The Birthday

Ken’s car pulled up before the house in the quiet street. His excitement had grown during his journey here. Inside that house was a fantasy come true. Two days before while he was working in his office his secretary Monica had come in and perched herself on the edge of his desk. Now Monica was a knockout. Tall, slim and blonde. Legs that went on forever. Breasts that weren’t huge but always seemed about to poke their pointed nipples through her blouse. And hair – a beautiful long pageboy, full fringe down brushing her eyes, and the ends down resting on her shoulders and always rolling under perfectly. Hair full of movement and weight – beautiful!
“Ken, I saw on your file that it’s your birthday in 2 days. Now I’ve talked to the other girls here and if you aren’t busy on that day we’d really like to give you a treat”
Ken couldn’t believe his ears. A treat – from the girls here in the office! Six of the hottest chicks around. And he had thought they didn’t like him. Well he certainly wasn’t doing anything else on the day – a Friday. Or for the whole weekend.
So it had been arranged and now he was actually here!
He hurried up the steps and rang the bell. After a few seconds the door opened. There stood Monica. She was wearing a red leather body suit with matching high heel boots up over her knees. Her hair gleamed under the light. She leaned forward an gave him a lingering kiss. He tasted her lipstick, inhaled her perfume.
“ Ken, how lovely. Happy birthday -come in. The girls are waiting for you”
Going down the passage way he came into the lounge room There were the girls from work, waiting for him. He walked into the room and was greeted warmly.

“Happy birthday, Ken,” the girls chorused, then one at a time came up to him and gave him a kiss. Not a peck on the cheek, but breath stopping caresses of luscious lips against his, tongues probing. He could feel the delicious lipstick taste building up on his lips, could smell the perfume from hair and body,could feel hair and silk and leather against him.He felt himself becoming aroused.
Chris walked up to him. She was a Veronica Lake look alike, her beautiful long blonde hair always draping across her face, covering one eye and rolled under in a gleaming silken wave as it rested over her breasts and down her back.
“Oh Ken what’s this?” she smiled, rubbing her hand across the protrusion in the front of his trousers. “Looks like you are enjoying yourself already. Would you mind if we had a look at this?”
A bit embarrassed he feebly tried to back away but was gently stopped by the other girls. Chris dropped to her knees and un-zipped his trousers. He felt her long warm fingers gently extracting his engorged penis.
“Hey girls just look at this. Who would have thought our Ken had such a great tool?” In truth it was very ordinary but the girls had their own agenda under way.
“Wow,” exclaimed Denise, a willowy vixen with a gleaming copper coloured bob. “Thats a beauty”
“Oh yes,” breathed Monica. “I think he might like his present now. Would you like us to give you it now Ken? Its something very personal from us and you will just LOVE it.”
Now highly aroused, Ken nodded and mumbled his agreement. The girls gently ushered him into the bedroom. Once there they began to strip off his clothes. When he was naked they pushed him back on the bed. Monica sat on it beside him. Kirstan, a girl with her long red hair held up in a high ponytail, played with his penis. The other girls were gathered around.
“Ken sweetie, for your birthday we all wanted to give you sex,” purred Monica.
He could not believe what he was hearing!
“ But it didn’t seem practical for us all to fuck you, so we decided we would all contribute to making you cum. Just like Kirstan is doing now. Does that sound nice to you?” Numbly he nodded his head, his whole being concentrated on the gentle stroking Kirstan was performing on him.

Now Kirstan was joined by Alice, a petite Asian girl. Her gleaming blue-black hair fell down her back like a flowing oil. She was now tickling his balls. Ken automatically began to reach down to where she was busy.
“No, no -you will spoil your present if you do that,” scolded Denise.
“I’ve got something that will help with that problem,” exclaimed Linda. Another brunette, she wore her hair long and straight, falling to her waist. Her long straight fringe fell smoothly to her eyebrows. She went from the room then reappeared. In her hands were four long silken scarves. Keeping one herself she handed the others to the girls. Before he knew what was happening Ken was bound to the head and foot of the bed. The scarves were soft and silky, but pulled tight by the girls they made him completely helpless.
Monica laughed softly.
“Just think of it as gift wrapping,” she giggled. “don’t worry sweetie -it’s only while we give you your present”
From then on the helpless male was subject to merciless teasing. The girls were careful not to let him cum, but again and again brought him to the brink. His balls were now aching.
At one stage as Chris worked on him she noticed his eyes darting to her beautiful hair falling across her face and shoulders. Intuitively she lowered her hair to his engorged penis and was rewarded with a strangled groan of frustration. Taking there cue from her some of the other girls began to use their hair as well. He was now begging for release, pleading and groaning. The girls ignored him, chattering and laughing among themselves, suggesting new and ever more creative torments.
Eventually Monica spoke to him.
“Now would you like your present -would you like to cum”
“Oh please yes please please please!” he moaned.
“Shall I girls?” Monica smiled around at them. They laughed, and gave her their assent.
With gentle but firm strokes she soon had him to the point of orgasm and to cries of glee from the other girls he exploded.
As the orgasm finished he relaxed back onto the bed. Monica and the other girls stroked his body.He became aware that Monica was speaking to him.
“Did you enjoy that -was that nice?”
“Oh yes,” he groaned, “oh yes yes yes! That was just the most awesome thing ever to happen to me.”
“I’m so glad” she murmured stroking his face gently. He relaxed, then realized he was still bound to the bed.
“Could you let me go now please?”
“Of course. But tell me first – would you like to have that present for every birthday?”
“Of course I would – I loved it!”
“O.K. sweetie, you’ve got it. According to the file at work you just turned 32. We just gave you one present. That means we still need to give you 31 more. I hope you can stand up to it though. Girls ,get on your phones. See if you can get some more girls in to help. Meanwhile we’ll start on him again”
He was just starting to scream as Chris pushed a ball of silk into his mouth.

Orginal story & art work by Longbob ©

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