Shannon 06

Two weeks had gone by and Paul was back at the establishment, and they waxed him all over. Fiona said “There is nothing worse than itching all the time, and this will save you a whole lot of grief. How are you feeling Paul, I mean how are you coping?”

“Well under the circumstances I feel great; I am like I am because of the game. I agreed to Shannon doing as she pleased, and she really went to town. I only have myself to blame, although being a girl does have its perks. I just make the best of it, but it will never get me down, I just go with the flow.”

“Good I like to hear that, as you have become very special to us all in the establishment. We also now have the latest in plastic knickers for you to wear; they have been molded to the buttocks, so that now there is a cleft in the knickers to follow your own. Did Shannon tell you that you would be staying for a few days? We have a dance instructor coming today, and she is going to teach you erotic dancing.”

“Don’t you mean exotic dancing?”

“No I don’t very often get it wrong, it is erotic dancing, because Shannon wants you to pole dance for her and Leo.”

Fiona saw his face change for a moment then go back to the norm. “Have I said something to upset you Paul?”

“No of course not, it is all part of the game.” Paul once more got the pangs of jealousy running through his body. ‘She is using Leo against him once more, and it is working, or is she having an affair? Please God don’t let that happen he thought. Then he said to him self, stop being silly Paul for heavens sake don’t get paranoid.’

A pole had been set up in a spare room, and the dancing instructor arrived. Paul was shocked, because the woman was at least sixty years old, “I know what you’re thinking young lady. So now listen in, you don’t have to be young to know about erotic dancing.”

The old woman had Paul dancing all morning, now and again she would add two of the movements together. Most of what she was showing Paul was basic dance, then she said; ‘I have an assistant coming after lunch, and she will show you more. He was glad when it was lunch, because he was feeling tired he thought his legs were going to give in.

He had a light meal considering what he had to do after lunch, and when the girl arrived, he was taught a lot more. She was showing him what he was supposed to do, and the best and sexiest way of doing it.

On the third day the old woman told Paul, that he knew as much about the dance as she and her assistant did. The girl who was an erotic pole dancer said, “All you have to do is put what you have been taught together. She did however after the old woman left, spend another hour doing just that for him. As she left she told him he had half an act, and that he should improvise the rest.

Paul was back on the farm and waiting inside the house, waiting for Shannon to return from exercising the horses. Although he had finished the night before, he had stayed the extra night, he was too tired to drive after all the dancing. She walked through the door and saw him sitting at the table drinking coffee, “Hello lover how long have you been back?”

“Not long Shannon, is there much happening on the farm?”

“No lover, except the pool is almost finished, I was informed this morning before I took the horses out. How did you get on at the establishment lover, did you learn to dance?”

“Yes and they gave me clothes to wear while doing the dance, they are in the bag next to the sink. Are we going dancing this weekend?”

“No lover I was thinking that we might go and see a show Friday night, it’s a club that the boy Leo runs. I thought we would go and check it out, Leo told me about it the night we went to the nightclub.”

There was a knock on the door and Shannon rose and opened it. “Sorry to disturb you Miss Shannon, but we just thought that we should tell you that the pool is now finished.”

“Thank you for your work, I will settle up on Monday if that is all right with you.” “Yes that’s fine Miss Shannon, and I hope you have a good day.”

Shannon said thank you once more, then after closing the door returned to the table were Paul was sitting. “That is all the workers gone for the weekend; they won’t be back until Monday.”

“But it’s only Thursday Shannon!

“The foreman’s daughter is getting married tomorrow and all the permanent staff are going. He invited us, but I didn’t want to impose on his daughter’s big day, but it was kind of him to ask all the same.”

he two days had gone by without a hitch and they were both getting ready to go out. It was a coincidence that they both wore the same, as they had when going to the nightclub. The only difference was that Paul was not wearing his knee length boots. He was now stood in a pair of three-inch stilettos, and while in the establishment, he had been given a manicure.

