The Two slaves

It was a warm, sunny day – too warm for the Mistress or her slaves to be indoors. Much better to be outside, naked, having fun, she mused.

But first she didn’t want her slaves running off out of control. She started with the male, tying his hands behind him, and then tying cock and balls tightly with a length of rope, winding it round and round his shaft and the neck of his sac, forcing his cock into a swollen, reddish-purple shaft. Then she placed a clamp on each nipple and tied it with a short cord to his cock, making him bend uncomfortably if he wished to stop the uncomfortable straining on his cock. She told him to kneel, and then tied his toes to his balls with another short length of cord. It was impossible for him to stand.

She did the same for the slavegirl, tying her hand behind her and placing a pair of clamps on each of her labia and linking them with cords to her nipple clamps and toes. If she tried to stand, the cords pulled painfully on her cunt.

Taking a whip in her hand, the Mistress goaded and coaxed them out of the door and across the open yard. Slowly, the two slaves made their way painfully towards the open door of a stable on the far side and crawled in, exhausted.

“Now, slaves, a little task for you,” said the Mistress. When I come back I want you both untied and unclamped. It won’t be easy, but you will just have to use your hands as best you can. I want the ropes coiled neatly in this corner and the clamps laid on top of them. Then I want you, slavegirl, to lie on your back with your legs open. You, slave, are to kneel above her and put your cock in her mouth and your tongue in her cunt. You are not, under any circumstances, to make each other cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” they whispered.

“Good. I want to find you like that, sucking and licking each other. If either of you cums you will both be very severely tortured. Is that clear?”

Again the two slaves meekly signalled their agreement. The Mistress left them, locking them in the dark, cool stable.

The slaves began their difficult task, shuffling on their knees so that they could reach each other, fumbling in the darkness. Eventually they realised that the slavegirl could be freed more easily, and he managed to reach up and take one of her nipple clamps in his hand. As he opened it she cried out as the circulation returned painfully suddenly, and they knew it had to be repeated on the other nipple, and then on her cunt which drew more cries of pain. However, she could now kneel more easily, and was able to release his clamps, which was no less painful. He then managed to untie her wrists, and she untied her toes and then his wrists. He eventually untangled the tight knot of cords around his cock, and finally they were both free of all the ropes. As ordered, they wound them into neat coils and laid them in one corner, with the eight evil clamps in a row on top.

Without further ado, the slavegirl lay on her back on the floor of the stable and opened her legs, her beautiful shapely body just visible in the dim light. He knelt above her and lowered himself towards her face, and gasped as she took his cock in her willing mouth. She raised her hips and he sought out her cunt with his tongue. She was open and eager, and he buried his tongue inside her, rubbing his face in her hot, wet juices. They were both sweating from their earlier exertions, and now they lay panting in desperation, delighting in the taste and feel of each other’s sex. To his amazement, she squeezed his tongue with her wanton cunt, at the same time sucking him more and more strongly. He could tell she wanted to cum, badly, and so did he – but could he, should he, deny her? And if she was ready to risk herself, why not him?

She removed his cock from her mouth. “Come on, baby,” she whispered, “fill me. Fuck me with your tongue. Fill my mouth with spunk. I’ll swallow it all, promise. No-one will ever know.”

He moaned with desire, and bucked on top of her. He wanted to cum now, really badly, and she was writhing in ecstasy. Desperately he fucked her, thrusting deep in her throat with his cock and her cunt with his tongue, and she cried out in desire. His moans grew louder, mingling with hers, louder and louder as he built towards a shattering orgasm……….

And then the door opened and the Mistress returned.

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