Shannon 07

They were both still in bed but awake and talking, “I have to go and get a waxing Thursday.”

“It will be the last one then, as you only have three more weeks left lover, and you will be back to normal. I have made the arrangements for you to have the operation, to have the implants removed.” Shannon saw Paul’s face drop as if he had been told he was seriously ill, so she asked “Is something wrong?”

“I know you wouldn’t trick me Shannon, but it is only to remove the implants isn’t it?”

“Oh Paul please believe me, I would never trick you like that and ruin your life for all time. You are my lover and my husband, and above all you are the only man that I need or want.”

“Sorry Shannon for being so foolish, but you know my feelings, and I am so scared of not being a man again? I would be of no use to you, and I would never make love with another man. If I could not make love to you as a man, then I would not want to carry on living.”

As he spoke Shannon saw the tear roll down his face and into the pillow. She knew that he meant every word that he was saying; she also knew that he was getting cold feet about going under the knife once more. She changed the subject and asked “What are you doing today?”

“I don’t know yet, I might just stay in the house today, have a quiet day at home.”

“Why don’t you come out for a ride with me? It might cheer you up a little.” She knew that her speaking about the operation had unsettled his mind. We can have a pick-nick like we used to do, and it’s a lovely day outside.” Just as she said that there was a great clap of thunder and they heard the heavens open and the rain came down in torrents. Not to be out manoeuvred Shannon said “Ok then how about I make breakfast, and we eat it on the lounge floor on a blanket?”

Paul started laughing and answered “You’re flipping mad, and breakfast will be just fine, and I can live without the table but I can’t live without you,” and he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“Come on lover pull your self together, and follow me down stairs, you’re in the doldrums.” She stood up and pulled him out of the bed and they both walked down stairs still naked.

Once inside the kitchen, she sat him at the table and made him a coffee, while she put the frying pan on.”

“Err, um, aren’t you afraid you’re going to singe something Shannon?”

“It’s ok lover, it’s boys that get their sausages mixed up not girls, but I must tell you, it’s not just the bacon that sizzling this morning” and she winked at him with a coy smile.

“Do you know Shannon since leaving the job I haven’t felt as happy as I am now. For once I feel that we are getting it all together, and it’s not because of the game. We have been living two lives for too long, but we are closer now than we have ever been. I fancy going out tonight any ideas?”

“We could go for a meal, and then go on to Leo’s its not far, and we could get a taxi. And before you say anything, no I have not got a surprise planned for you.”

“Yea that sounds great, I’ll go along with that, and back to reality, if I don’t get enough bacon I will have to give you a sausage.”

“Could you wait while I throw a couple of pieces out of the pan kind sir?” Shannon was now happy, because Paul had put the earlier conversation into history, and was now a lot more of his happy self. Shannon knew that the chemistry between the two of them could never be broke, they were meant for each other.

It rained the rest of the day and it was still raining when they went out for a meal. At Leo’s things started to liven up the pole dancers were doing their thing and Leo came across and sat next to them. “Hello Pauline, are you here to give us a repeat performance?”

He laughed and said “No, I think once was enough, but I have to admit though it was very stimulating. It gives you a great feeling knowing that you can turn so many people on, and in such a short time.”

Just then a girl walked over to the table and asked “Do you mind if I sit here and talk for a while?”

Shannon answered saying “No go right ahead we could do with some extra company. This rain all day has put the mockers on everything we have tried to do.”

The girl looked at Paul and asked “Are you going to perform tonight Pauline?”

“No, I am thinking of retiring while the goings good, I don’t think it’s the way I want to go. The other night was just a one of, and I could not do another performance like that again. To be quite honest I can’t remember what I did on that one.”

“I tell you what I’ll do; I’ll have a bet with you, that if I win you can earn a lot of money without ever doing it ever again. If you lose you will have to do a complete strip in this club tonight.”

“What’s the bet, going to be?”

“I’ll bet you can match that performance you did last time, if not better it. I think you have a natural talent and very good ideas.”

Paul looked over towards Shannon and she answered his looks saying “It’s nothing to do with the game or me.”

Paul then looked at the girl saying “I have no clothes with me to perform in.”

“So you’ll take the bet?”

“I never said that, I shall think about it and let you know in the next half hour.”

other girls.”

“What have they got to do with it Paul asked?”

“That is for us girls to know and you to find out.”

“Do you know I will take the bet, not because of the bet, but for the sheer hell of it? The day has been crap and I don’t think it could get any worse, in my opinion it can only get better.”

Shannon looked shocked and said, “You do realise what the bet is Pauline?”

“Yes but I don’t care any more, one thing though how will the performance be judged?”

