The stocks were originally a device used for public humiliation, punishment, and torture in the middle ages. The stocks are similar to the pillory and the pranger, as both consist of large, hinged, wooden boards. The difference is that in the stocks, the boards are placed around the legs or the wrists, whereas in the pillory they are placed around the arms and neck. However, the terms can be confused and many people refer to the pillory as the stocks.

In the stocks, an offender’s ankles would be placed and locked through two holes in the center of the board. Either before or after this the offender would have his shoes and socks removed, exposing his bare feet. Typically, a person confined to the stocks would be subjected to a variety of abuses, ranging from paddling and tickling of the feet to being stoned to death.

Stocks are used occasionally in bondage scenes but the position that the stocks hold the submissive makes it more difficult to punish or sexually “abuse” the slave than other more common bondage positions. To get around this problem it is possible to buy stocks specially designed for BDSM play which expose the captive in a much more sexual manner.

Box stocks are a variation on the basic stocks design. They consist of a floor-standing box which has holes for the wrists and ankles. The captive is forced to stand upright bending over with their hands on the floor. This puts them in an ideal position for spanking, flogging, and caning.

The hunched-over position that the stocks forces on its captive can become uncomfortable after a time. The position might also cause some victims to faint; this can be dangerous as should the captive fall, they could break a wrist or ankle.

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