And They Met 01

{Part 1}

They finalized the plans via instant messenger that morning. She told him to use the side entrance as that one went directly into the pub. She also told him to sit across from the bar, to choose a booth along the wall. This seating arrangement would give her (and him) a full view when she entered to meet him there. He was also to bring his collar, bring it, not wear it? It was to be laying on the table when she arrived? They’d both waited far to long for this meeting to take place and both were excited for it to finally be happening. But she had plans, she would see to it that this was a first meeting he’d not soon forget. After all, first impressions are the most important are they not?

He’d found the pub without any problem. Parked the car, and went to the side entrance as he was instructed. A bit on the nervous side, but over all calm and comfortable. The traffic was a lot lighter than he was used to. And her directions were precise. So the trip wasn’t so bad at all. Didn’t seem near as long as he thought it would. As he went through the entrance he took notice of the smells. Whatever they were cooking did smell good and he was hungry. It was a long drive and in his rush he hadn’t taken the time to eat all day, it was past lunch time. He rather thought he should wait for her. But he was about a hour early. So as he saw where she’d told him to sit he decided he’d go ahead and get a bite to eat while he waited. He may not get fed anyway. They had far to many other things to do besides eat.

There were a few men sitting at the bar, one obviously appeared to live at the bar. Definitely has to be a regular he thought to himself. The waitress was just serving him another beer, they seemed to be on very friendly terms and she grabbed a menu and walked around to where the man had sat down. She ask him if he needed a few minutes to read the menu and would he like a drink in the meantime? He ordered black coffee, much to early for anything of a fermented nature and he wanted a clear head for what he’d hoped was about to take place.

The place was quiet, nice. The few men at the bar seemed to be enjoying themselves considering the early hour of the day. He read over the menu and made his choice. The waitress returned with his coffee, took his order and as he thanked her his mind started to wander. He wondered how many times his Mistress sat at that bar, or ate in this place. He knew she had, she told him as much. He also wondered how it was possible for a band to set up here, let alone people dance. It didn’t hardly seem big enough. He’d tried to imagine his Mistress dancing here, enjoying the music, laughing and having fun with her friends. Seeing pictures of someone, and trying to imagine them in reality was sometimes a hard thing to do when one hasn’t actually met them yet.

The waitress soon returned with a baked ham and cheese hoagie. He had ordered what his Mistress said was her favorite on the menu. She sat the hoagie down in front of him and Mistress was right…the thing was huge, no way he was gonna finish it. Maybe if he was lucky Mistress would share it with him and he could lustily watch her wrap her lips around it as he hope she’d do to him later in the day. He began to eat, it was really good. But as he neared the half way point his hunger was satisfied. Except for the carnal hunger which only grew in anticipation. He pushed the plate aside and ordered more coffee. He removed the collar from his pocket and laid it on the table as she asked him to do. He still wasn’t quite sure what to make of that request. It was almost time. She’d be there soon. He was starting to feel nervous, then guilty for eating without her. Hopefully she’d understand and not be offended by that though.

He looked at his watch, it was two. She had said two sharp. He heard the door open and watched to see who came in. And there she was, although he’d never seen any pictures of her in that long black coat, didn’t even know she owned one. But yes that was her alright, and she was wearing those boots that make him crazy. She didn’t even look in his direction, but she did flash the men at the bar a quick smile. She looked down the bar and her eyes went the whole way around the establishment. She appeared to be taking a ‘people inventory’. Her eyes briefly passed over him and she sent him a most wicked smile for just a split second until she looked passed him and to the other booths to see who else was seated and where.

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