Shannon 08

He wasn’t quite sure how long it was but he heard footsteps on the stairs and the bedroom door opened. Shannon was the first through the door and then Andy Green followed behind her. She pointed at the ceiling, “That’s what I am talking about, that mark up there I want it to disappear, and I think it is some kind of watermark. That means you will have to come here next week and strip the roof, and retile it with under felt. Come on down stairs and we will talk about it among other things over a drink.” Shannon smiled into the mirror and pouted, then followed Andy Green out of the door. Once again she was leaving him alone with his thoughts.

The thought of Shannon making love with one of the Greens, was more upsetting than her having sex with a total stranger. He started thinking, ‘for a start that Andy would go back and tell the rest of the family that he had shagged Miss Shannon. From then on they would all look at him, thinking that he was no good in bed. He would have to leave Shannon, and once more be in exile in the city, only coming home at the weekends, and going before they arrived for work. That of course was only if he came up to Shannon’s standard, if he didn’t then he would have to leave. Why was she testing him like this, and why with the very people that he hated? Paul’s moral was at rock bottom, and his head dropped thinking about the inevitable. He then thought ‘that maybe it was because of the love for this Andy Green she had him operated on. My God then there is no chance of a clean operation and she will have him done all the way. She can then have this Andy Green all the time without worrying about him. Fuck what a mess as I haven’t got a hope in hell because it’s been a bloody set up from the start. She has been having an affair with the Green boy, while I have been in London working.’

It was over an hour before the door opened once more, and Shannon walked into the room. She was wearing a short black skirt; that was just above the knees, with black tights, and knee length black patent leather boots. She also had on a white blouse; that was in no way intended to hide the black bra she wore, or the shape of her body. Paul knew this was her sexiest way of dressing, and it was always a turn on for him and she knew it. She was going all out to thrill this green boy, she was hot for sex, and Paul’s heart sank to an all time low. It was only a guess that the door was closed, because it was out of his vision. Paul found that he could not move his head from side to side because of the hard sponge that his head was resting inside. He was left with a sort of channel vision that covered the center third of the room. He heard a sound at the door end, and Shannon looked up sharp and said “Now do as I say and stand by the door. You must do as I say, or you will not reap the benefits of my body. Before I go ahead with this infidelity, I want you to take off your shirt and let me see your chest.” On hearing this he knew that she was going ahead with the show; that she had carved out for his benefit.

“How’s this” a voice asked?

“Let me come over and feel that huge hairy chest of yours, but remember no touching until I say so.” She looked towards the mirror and pouted, then walked over and out of sight. “Oh wow what a beautiful body I must see more, let me get on my knees and check you out lover.”

On hearing this Paul stated to shed a tear, as never before had she ever called anyone lover except him. ‘This is the end’ he thought ‘now I really do have to fight for her love, or remain like a girl for the rest of my life.’

“As you are down there Miss Shannon, why don’t you undo my belt and check out the rest of me?”

Paul could hear rustling and then a shirt was thrown past the mirror and then a belt went in the same direction. ‘Oh no Paul thought she is on her knees stripping him of his clothes. He heard a zip being pulled and an exclamation, “My God that looks big! Kick your shoes off, and then take your legs out of the jeans. I want to see what is inside those jockey shorts, it looks enormous.” A moment later he saw her hand throw the jeans in the same direction as the other clothes. There was more rustling and he heard her scream with delight, “I don’t think I have had one this big before?” Then some black shorts passed the mirror and dropped out of sight.

“Why don’t you hold it, and feel it get harder?”

Paul imagined that Shannon had taken hold of his manhood, as she was now purring with delight. “I’ll bet you would like me to put this in my mouth like a fat lolly, and suck the spunk right out of you, am I correct?”

“Now that would be nice Miss Shannon, I could push it all the way down your throat, and make you swallow all my spunk when I cum in your mouth, just before I make you sore between your legs.”

“You really know how to talk to a lady, but you will have to wait while I show you what you are going to put that thing into.” She must have stood up because she now walked back into Paul’s view, looking at the mirror as she passed with a wicked smile, and once more she pouted.

“Now you must stay by the door, while I get ready to accept that huge thing that you have between your legs.”

“I’ll bet your Paul has not got one as big as mine, and that’s why I have to come here to satisfy you.”