It was ten thirty before they entered the club and sat down. Leo walked over and sat down at their table, “You are just in time the first dancer is just about to go on Shannon. I have everything set for twelve-thirty, that will give you time to watch the first three dancers.” He was dressed in a black suit and dickey-bow-tie.

When the first dancer came on Paul watched her movements, and noticed that a lot of the dance was a repeat of the ones he had been taught. At the top of the pole about head height, he saw that there was a moving device that turned around on its own. It was four prongs eighteen inches long, and with balls on the end. Most of the girls used it to hold during their act, and they hung on with their hands and let it carry them around. The girls removed their bra at the end of their dance. Leo would introduce the act then return to the table. It was twelve-fifteen and Shannon looked at Paul saying, “You are on next, you had better go and get ready.”

“Hey! What, come again?”

“I said you are on next.”

“What in front of all these men and women? I haven’t got my clothes with me, so it’s out of the question.”

“Shannon put her hand down to the side of the table, and handed him the small bag of clothes and shoes.”

Paul’s heart started to beat a lot faster than usual, Shannon had thought of everything, he had his back against the wall, and he looked at Shannon saying, “Bitch” and all she did was laugh. Paul looked at Shannon once more and stood up, at the same time so did Leo, and showed him to a dressing room. He changed into the clothes, and sat waiting for the clock to tick by the minutes.

The door opened and a young girl said, “One minute and you’re on” so Paul stood up and walked out to stand by the side of the stage.

Leo walked out onto the stage and stood in front of the microphone, well ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of night were we invite new talent to try and entertain us. Whether they are good or bad we have no idea, but as always you will be the judges, the amount of money you throw in her box, determines her talent. So without further ado give a big hand for Pauline.

Bony M and Daddy Cool started to play, and Paul stepped out onto the stage. He was dressed in a black lace bra, black suspenders and stockings. His knickers were also black lace and three inch stilettos on his feet. As soon as he touched the pole and went into the routine that he had been taught there were screams, shouts and wolf whistles. Between the routine moves, and the special ones he had been taught he removed the bra. But it was nothing like the other dancers; he undid the strap behind then put his arm over the front of his breasts. Looking coy and over his shoulder he pushed one strap down his arm, and still holding the bra in place removed that arm. All the time he was doing this, his lower body was still moving to the rhythm of the music. He then repeated the movement with the other arm, and still looking coy he turned face on to the audience, and snatched the bra away. There was a great cheer and more wolf whistles and as he went back to the pole he knew it was near the end of the music. He took hold of the prong and tried his weight against it, and found that it held. He took a better grip and in a swift movement pulled down on the prong and threw his inside leg up over the one forward of his grip. The prong was now behind his bent knee, and all that was left was to let go. Sliding his hand down the pole to slow his fall, he was now hanging upside down with his arms out stretched. The audience went wild, and there were more shouts and wolf whistles, hands were clapping, even after the music stopped and he let himself down. Paul took his bow and waved to the audience, and stepped back off the stage picking his bra up as he went. In the dressing room he put the bra back on, and put his dress over the stage clothes. Ten minutes later picking up the bag, he walked back out to where Shannon was sitting.

“Do you want a permanent job Leo asked? Because the crowd loved you and your dance, and it was to the tune of six hundred pounds.”

One of the dancers that had danced earlier walked over saying “If you don’t take the job, will you come and choreograph my routine.” She gave Paul her card and added, “Whatever happens now and in the future don’t forget to ring that number.”

Shannon looked at her watch saying “We had better go Pauline, before you end up with more work than you can handle.”

Shannon drove them back to the farm, and there was hardly anything said on the way. Once back at the house and sitting down at the table Shannon spoke. “That was some routine you strutted tonight lover, and I am sorry to admit this to you, but I never thought you would be that good, and we left Leo in shock. You learned your routine well Paul; and I’m so damn proud of you, what are you going to do with the six hundred pounds lover?”

Paul put his hand in his purse and took out the money, he handed it to Shannon saying “You can have it to buy your self a present, something nice.”

