Ground Rules For Oral Sex

If you give oral sex, make sure you don’t have sores, wounds, gum disease, ulcers, cuts, herpes or infections in your mouth. It’s important to make sure your mouth and gums are in good condition before you give oral sex.

Ways to make oral sex safer include:
Use condoms (external or internal) – check their expiry date and use only water-based lubricants to avoid tears and breakage.
Wear dental dams – a small thin sheet of latex that acts as a barrier between the mouth and vagina or anus.
Avoid getting semen or vaginal fluid in your eyes.

ok lecture on safety over, now for the good stuff!

The golden rule of manners as it pertains to dining downtown is this: consider it the equivalent of a free meal at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. It’s a sheer delight simply to be there! So act like it.

Don’t contradict directions with comments such as, “But my ex used to love it when I did that,” or “But I have been practicing that move all week!” or the unforgivably tactless, “Well! If this isn’t the worst I’ve ever tasted!”

Don’t expect your partner to know exactly how you like it. Offer hints, always phrased in positives. Recommended nudges include “Right there oh my God yes” and “Please, My Lady may I have some more?”

Never push someone down by the shoulders, use their ears as a steering wheel, or accelerate the pace by pushing on their head as if it were a toilet plunger. These are NOT “hints.”

Understand that a chef must eat, too. While Femdom may over ride sometimes. Pleasure should be balanced in actions. No one can keep on giving of themselves without some kind of return. Please keep this in mind for a happy long lasting relationship. Oral pleasure is a reciprocal activity: you cannot expect to receive head any more often than you proffer it. You may request oral pleasure without reciprocity on the following occasions: it’s your birthday (no half-birthdays); you’ve been laid off; your favorite team lost (major championship games only, no mid-season games); your pet just died (in the case of goldfish passing on, it’s the giver’s call); you styled your short.

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