and they met 10

He woke first, not sure where he was for a moment. He had another wonderful dream of his Mistress and felt his cock growing hard again. But then in his disoriented state his cock actually felt really heavy. His eyes fluttered open, adjusting in the darkened room and he heard someone else breathing, and close. As he got his wits about him he jumped as he realized there was a hand on his cock. That was the heaviness, there was a person laying beside him…hell, in his arms. He was confused for a moment, and tried to move but the grip tightened on his growing cock.

“where ya think you’re going mister?” a groggy but familiar voice said. “Just be still a minute.”

Then he realized, it wasn’t just a wonderful dream but the reality of their first meeting. His Mistress still lay in his arms half asleep. She felt warm, soft, relaxed and so good he didn’t want to go anywhere once he had his bearings and realized it was real this time and not another dream. He pulled her tighter and happily complied with her wishes.

She too laid, happy to be relaxed in his arms. So comfortable and warm she didn’t want to move but knew time was growing short and he did have that reunion to get to today. About that time she heard the clock strike the hour. He heard it too, for the first time in fact, he’d been so preoccupied before he hadn’t even taken notice to it. He counted them out in his own mind…four bells. Already his mind was thinking of excuses he could use to cancel his remaining plans for the weekend to just stay here with her. He did after all have the babysitter for the weekend. He rather be here than visiting his old college cronies anyway.

“Did ya hear that sexy man?” She ask. “It’s four AM.”

“Yes I did.” Came his reply.

“What time are you supposed to be there?”

“I was thinking about that. You know I do have the babysitter for the weekend, I could call. Tell them I don’t have one…”

“OHH no ya don’t. You aren’t lying to your friends on my account and then end up regretting it at some point. You made your plans and you’re going to carry through with them as planned. End of discussion!”

His heart sank, “but..”

She cut him off before he could say anymore.

“I said you’re going! Lets not start the day with me having to give you a spanking for talking back or arguing with me, mmkay?” The last bit she spoke with sarcasm and a chuckle.

“So for now you’re going to get up, go get your clothes out of the car and you can have a shower while I get some coffee ready and then you my dear are going to cook me breakfast. I still don’t believe you cook eggs that way. I want bacon and toast too. And I’ll let ya wear clothes even. Wouldn’t want ya to get bacon splattered on this”, she laughed as she shook his cock. “I have after breakfast plans for ya and we need that hard cock in tact.”

She kissed him, rolled him over and patted his sweet ass.

“You better get moving before it gets daylight, that weird neighbor guy is up at the crack of dawn, if he sees you out there naked he’ll be wondering what the crazy neighbor lady is up to.”

Before he got up he rolled back and caught her up in his arms again and kissed her soundly on the mouth, long and deep and again thanked her for the wonderful night. She laughed and told him he was welcome…

“And just imagine what we could do in a whole weekend Charles? Now get going, I’m hungry”

Grudgingly he got up off the floor, he didn’t realize how stiff and sore he was till he went to get up. He put a hand down to help her, she was no spring chicken anymore either and he figured she’d appreciate the helping hand. And she did, also stiff and still sleepy, she always was. He wondered what they were thinking? Acting like teenagers rolling around on the floor like that, geesh! He had to admit, it was the most fun he’d had in ages though and he had no regrets, even if his back was complaining and his knees screamed. Stockings and shoes lay helter skelter on the living room floor, her crop still beside the chair and the wrinkly blanket all dry now bunched up on the floor. What a memory he had now. One he hoped he never forgot.

She got up and went toward the kitchen, he heard the beep of a microwave. She reappeared…

“what are you waiting for, go get your clothes. I’m certainly not going out in that cool morning air.”

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