“Shannon looked at him in shock asking are you sure lover?”

“Yes it is a present for making me feel good, do you know I actually enjoyed tonight. Also, do you realise that I am probably the only young man, to pole dance in front of an audience and turn them on. I won’t be sorry when this is all over; it has been one hell of a journey and an experience that I could never forget.”

“Would you do something for me lover?”

“You know I will do anything for you Shannon.”

“Go upstairs take your dress off and the rubber knickers, and stand waiting for me in only the clothes that you wore for the show.”

Paul did all that she asked and was standing in the middle of the bedroom when she walked in.

“Now lover, I am going to ask you to use your imagination, put reality to one side and clear your mind. You are now in the world of fantasy; but so many coincidences help to make you believe it’s true.”

“You have been to the establishment for a few days and have returned a day early. It is morning and the sun is high in the summer sky. As you pull up in the courtyard, one of the farm tractors starts up and drowns the noise of your arrival. There is a car in your parking space next to mine, a car you recognize but cannot remember whom it belongs too. The main door to the house is open as it is all through the summer months, just to let the cool air flow through. When you walk into the kitchen there is no one there, you think to your self it is early and I am out riding. Then you think that’s it the car belongs to one of my riding friends, and she will be out on the farm with me.”

“You put the kettle on, and make your self a coffee and await my return, as you have many times before. You sit down and start sipping the delicate taste of your favorite drink.” Shannon had now walked behind him, and started to unclip his bra, and Paul listening to the story did nothing to stop her. “You hear a noise up the stairs, but disregard it as the wind knocking something over.” Shannon slowly pulled the bra down his arms and let it fall to the floor. Then he could feel the lace knickers going in the same direction. “Then you hear the upstairs toilet flush and light footsteps walking to this room.”

Shannon was now gently guiding him to the bed, and sat him down. “Now you decide that you should investigate, and thinking that it’s me you also decide to surprise me, by staying silent.” Paul was now laying on the bed, with his head resting on the pillows looking at her. “You slowly creep up the stairs not making a sound; all that can be heard is your own footsteps. You make it to the top of the landing, and then you hear the voices, there is talking and coming from this bedroom, too your horror and shock one of them is a man’s voice.”

“Your heart misses a beat, and then quite the opposite it starts to race, you have difficulty breathing. You hear the sound of loud banging in your ear, and it is getting faster and harder. It is then you realise, that it is your own heart that is making this sound. You are now full of dread, as to what is taking place in your bedroom with your wife.”

Shannon walked away from the bed; and towards the dressing table and turned on the music, but only so that it could just be heard. “You are now creeping towards the bedroom, and it is there that you get your first piece of luck, being it good or bad. The bedroom door is slightly ajar, and you quietly look in at the scene unfolding before your eyes. You can see a pair of naked feet at the bottom of the bed, and a pile of man’s clothes near the door.”

Shannon walked over towards the wardrobe and added “I am standing where I am now and dressed as I am now, but all that is going to change unbeknown to you. I now start to unbutton my dress from top to bottom, slowly and seductively looking at the person on the bed.” As Shannon was describing what was taking place she was also demonstrating to Paul with the clothes she was now wearing. “I am stripping away my clothes, and preparing to show him all that up until now only you have seen. You are caught in my web of hypnotism, and mesmerised by my slow strip, and so too is the man lying on our marital bed. You see me smile one of my seductive smiles, and pout my lips towards the man on the bed, as my dress slips to the floor. I kick the dress out of the way, as the man on the bed wriggles with excitement and groans with lust.

You too are wriggling but with mixed feelings, the desire to see more and the knowledge that you should stop it, my spell that I cast is strong enough to hold you both, in the same web of suspense. I slide my flat hand into the front of my panties, pushing down and cupping my sex, now and then letting a finger stray into its folds. I am now gently kneading my own flesh, and playing with my own sex, and all the time looking at the man on the bed. He too is playing with his manhood, and you can see that it is huge but still you cannot see his face. I now remove my hand, and bring it up to my nose, and I am taking in the sweet aroma of sex to come. I move my hands down to my breasts, and slip it inside the bra, so that I can now feel and play with my own nipples. I am still pouting and blowing kisses to the man on the bed, and I hear the groans of desire coming from his lips.