There was no answer from Shannon, she just said “Turn the music on” and a few seconds later Paul heard music. Shannon started to move her body and start to unbutton the blouse from top to bottom. Paul just looked, he wanted to close his eyes but his brain would not let him, the sight of her stripping for this man was hypnotizing him. The front of the blouse was now open and she let it stay that way while she seductively put her hands in front of her, and then one by one Shannon undid the buttons on the cuffs. She then turned her back on them both and slowly let the blouse fall off of her shoulders, then looking over her shoulder at them both, she gave a little pout, and let it drop to the floor. Then turning to face them both, she started to gyrate to the music once more.

Shannon’s hands went to her back and the way she was moving her arms, Paul knew that she was unzipping the skirt. It was then that Paul noticed that Shannon was moving her eyes, from the door to him in the wardrobe. When she looked towards the door her eyes were always facing him. She was stripping for Andy Green’s pleasure, while taunting and hurting him with her eyes burning into his very soul. He had never seen this side of Shannon before, wickedly cruel, flaunting her beautiful body in front of this stranger, or was he a stranger?

Was this the first time, or had this happened many times before, once again Paul felt self inflicted pain by his own wicked thoughts. Paul watched as Shannon took her hands away and let the skirt fall to the floor. His heart missed a beat; it was not tights, but stocking and suspenders with black lace panties. Shannon then put one foot on the bed and unzipped the boot, it was slow and all the time she was looking at herself in the mirror. That was it Paul thought she was not looking at him, but herself in the mirror, what the fuck does it matter he asked. She then put that leg down and kicked off the boot then put the other foot on the bed. Shannon repeated the ritual, and then once more started twisting her body to the music.

Her hands went behind her back, and Paul knew instinctively that Shannon was unclipping the bra. He saw it go slack and once more the wicked smile, then both hands were pushed forward tugging the bra with it. Her breasts dropped a little as she let go of the bra, and then she cupped her breasts in her hand pointing the nipples at the mirror and pouting once more. The music stopped and Shannon looked towards the door and asked “Are you ready for the rest lover?”

The male voice answered “Go for it, I have nearly come twice watching you.”

More music played and Shannon was bending forward and back with her hips still gyrating to the music. Then what Paul was hoping all the time not to happen came about, Shannon’s hands went to the waistband of her panties. Paul watched in agony, as Shannon slowly peeled the panties down to her knees and let go. A little wriggle and they disappeared onto the floor, and then she stood up straight, and opened her legs with a hand covering her sex. She said, “I have done something just for you that Paul always wanted me to do” and she took her hand away from her sex adding “I have shaved my pussy.” Paul almost had a heart attack. It was true he had asked her many times for her to do it, but the answer was always no. Paul felt humiliated, hurt but most of all betrayed, why was she treating him so cruel.

Shannon then looked towards the door and said “Wait! Stay where you are, I have one more thing to do before we make love.” Shannon then walked over to the wardrobe with outstretched arms and drew the curtains; Paul was now in the dark. He did still hear her say “Now come on lover show me how good you are.” It was almost at that same moment the earphones went dead, and he could not hear anything.

He thought to himself ‘at least I don’t have to listen to them making love; I have been spared that humiliation. For how long he was in the silence he could not tell as he must have cried himself to sleep.’ He had no idea of the time but when Shannon opened the door it was dark outside.

She took the shackles off of his legs then off of his hands. She then undid the belt around his waist, and after unbuckling the strap around his forehead, took the ball gag out of his mouth. She looked at him as he got used to the light in the bedroom, he noticed that she was still dressed the same, as she was when she drew the curtains. He was going to say something, but thought better of it there will be time for recriminations later. He knew at this very moment in time he was going to have to fight for his very existence, and love her as he had never loved her before. She smiled and said, “Sorry lover we fell asleep, now it’s your turn to show me what you can do, and for you to make me feel fulfilled.” Shannon then took him by the hand and led him to the bed.

Paul was looking at the way she was dressed, and could not help getting aroused, even though the Viagra was still doing its work. She lay on the bed and he got on with her, and almost immediately leant over kissing her breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck, and at the same time kicking it about with his tongue. His hand had reached across, and was now playfully pinching the other nipple, now and again his whole hand would be kneading her breast, as well as gently squeezing. Then with all the fingers and thumb, would pull the breast and let the fingers run off, letting the breast fall back to its original position.