“The girl answered I think the punters will decide by what money they pay into the pot.”

“Yea but they could be a right load of tight tossers” he answered, and I could be in a no win situation right from the start. I will go on after the next girl, and that will give me time to think of my master plan to rule the pole.”

They all laughed and the girl stood up and walked off. Leo said “You are one hell of a sport Pauline, not many girls would have taken that bet, and yours was a tough act to follow.”

“Thanks I really need this vote of confidence that you are giving me. The girl came back to the table and handed Paul a bag, the shoes should fit you, because they are the same size as the ones you left here last week. We girls must stick together, can’t let you look like a trollop, and letting the side down can we?” Then she smiled once more and walked away.

The next girl was into her routine when Paul stood up, and walked away to the dressing room. He put the clothes on that the girl gave him, and it was the same as he wore the first night, except that it was now all red. It was just coincidence that it was the same colour as the thong that he was wearing, and he decided to leave it on. He put the other panties that were safer over the top.

was the same as the first night Daddy Cool. Paul strutted out and took hold of the pole, and started his basic routine then within seconds of dancing he threw his leg over the strut that was sticking out and hung down. He had just enough room for both legs, and as he was hanging he let go of the pole and unclipped his bra. He put his hand across the front of his breasts and held the bra in place while he held the clip together. Then he took his hand away from the clip, all the time being revolved around the pole, by the moving strut. He pulled his other hand away in an outstretched movement, and the bra fell away to the cheer of the crowd. It was coming towards the end of the music, and Paul had noticed that there were two bows on either side of the knickers. Putting a hand either side he pulled the strings and the knickers came undone. They were still held in place by his closed legs and the club had now gone silent and even Shannon, was mesmerised by the performance. Paul could hear the last few lines of the music, and grabbing hold of the pole swung down. As soon as his feet touched the floor he parted his legs, letting the knickers fall and opened his arms wide and took a bow. The crowd went wild, wolf whistles screams and shouts of encouragement. As Paul walked away to the dressing room, he heard Leo say lets have a big hand for Pauline. The club went wild once more and as the noise receded he then introduced the next act.

Paul walked out and sat down at the table, as he did so there was more clapping, and the girl walked over and sat down. “Well that was some performance, I am just wondering how we can compete with that. The average pot in this club is about four hundred pounds, but I think you have topped that once more.”

Leo walked over and placed a wad on the table and said “It’s a record; there is over eight hundred pounds there.”

Paul picked it up, and asked the girl to hold out her hand, and as she did he placed the money in it and closed her fingers. “Look it was a little bit of fun, and those girl’s in there need it more than I do, share it between them. By the way I take it I won the bet?”

“Yes you won the bet that was the performance of a lifetime. Now my share of the bet is, there are about ten girls that do this kind of dancing, and we want you to teach us and be our manager. In three weeks time our contracts run out with the agency, and we need someone that can take us further.”

“Look love it’s very flattering that you should ask, but in three weeks I might not be around for you to ask.”

“Are you going somewhere Pauline?”

“Yes I have to return to where I really belong, but I really have enjoyed tonight, more than you could ever dream of.”

“We will meet again I am sure of that.”

“If we do, then I do not think you will ever recognise me, but I wish you and all of the girl’s good luck.”

“The girl stood up and kissed him on the cheek saying you really are one hell of a person.”

“I think it is time that we went home” Shannon stated, “It’s getting late and the roads are bad.”

They both stood up and Leo kissed Shannon on the cheek, he then looked at Paul saying “What a waste of talent.”

On the way home Shannon said “You gave away almost nine hundred pounds lover!”

“It wasn’t mine Shannon, it belonged to the pole dancing girl’s, they are doing that for a living, and I felt as though I was stealing from them. You heard what the girl said; the average is four hundred pounds. Some of those girls could be earning, as little as two hundred pounds, or even less, let them all have a good night on me.”

“That girl was right you know lover; that was a performance of a lifetime, what ever made you do it. When you undid the bow ties I nearly flipped my self, you performed as though your life depended on it.”

“I had to do it, I would never get another chance, and it turned me on thinking if only they knew? Look Shannon I have loved every bit about being a girl for a year, it has turned out better than I expected, but I want to be a man once more, but I am frightened of the operation. Going back to sleep and wondering what I will end up like, I am sorry Shannon” she could see a tear falling down his face once more.

“Cheer up lover we will be home soon, and then you can show me how a man makes love to his woman. You will always be a man, and always be my man, don’t get paranoid.”

