Gates of hell 01

I stared at the hotel room door. My heart pounding. We had finally worked out the logistics of a meeting and I was about to knock on the door of the room we had gotten. In knew she was in there…waiting. The woman who had met me as an equal, had an initial attraction, a failed submission, a flurry of anger, a reunion, my submitting to her…all this passed through my mind. I thought back to her requests when we set up this meeting. I was to wear no socks, no underwear, just jeans, a tee shirt and some shoes. And, lest I forget, a leather studded cock ring, to be worn snugly around my cock and balls. So I stood there knowing that if I knocked, my submission to her would be complete, my life changed. My cock responded to that thought as my heart began to race faster. I watched my hand raise up to knock on the door. A familiar voice asked me in and I reached for the doorknob…
She sat on the bed, dressed in jeans and a loose fitting shirt. A smile crept across her face as she simply said ‘Strip’. A deep breath. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my shirt over my head. As I began to unbuckle my belt, she told me to stop. ‘Think about what you are about to do, you drop your pants and you are mine, totally and unconditionally. You don’t and you can walk out but know this well, there will be no further chances’. Her tone of voice booked no discussion. Not that there was any doubt in my mind but her words struck home. I looked down and finished my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and let them fall down. I stepped out of them and finally got up the nerve to look at her. A smile was on her face and she nodded as if to herself. ‘You’ve made your choice, now stand up straight, hands behind your back. I want to see if the reality is like the dream’. I put my hands behind me and took a deep breath to try and calm myself. She slowly got up from the bed and walked over to me. Slowly she ran her left hand over my chest, the right at her side, a cord dangling from it. She scraped her fingernails across my nipples as she walk by me and then pulled my hands together, quickly tying them behind my back. She stepped closer and I could feel her breath on my shoulder and neck. ‘Don’t speak until I specifically ask for an answer. Nod if you understand’. I nodded. ‘Good. I’ve waited too long for this’ I felt her hands slide along my hips, the right heading for my cock, the left cupping my balls. ‘So how is my big, bad, dom?’ She laughed and began to stroke my cock and fondle my balls. She pressed against me and I stood there being manipulated by her. Minutes passed in silence then she stopped and let me go. ‘Wait! Don’t we have something to do first?’ She walked around me until she was standing in front of me, a wide smile on her face, one arm crooked and the other tapping her cheek as she mimed thinking. “I know what it is! How silly of me to forget!’ Saying that, her hand thrust out and firmly grabbed my balls. She turned and led me to the bed, where she sat down and spread her legs. ‘Kneel to me’ she said and pointed to the floor between her legs. I quickly complied, kneeling naked before her. A smile ‘And what do you want to say? Speak quickly’
‘I want to be yours’ . She grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her crotch, roughly dragging my face on her covered pussy. I could feel the damp heat from her through the rough denim as she did this. She pulled me away from her. ‘Wrong answer Charles! You know what I want to hear’. I swallowed the lump in my throat and my pride with it. My heart racing I said ‘Mistress Luna, this ex-dom asks that you collar him. I submit to your will as you always knew I would’. She pulled my hair again so I was looking at the ceiling, my throat exposed. She leaned towards me until her face was inches from mine. ‘Look into my eyes Charles, and see that as you submit to me I will never release you from your collar. Never. Do you want that?’ I nodded. ‘Say it! I want to watch your eyes when you say it!’ I stared into her very intense eyes and said ‘I submit to you Luna and wish to wear your collar’. The intensity in her eyes broke and was replaced by a smoldering lust, the likes of which I had never seen, especially connected to the evil grin that spread across her face. ‘Stay this way’ she said and released my hair. I looked at the ceiling as I felt the cool metal go around my throat, snapping shut in the front. ‘Look at me’ Luna said again. I did. She held a small lock with the key still in it and a necklace. She stared at my eyes as she opened the lock and fit it to the collar. My heart pounded as I heard and felt the click as the lock went into place. She sat back and put the necklace on, the small key nestling between her breasts. She smiled and played with it, the symbol of my submission. Again the wicked grin appeared ‘It is about time to start your training isn’t it Charles?’

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