The hand then fell to her belly, and he was squeezing and pinching the flesh, trapping the skin pulling it and letting go. Now and again his hand would wonder down to the forbidden triangle, lightly touching and dart back to her belly, as if being stung. He noticed that every time he did this, her body rose to push against his hand, but he lifted the hand to compensate. Shannon had her eyes closed, and was savouring his delicate touch in her most sensitive places. His mouth left her breast, and moved down her body kissing her flesh all the way down. He stopped at her belly, and she automatically held his head close to her body, he resisted her pressing, and moved down further.

Shannon’s breathing was becoming louder, and her hands were now playing with her own breasts, as Paul touched the forbidden triangle of pubic area with his lips, she held her breath. Her legs were slowly opening, as he kissed the whole of the triangular area, coming so very close to her most intimate area. Paul slipped off the bed and around the end, so that now his head was between her legs where he started to kiss the inside of her thighs. She was responding by trying to open her legs even further, he kissed all the way over to the other thigh, just missing her sex. He then came back to the center, and his tongue touched her sex, he heard her moan while wriggling her lower body.

Instead of his tongue darting in and out, he ran his tongue over her sex causing Shannon to push against his face; he once more pulled away not letting her take control. He left her sex and went back to her pubic area with his mouth, to gently pinch the flesh between his kisses and letting it go. He looked up and could see the ecstasy in her face with her eyes still closed. He went down once more to her sex this time his tongue darted in and out very fast, and her torso gyrated in time. She was pushing against his face trying to get more of the tongue, but he was far too clever and always kept the same distance, leaving her always wanting.

While he was in this position, she slowly put her legs over his back, hoping that they would stop his teasing, but it was all to no avail. Shannon found that as she lifted her body begging for more, Paul’s head rose leaving her always on the edge. She tried another approach, and put her hands down to the back of his head, but he was waiting for this, and he pushed her hands aside, with his own hands snaking them up to cup her breasts. With a breast in each hand he fondled and kneaded, and now and again tweaking the nipple making Shannon once again catch her breath. He now left her sex with his mouth and moved up her body kissing the flesh on the way up. His hands now moved to either side of her head and he felt his manhood touch her sex. She opened her eyes and looked at him smiling, and as he penetrated her body her mouth opened as if in shock.

Shannon had an orgasm almost immediately, Paul knew, but it was not over yet. He slowly and methodically pushed in and pulled out to his manhood’s full extent, Shannon was trying to speed him up, but his tempo was too good to change. Paul knew that Shannon was on the verge again, but he wanted to make her wait, and as she opened her eyes once more to look at him it was his turn to smile. Shannon was now biting her lip while arching her back trying to get more of this delicious rod of flesh. Paul although he didn’t want to, was pulling away from her leaving her in agonising ecstasy. Finally after holding back himself so many times he relented, and shot his fluid deep into her body, moments later Shannon arched her back once more while climaxing. Her body went limp and so too did Paul’s, but he fell to her side physically tired. He lay looking at the ceiling wondering if he had been better than Andy Green, and once again he felt a tear come to his eye.

He hadn’t noticed that Shannon was looking at him, “What’s up lover, why so sad?”

He couldn’t answer right away then he blurted out “How was I compared with that Andy Green?”

“I wouldn’t know lover, I have never had sex with him, but you were fantastic.”

“I don’t understand Shannon I thought….?”

Shannon put her hand over to the radio and turned it on. A voice said; “How’s this” then a few moments later the same voice said, “As you are down there Miss Shannon why don’t you undo my belt and check out the rest of me.

Shannon turned the radio off and asked “Do you think I would ever make love to anyone else lover?”

Paul put his head on her chest and cried, Shannon put her arm around him, and with her other arm, she pulled the covers from the floor and pulled it over them. “Don’t cry lover let’s just have some sleep, you will always be my only man.”

“Paul woke up to find Shannon had gone down stairs, it wasn’t late because it was still dark. He threw a nightgown on and noticed to his relief the Viagra had wore off. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen; Shannon was already sitting at the table with a cup of water. “What’s up Shannon, and what’s the time?”