It was a few days later that Shannon was on the phone, “Yes that’s right he’s getting cold feet, and I am unsure how to bring the subject up. That’s right I want the operation to make him complete as soon as possible. Every time I bring up the subject he goes into a cold sweat, and walks away. Yes it has to be done for the game to continue, it cannot be left as it is. Leave it up to you, and you will think of something. Well I hope you do, but it had better be different from last time, because he won’t get caught like that again.”

It was four in the afternoon when Paul got back from the establishment, Shannon greeted him at the door saying “Hello lover” and kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re in a good mood, what’s the occasion?”

“I have something planned for tonight.”

“Am I going to like it?”

“I am not quite sure, I’ve thought about this long and hard and it’s something that has to be done. Have your meal that I have prepared, and we will check it out, if you don’t like it we won’t go ahead.”

It was over an hour later when Shannon and Paul walked up the stairs to the master bedroom. Once there Shannon said, “Now lover, I want you to strip all your clothes off. I want you completely naked, just as nature intended. Paul complied with her instructions, knowing that there was more to this than just normal sex. While he took his clothes off, Shannon walked over to the wardrobe and threw open the doors. It was the first time he had seen the doors open, and was amazed that it was empty. The black curtains that were drawn over the doors had always covered the mirrors. The wardrobe was the biggest he had ever seen, it went from ceiling to floor covering at least seven foot. Come over here lover, I want to try something out, and I think I have your size about right.

He did as instructed and stood at her side, step in and face me lover. Once he did as she asked, Shannon took hold of one of his hands and lifted it up, and pressed it against the back wall. Paul felt the metal, and then the click when his wrist was locked in the cuff. He thought to himself it is too late to complain, as he could not move anyway. Shannon then took hold of his other hand and did the same to the other side of his body. He was now stood with his arms spread as if crucified, and then she put a ball gag in his mouth, and buckled it up. Shannon found the two small straps on each side of his head and buckled them together, and he was now unable to move his head from side to side. Shannon then went out of sight as she went to her knees he felt his legs being spread as she fastened them into cuffs. She was once more standing in front of him smiling wickedly at him. Then Paul felt a large strap or belt being put around his waist, and it was stopping from moving, he felt completely bound.

Shannon took hold of his manhood that was hard as a rod and said “Lover that Viagra that I put in your food is just great.” She started to play with him and kissing him on the cheek, he tried to push his body towards her hand but could not move. “Oh lover, do you want me to play with this for a while? Are you getting excited at the thought of sex with me lover. Let me think should I kiss it, and then take it in my mouth and suck it dry, that’s something I have never done before isn’t it. I have never given you head, or let you use my anus. I believe that men do that to whores, fuck their asses, and let whores suck the spunk right out of them.” All the time she was talking Shannon was playing with Paul’s manhood, and could now see that he was on the brink of coming.

She let go and laughed saying “I am not going to suck your cock, but I will suck cock all the same, you never know I might like it. Silly me, you will know whether I like it or not, because you will be listening. I have also got a virgin bum, and I would like that to change at the same time, I wanted you to fuck my ass, but I was too embarrassed to ask you. I suppose you are wondering why I am saying all this; well it’s for a very good reason. You see since you have been like you are, and I know it’s my doing, but you have been neglecting me somewhat. I know we have had sex from time to time, and it has been really great but there is that spark missing. I am not quite sure whether it is you or I? So before I tell you that you’re useless, I am going to try someone else.” Shannon saw him trying to wriggle free and said, “Now don’t do that, you will only hurt your self, it is time to start acting like a big boy. Now I don’t think for one minute, that the person that I have in mind will be anywhere near your standards. So afterwards, I will let you have sex with me, and if you are nowhere as good as he was you will be out on your ass. I know it’s a hard way to do things, but you know we have been trying to have a baby for five years without success, well this is your last chance.” Shannon saw the tear in his eye, and said, “It’s no good trying the water works on me, this time I have to be cruel to be kind. Look it’s not as bad as it seems, you can hear all of what goes on and see most.

There is a microphone in the room that picks up every little sound, and transfers them to the earphones that I will put on your ears. The mirrors in the doors of this wardrobe are two way, you can see me but I cannot see you. This compartment once closed is sound proof, and you cannot be heard, but the gag is just my wicked sense of humor. I have to go into the spare bedroom now, and get my self ready for the man of my choice.” Shannon added “Now don’t forget to take notes it will come in handy later” she then kissed him on the cheek and stepped back. The last thing she did was close the wardrobe doors, he saw her on the other side smiling and blowing a kiss.

Paul tried to wriggle free, but it was to no avail his shackles were as tight as a drum. He watched as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her. His heart was racing and he was about to pass out, but his mind kept him sane. ‘Who was the man of her choice? It had to be one of the greens, as they were the ones that were always stripping her when they looked at her.’

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