In the Internet age it first of all needs a catchy name to become popular. Well it has. “Sadorexia” is the latest trend in alternative sexuality and it may be a very dangerous one.

The name comes from a combination of the words “sadomaschism” and “anorexia nervosa” (the eating disorder) and was first coined recently in Spanish Internet discussion groups. What is means is requiring your partner to either loose or gain weight excessively.

While physical fitness programmes, body alteration or modification and out of the ordinary requirements are nothing new to the kinky world, “sadorexia” may become a very dangerous trend. Possibly just as dangerous as erotic strangulation and (auto)asphynxiation. These latter two have already taken their toll over the last ten to fifteen years.


Excess-oriented kinky trends – especially as a result of the Internet – spread like wildfire and this one doesn’t even spread within the kinky community only. Would you believe there even are pro-anorexia Internet sites and weblogs, promoting excessive loss of bodyweight.

And no, such trends are anything but new. Only a few years ago the gay-world especially was shocked by a thing called “barebacking”: deliberately taking the risk of getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV.

With bodyweight being a trend in mainstream media in general, experts already feared it would be only an matter of time before “weight games” would make it to the bedroom. And guess what, they did. General attention usually makes the subject popular for use in other areas.

What is it?

In simple terms: sadorexia is deliberately slimming or fattening your partner – either as a form of erotic punishment or simply to suit personal preferences. And not just a few pounds, but fifty, sixty, seventy pounds or more, thus creating serious overweight or underweight.

Such schemes may very well involve things like forced feeding or deliberate starvation and excessive use of drugs, such as fat burners or steroids.

And there are numerous risks – the most obvious ones being the actual creation of a disorder or serious bodily harm. While there are currently no known reports the arrival of the first dead body is probably only a matter of time.

As with all forms of what is called “edge play” (risk aware extreme sexual behavior, much like extreme sports) the risk of course is in those, entering into it without risk-awareness and sufficient knowledge and understanding. And while the BDSM-community – in the best of its educational traditions – is already starting to set up information programmes they cannot compete or keep up with Internet trends.

©2007 Hans Meijer

Hans Meijer is 54, a Dutch former journalist and government spokesmen, webmaster and filmmaker, active in the sexual and erotic information realm.He the chairman for powerotics Foundation (now closed). This organization is dedicated to provide quality information about alternative lifestyles. His 5 e-book series “Shibari Fumo Ryu” about the Japanese erotic Shibari technique and art is considered groundbreaking. Reproduced with permission.

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