“Its five thirty, and I feel terrible, my stomach is churning, and it must have been something I ate.”

“Well make an appointment for the doctors, and see him this morning, it’s not like you to be ill. As I’m up I think I will fry some eggs and bacon do you want some?”

Shannon put her hand over her mouth and stood up then she ran to the bathroom, Paul could hear her being sick. “I’ll take that as a no he shouted, I didn’t think my cooking was that bad?”

Shannon walked out of the bathroom saying “It’s not, but I don’t know what is wrong with me?”

“It was nearly three hours later when the phone rang and Paul answered. “Oh hello Fiona how can I help.”

“Is Shannon there I would like to speak with her about a little problem I have?”

“No she’s at the doctors she’s not too well, can I help at all?”

“It’s kind of you to ask Paul, but its women’s talk.”

“As soon as she gets home, I will tell her to give you a call.”

“Thank you Paul” and then the line went dead.

By the time Shannon had got back, Paul had gone out with the horses for a ride. She read the note that he had left her on the table and gave Fiona a call. “Hello Fiona I got your message, what’s the problem?”

“I have a solution to your little problem, you had better come over a see me, and I don’t want to talk about it on the phone.”

“I’ll be right over, and there is not too much time left too complete Paul’s year. Only a few more days and the twelve months will be over.” She looked at her watch and said, “As soon as Paul comes back from the morning ride I will come over.”

“You’re not bringing Paul are you?”

“Of course not silly, I have to give him a list so that he can go and do the shopping, see you then” and she put the phone down.

“Paul walked through the door an hour later, oh your back what did the doctor say?”

“He took blood samples and did some tests and asked a lot of questions, and said he will phone me with the results tomorrow.”

“Do you know what it is in five days time Shannon?”

She looked as though she was thinking, and then answered “Wednesday, why are you asking?”

“Oh no reason really, I have forgotten why I asked as I asked.”

“I am cooking you a nice meal tonight, once I have come home from seeing Fiona. She has something to say to me, but won’t tell me over the phone. There is a shopping list on the table, would you be a love and go to the super market for me?”

“I will do anything, for you Shannon.”

“Well I’ll be off, see you in a couple of hours”

She was back a long time before Paul, and was sitting at the table reading country life when he walked in. She looked up as he put the shopping away, saying “Sit down lover I’ll make you a nice cup of tea.”

Once she had poured the out tea she brought two cups back to the table. They sat there for a while talking, and then out of the blue Paul said, “I must have over done it today I feel tired, I’m going to have a lie down” He went to get up but he just rested his head on his arms and fell asleep.

Shannon went quickly to the phone and dialed a number, “It’s me Shannon you had better hurry he has just fell asleep. Ok I will open the gates.” It was a few moments later the ambulance pulled up at the door. The two paramedics jumped out and pulled a stretcher out of the back and came through the door that Shannon was holding open. Ten minutes later Paul was in the ambulance and being carried towards the clinic.

Shannon walked inside and dialed another number, “He’s on his way” she said into the phone. “You know what has to be done, and I only hope there is enough time. You’re going to keep him sedated for a few days you say. Good because he is not going to be mad at me, he will be bloody fuming. What about the rest of the operation can that be done in time? Good I will come over there in three days, and will be by his side to comfort him when he comes around.”

The three days went fast and Shannon arrived at the clinic, the doctor was there to meet her. “It was a success he will be a little sore for a few days, but he’s fine. The other operation was a success also, whether he’ll like it or not is a matter for him to decide. They were there for about five hours, working on it and getting it right.”

“Can I see him?”

“Yes he should be coming out of sleep shortly.”

Shannon walked into the unit were Paul was being monitored and sat down beside him. She was there at least half an hour before she felt his hand move then saw his eyes open. “Hello lover how do you feel?”

“Like shit, where am I?”

“You’re in the clinic once more, and you have been operated on, and you were out cold for three days. I had to trick you because you would never come here to have the operation on your own. You will be fine now that it’s all over and done with, there’s no going back.”

“My God Shannon what have you done?”

“What I always intended to do when we started the game, and you had the first operation.”

Tears started to fall from Paul’s eyes; he then found that his hands were strapped to the side of the bed. “My hands are tied to the bed Shannon why?”

