Gates of hell 02

The shudders of her climax had barely slowed when Mistress Luna grinned and stared down at me. ‘I do love the way the gates of hell fit my cock, Charles. But there are some things that need to be done. I think I did say I prefer my cock shaved, didn’t I?’ As she said this she pulled on the tuff of pubic hair still visible behind the gates of hell. ‘But let’s do this the right way’. She got up and from under the bed she pulled out her high leather boots, and sitting on the edge of the bed she put them on. These boots are her trademark and the sight of her naked but booted with the gates of hell and collar keys hanging between her breasts made me hard. Uncomfortably so, since the gates of hell was an irresistible force controlling my ardor. She stood looking down at me: collared, naked, spread-eagled, her thong still firmly held in my mouth with the scarf, my cock firmly controlled and powerless. She sighed ‘I do so like you this way, it is a shame to move you. But I do know a way to solve this problem.’ She walked to the bureau and took out a digital camera with which she snapped off a number of pictures, full body and close up. Finishing her photography, she sat down and spoke to me in a very conversational tone. ‘I almost forgot to mention a small detail. I am sure I must have forgotten with all the excitement. How silly of me!’ She hopped up onto the bed, straddling my chest. She leaned over so her face was inches from mine, her right hand behind her holding the ring attached to the tip of the gates of hell. ‘From now on, until and if I decide otherwise, your cock will be locked in the gates of hell whenever your hands are free. Understood? Free hands equals gates of hell, Tied hands and maybe I’ll free my cock.’ She leaned in so her mouth was inches from my ear, her breasts pressed so hard on me I could feel her hard nipples on my chest, ‘and Charles? This will be so, forever! I wear the keys now but once I get home, I have a special place for them. You’ll never know where it is because I’ll only get them when you are firmly tied to my bed. Just think, the last time you masturbated will be the last time you touched your free cock.’ Her breath and lips brushed my ear. ‘Never…again…never! And that thought makes me very wet and very horny!’ She licked my ear and neck and then released my cock. I lay there under her, the word ‘Never’ echoing in my head. I felt the weight of the leather and steel and how it restricted and restrained me. I shuddered to think of my future. She seemed to sense this since my shudder brought a wide smile to her face “Never!’ she hissed. She then sat down on the bed by my ankle and she started to untie me. Once free, she told me to bend my leg and so I did. She then looped a rope around my thigh and tied that to my ankle, effectively holding my leg bent as if I were kneeling on my heels if I was able to touch the ground. She then did my other leg. She reached for her keys and unlocked the gates of hell, slowly taking it off me with exaggerated slowness. A sigh escaped her lips and then she stood and walked to the bathroom, returning with a small plastic bag, a towel and the ice bucket filled with water. She put everything down on the floor and from the bag she removed a sheet of plastic which she slid under my ass and up to my hips. It was beginning to dawn on me what she was doing and it was confirmed when she removed from the bag a throw-away razor and a pair of scissors. She put these between my legs. Knowing what was coming next was one thing, experiencing it was something completely different. With an almost casual push, she spread my legs apart and taking the scissors, she began to trim my pubic hair. Once it was shorn to almost nothing, she cut all the hair at or near my groin. All except the hair on my balls. These she saved for last and she snipped the scissors quickly when she approached me. I could feel the involuntary intake of breath and the moment of panic when she did this. ‘ I do hope I don’t slip now!’ she exclaimed as she grabbed each ball in turn and trimmed any hair from it, moving it around to ensure she had gotten it all. The feel of the cold steel as she moved it along the skin was unnerving and she laughed at each involuntary flinch to the point she did it over and over to see me react. Eventually, she tired of this and put the scissors down. She took out a can of shaving cream, shook it and sprayed the foam into her hand. I at once smelt flowers as she said ‘Since these are no longer yours, I think a nice feminine scent will go well with my cock and balls’. And she rubbed the scented foam all over my crotch. She then proceeded to shave me, from the rope on my legs, to my belly button and all places in between. My hips, pubic area, between my legs, my ass all felt the scrape of her razor. As before, she did leave a small area around the base of my cock and my balls for last. The renewed scrape of the blade along my balls was emasculating as I felt my ‘manhood’ handled and used by her. Each stroke not only took off my hair but it also cut off my sense of control of myself and my body. Again and again she ran it over me, moving my cock or balls to see if she missed a spot, rubbing my flesh to see how smooth she had gotten me. When she lifted my balls and shaved under them, I realized my utter helplessness and yet it awoke a flame in me, a desire for her shaving of me to never end. I fought that thought briefly, still clinging to the Dom that was but as in my physical form, she soon shaved that thought from me, stroke by stroke by stroke. As she finished and held my newly shaved balls in her hand, my cock in the other, I felt truly stripped bare by her, truly helpless and vulnerable but not hopeless. She seemed to sense my thoughts and with a quiet efficiency the gates of hell were quickly placed on her new property and each lock clicked into place. As she locked them, I thought whether they were misnamed. Were they the gates of hell….or were they the gates of heaven?

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