I am turning him on just as I am turning you on, watching with your own lustful eyes. His excitement is almost at a peak, and he catches his breath to hold back the inevitable. I am torturing him with suspense, leaving him in pain, wanting and quietly begging for his release. However I am a cruel Mistress, and I turn my back on him, he can now see me push my hands down to the waistband of my panties. Moving my hands lowly, I take the waistband between fingers and thumbs, and slowly push the panties to my knees. I am now bent almost double, and he can see part of my sex from the rear. Thinking that his reward of patience is at an end the man starts to breathe heavily, so heavy that you can hear it out on the landing. But if you remember, I told you that I was a cruel Mistress, so that when I stand up straight and my hands follow, so to do the panties back in place.

I turn back to face him smiling, and inwardly laughing at his discomfort of being cheated. He is now groaning even more at his sexual pain, that he has unwittingly brought upon him self by playing with his manhood. My hands now go behind my back, to the bra and unclip the catch that hold it taught, the man sees the fabric slacken and my breasts move slightly. With my breasts still hidden from his view, and held captive by the cups the straps fall down my shoulder. It is then that I point my arms towards the floor, and the flimsy material heads in the same direction. I now take both my breasts in my hands and start to knead them, and tease the nipples, making them stand proud and point towards the man on the bed.

Now taking my hands away, I move them once more in the direction of my waist. They are touching the only piece of material, and that is all that is between me, and my desire to show this man my naked body. Then with both hands holding the waistband, I bend once more pushing the panties down at the same time, at the knees I let go, and they fall the remainder of the way on their own. I now slowly stand straight, and step out of them spreading my legs slightly at the same time. With one hand I gently play with my breast, causing the nipple to be aroused and with the other hand between my legs, I play with my sex. I then slowly walk towards the man on the bed, and he lifts his head and smiles with anticipation of what is to come.

You see his face for the first time, and see that it was your friend from work Tom Davey. I have had him on the boil for so long, and not only is he turned on, but warmed up and ready to explode. I now kneel on the bed and straddle his body, just like I am doing now. He can feel the heat and the lust that I have for him. I slowly lower my self on to his rod of flesh that is now as hard as a piece of steel. You are still at the door watching with your heart in your mouth, unsure of your feelings. Part of you wants to watch me ride my way to sexual ecstasy, and part of you wants to stop me. You are dressed as a woman and unrecognized as Paul my husband, to show your face would be to face a lifetime of ridicule. You can only watch with the feelings running through your body, the desire to watch me climax, and the feeling of being betrayed.

You greedily feast your eyes on the scene, as you are unable to stop your desire, to watch the man and my self, reach a mutual sexual climax. Shannon stopped talking and moved to the rhythm of Paul pushing his manhood into her body, her whole body was tingling with lust. When they both climaxed it was almost simultaneously, with his manhood still inside her, she lowered herself to lay on top of him. She kissed him hard on the mouth, and they both held each other tight reclaiming their breath.

They must have fallen asleep in that same position, Paul opened his eyes first and then gently pushed Shannon to his side trying not to wake her up. Then he stood up and took the rest of his clothes off, and slipped back on the bed drawing the cover over them at the same time.

He turned towards Shannon and she had her eyes open, “You were really tremendous lover. That has to be the greatest session yet, I have never felt so fulfilled.”

“I am only as good as my tormentor, Mistress and wife wishes me to be. Do you know I felt all those sensations that you spoke of, as you talked of them? I could not understand, because I was both out on the landing and laying on the bed at the same time. I imagined myself as the man on the bed and at the same time I could see my self staring at you through the door. You are as you say cruel, you are also wicked and I love you for it.”

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