She brought the breakfasts over to the table and sat opposite. “You don’t seem overly concerned, about what I have just told you Paul.”

“No, you and I are in no man’s land, and I have to go with the flow to see the results. I have to admit that our love making since the game started has improved, and I think that it has never been better. This game is getting very interesting, and it fills me with as much fear as it does excitement. Since starting this game all my nerves have been on fire, I also sense that we have only breached the perimeter, and there is worse to come.”

“Keep those thoughts lover you never know what might happen. Do you fancy coming for a ride today there will be no one around to see you, at least you can get some fresh air?”

“Don’t mind if I do, you can show me what has been happening around the farm.”

It was the following morning and Shannon was already down stairs, he could smell the fried bacon. Diving out of bed he quickly dressed, and went down stairs. As he walked into the kitchen, Shannon was at the cooker frying eggs. Paul walked over put his arms around her waist saying “I do love you Shannon” and he kissed her cheek.

“Thank you lover, and I love you too” and she turned and kissed him back, “Now sit down because your food is ready.”

Shannon carried the breakfast over and sat opposite him, as they were eating she talked about the place he was going to.” A woman called Madam Fiona runs this establishment, and she and her girls are going to teach you, all you need to know about make-up, and how to dress. She will also go about hiding your wedding tackle, without damaging it. You have to do all she says without question, the faster you learn, the faster you are back here with me. I don’t want you being shy, because there are only girls in this establishment, they all know of your breasts, and they all know of the game we are playing.”

“How do you get to know all these people, Shannon?”

She smiled answering “They are all friends of mine in the riding circle, and you will meet them all again from time to time.”

“It was two hours later, and they were driving the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon. She had turned into the drive of a large mansion, and there were paddocks and fields on both sides. “How do you feel lover?” Shannon asked

“I’m nervous, and full of fear and excitement, and of course the dread of not knowing what is going to happen.”

“Don’t worry it can only be good lover” they both stepped from the car, and when they walked to the door Shannon pressed the bell push.

A maid came to the door, and as soon as Shannon said who they were, the maid showed them to the lounge. It was there that Paul received his first shock, all the people in the room were women in their thirties or younger. What was even worse; was the fact that they were all looking at him, when they walked into the room. The oldest woman walked over to greet them, “Shannon how nice to see you; and this must be the reluctant Paul, that we have to turn into Pauline,” and she kissed them both on the cheek. “Let me introduce you to the others in the room, they are all here to help you with your predicament Paul.” Fiona pointed with her open hand, and they all nodded in turn. “Pat she covers speech and poise, Agatha she is cosmetics and make-up, Rona is into dress and design, and Tess is a hairdresser and beautician. Now we all know each other, I think we had all better get down to the reason we are all here,” and they all sat down once more. Everyone was sitting down except Paul; and he was still standing in the centre of the floor. “Now” Fiona said still looking at Paul, “I want you to take all your clothes off.”

Paul nearly choked, “What, hay, hay,” he then composed him self and asked “What for might I ask?”

“Look, it’s to help you dress and look like a girl, or I should say a young lady, all of us here have to know what we are working with. At some stage or another we will all see you naked, so you might as well get it over with. Now would you please take your clothes off for us?”

Paul thought well she is right there, and they all know about his breasts, he looked over at Shannon, and she smiled back and nodded yes. “It’s a bit cold bloodied” he said “But I bow to the inevitable.” There had been a chair provided and he sat down and removed his shoes and socks. His trousers came off next, and he stopped and wondered which way to go, and decided to unbutton the shirt, and let it fall to the chair. He heard gasps of air and a mumbling of voices and on top of all the voices he heard Fiona ask “What are those on your chest Paul?”

He thought then said “Well with respect Madam Fiona, if you don’t know, then I am in a lot more trouble than I imagined. I am dreading what you are going to ask when I take my boxers off, but I will add, I think they are a c-cup so I have been informed.”

They all laughed and Fiona said, “At least you still have a sense of humor Paul” at the same time she was speaking he dropped his shorts.

The whole room of women except for Shannon stood up and walked towards him, and he heard comments like thick hair and light colored, small waist, shapely legs, pubic hair will have to be removed along with those light ones on his legs and girly facial features. The one that really shook him was nice pair of breasts I wish mine were like that. Because of all the perfume he had up his nose he had a hard on, and he felt his face redden. He felt a sharp pain, and then felt it go limp and he heard Fiona say as the sat down once more, “Ok Paul there is a dressing gown behind you, put that on to cover your nakedness.”

He turned and picked it up, and looked at it for a few moments before putting the pink gown on, and tying it up with the belt.

“Is there something wrong with the gown Paul?” Fiona asked.

“Pink is not really my color, I always thought it clashed with my eyes.”

There were a few more laughs and Fiona said “I believe Shannon has told you what we are about to do. Are there any questions you would like to ask Paul?”

“There probably is, but at this very moment in time I am placing myself in your hands. The sooner we get started with this the better, and the sooner I am back with Shannon.”

“Good for you Paul, that is a positive attitude, and we will start as soon as you say good-by to Shannon.”

Shannon stood the same time as Paul, and she walked over and kissed him on the lips saying “See you in a few days time lover.” She kissed him once more, and after saying her good-bys to the others in the room, she walked out.

In a matter of seconds of Shannon leaving, he was stripped once more. His photo was taken, and he was measured, and samples of his hair were taken. He was told to put on the dressing gown, and Agatha took him away to a dressing room. He spent the rest of the day learning how to put on make-up. That was tiring and repetitious but by the end of the day he was getting it right. He asked many questions, and was told the whys and why not about make-up. It was late when they let him go to bed, and he fell asleep straight away.

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