“It was so that you didn’t try to scratch the itch while you were sleeping. Why are you so sad lover, you are complete once more I thought that was what you wanted?”

“It was Shannon I want to be a man once more.”

“Well what are you so sad about, the implants have been taken out and your chest is flat once more.”

“But what was the other operation you were talking about; I could hear you in my sleep?”

She looked in the closet next to the bed and took out a mirror and showed him his new hairdo. “Apparently it took them all five hours to get it right, you look better now, than you did before the implants were put in your chest.” He was now blond and had a man’s haircut, “You look different but you are still my man.” It was then she realized what he had been thinking about and smiled. She put her hand under the sheets and took hold of his manhood, “See it’s still there ready to do its duty. Paul I told you that I would never do that, you could never be my man without one of those” and she laughed. “Now pull yourself together, you are coming home with me tonight, but first you have to eat something.

“I’ll take it as fact that I will still be awake after the meal?”

“Yes, you will still be awake, but you will be a bit wobbly on your feet, but in a couple of hours you will be fine.”

It was mid day when they arrived at the farm, there was now scaffolding around it, and the roof was half stripped and new felt and batons were in place. The Greens were on the scaffolding looking down when they arrived, he heard one of them say oh God old miseries back. He pretended that he never heard, and shouted up, “Good day mister Green, it must be hot up there in the sun. As soon as I have sorted myself out, I will bring out some cold beers for you all.”

When he said this, Andy Green who was walking towards his dad, and looking down, tripped over some tiles and went down on his knees. “Be careful up there we don’t want any accidents, we are a long way from the hospital.”

Mister Green answered “We’ll do that, and thank you for the offer of cold drinks.”

“Think nothing of it and Paul walked inside.”

“Your very friendly to the Greens Paul, I thought you didn’t like them?”

“I feel reborn, isn’t it great to be alive, and that has made my year you know?”


“Seeing Andy Green trip over them tiles” and he started laughing. “He deserved that for putting me through hell in the wardrobe.”

Shannon on hearing that started to laugh with him.

It was seven and Shannon told Paul to put some clean clothes on, as she had a surprise for him. An even bigger surprise was, the fact that she had ordered a Taxi to take them to wherever it was they were going. It was an hour’s drive and it was a large Hotel they arrived at. Shannon had her arm through his as they walked through the door, and were immediately ushered over to another door.

Paul pushed the handle down and opened the door and walked in to total darkness. The lights came on and the crowd of people that were already in there shouted at the top of their voices “Happy birthday Paul.” He looked around the room and there were all the people from the establishment. All the nurses and the doctor from the clinic were there. But the biggest surprise and the greatest shock was the fact that Leo was there with all the girls that pole danced. Someone shouted speech.

Paul said, “Well I don’t know what to say, he realised they must have all been in on the game from the start, do I know you and where do you know me from?” They all started laughing and Paul said, “Ok once again I have been had, but I thank you all for coming and I am very glad to see you all again.”

Leo walked across and shook his hand saying “The club has been closed for the night.”

It was when the pole dancer came across that he got the biggest shock. “Hello again I am here to collect my bet from you.”

“But as you see I am not a girl, and neither am I a pole dancer.”

“I knew that when I made the bet, and I just knew you would take it on, I could see the challenge in your eyes. A lot of good dancers are boys and men, and we all still need you. When you gave that money to the girls to share out they all knew you were right for the job, so when are you going to start?”

Paul laughed and told her to ring him Monday.

As they sat down at a table with their drinks, Paul said, “It’s my turn now and smiled.”

“I have some bad news and some good news what do you want to hear first?”

“I hate it when this happens; I’ll have the bad news first.”

“I cannot do anything too stressful for at least another few months, so your turn will have to wait. It is all down to me being sick the other morning.”

“Then you had better tell me the good news?”

“I’m four months pregnant!”

“Are you ok, should you be drinking alcohol?”

Shannon laughed “Calm down this one won’t hurt.”

“It’s probably a good thing anyway, I wrote a list of all the things I would make you do. But I was so envious and jealous, of the guys that would be receiving the benefit of being with you, I crossed them off one by one and there are none left.”

Shannon laughed and lifted her Glass “Drink up lover it’s your birthday.”


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