Gates of hell 03

I was still reeling from being collared as Mistress Luna sat back and smiled at her handiwork. ‘I always knew I would have you submit to me’ she laughed and deep inside I knew she was right. ‘Now get up’ I got to my feet and she walked behind me and untied my hands. ‘On the bed Charles, and I want you all spread out for me, once set, don’t move unless I direct you to do so’. I quickly got on the bed and spread my arms and legs wide, my heart racing as I did not know what to expect, except the fact that she had said my training was to begin and she never said anything without meaning it. She sat at my left ankle and quickly secured it to the bed with a length of cord, her motions were quick and efficient and I knew she had planned this for awhile. My right leg soon followed and then she moved to my right hand. She gestured for my hand and I meekly held it out to be secured to the bed. Getting up, she walked around the bed until she came to my left hand and again had me hold it out as she tied it to the bed. I was now more vulnerable to her than I had even been in front of anyone in my life. And my body quivered in that knowledge. She saw that involuntary movement and she smiled an evil wicked grin and said ‘I see you have started without me’ and she laughed a low evil laugh. Then to my surprise she started to undress, taking her time with each item and folding it before she put it on a chair. First her shirt then her shoes, her bra followed and then it was time for her to wiggle out of her jeans. She was wearing a black thong and she removed that and placed it by my head. Her naked and shaved body had the impact one would expect and my cock was hard by the time she finished disrobing. She sauntered to the bed and sat beside me. She leaned to me and kissed me, her tongue thrusting into my mouth as her hand fondled my balls. I responded in kind and briefly our tongues met. Once they did, she pulled back and slapped me across the face…not hard but enough to gain my attention. ‘Charles, what part of don’t move didn’t you understand?’ She grabbed my balls and squeezed them lightly. ‘I think you’ll find that you are in no position to disobey’ and she squeezed them again lightly. She then leaned in and kissed me again, hard. Her tongue thrust and explored my unresisting mouth until she was satisfied. She sat back and said ‘since you can not wait to use that tongue, I think we will start there’. She got up on the bed and straddled my chest and then moved up to my head. She stopped when her legs were pinning my arms down and her crotch was inches from my face. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her and lowered herself onto my face. ‘You know what to do don’t you?’ and I began to lick her pussy as she ground herself onto me. I pushed, licked, explored and caressed her pussy and reveled in the taste and smell of her. Finally, my tongue found her clit and I circled around it, rubbed it and sucked on it until she was moaning and rocking harder on my face. She then directed me to go faster or slower, and where she wanted my tongue. I willingly obeyed and soon I felt her thighs squeeze my head. My jaw was almost in spasm but I redoubled my efforts and then with a grumbling moan, she came. I was covered in her juices and as I continued to pleasure her until with a final moan, she lifted herself from me. ‘Not bad for a first time Charles, we must give you a lot of practice so you don’t need to be told what to do. But let’s see what that cock of mine is doing. But first a little stopper.’ And she reached over and grabbed her thong and pushed it into my mouth., holding it in place with a silk scarf. She then turned on my chest so her back was to me but she was still straddling me. I then felt her hands explore my cock and balls, her face so close I could feel her breath on it. ‘I thought I told you I prefer my subs shaved? No matter, I can handle that later. For now, I want to see how you will respond.’ I then felt the tip of her tongue trace around the head of my cock, down the shaft, over my balls, one at a time and then back. It was fantastic and I felt my body tense as she did it again. The second time she ended at the tip she slowly engulfed me in her mouth and I could not stop the gasp of pleasure she caused. She slowly worked back up and fingered the cock ring. ‘I do like this ring but I think it is time for a real subs’ leather wear’. She unsnapped it and tossed it aside. She then reached over for something but I could not see what it was and besides I really did not care because she also began to stroke my cock with quick sharp strokes while she swirled her tongue and lips over the tip. In what seemed like seconds, I felt the urge to climax start low in my balls. She let it progress until I was just about to climax and she stopped, dropping me from her mouth. She waited until I was limp and then repeated the process, and then again…and again..and again…and again…and again. It happened so many times, I lost count and I also lost myself in the pleasure and frustration she brought. My cock was so hard it was sore and my balls ached with the need for release. On the last, she leaned back and looked at me, ‘shall I finish?’ and I nodded my head vigorously. She smiled that now familiar wicked grin and turned back to her work. But instead of her tongue and hands, my cock felt hard cold metal and soft unyielding leather. A pull around my balls and a pressure there , a sliding of cold metal and the slap of leather and she laughed as she finished. ‘At last my own gates of hell and its victim!’ She unstraddled me and held my cock up for my own inspection. As she said it was a 5 ring goh and it was snuggly on my cock! And then from the end table, Mistress Luna took two small padlocks. The grin on her face was unreal as the first lock snapped and locked my balls in place, but that was nothing compared to the moan she let out after the second lock snapped at the base of my cock. I could not believe it but I will swear until the day I die that she climaxed as the second lock clicked in place. The look of lust on her face was frightening as she laughed and fondled me. ‘I was right! This is so fucking hot!’ Without another word, she sat on my thighs and as she fondled and played with me with her left hand as her right was frantically stroking her pussy! The joy on her face and the sexual intensity only crested when she reached her climax, pulling on my cock as she said, almost to herself ‘ One more step until you are finally and utterly mine Charles!’

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