The Hand

There was a sheet of silk, glistening gold, stretched tight. What was beneath it was unseen, but known. For from out of the center of the silk jutted a male organ. It too, glistened about the head. It was engorged to its limit, veins standing out on the shaft, erect and hard. And yet, it was failing. Gradually, slowly, like a small animal trying to retreat without being noticed, it softened. Over the minutes it shrank back, seeming to be seeking the shelter of the hole from which it protruded.

But it was not to be. There was the faintest whisper of sound and a hand dropped languidly to the retreating organ. Elegant fingers began to stroke it. Long fingers, slim fingers, knowing fingers. Again it engorged as the fingers slowly caressed it. A long fore- finger sought the most sensitive spot and began to move in a teasing circular motion. The perfectly manicured nail gleamed in the light, the light pink polish enhancing the nails beautiful shape. The tormenting finger was moving gently, now spreading the fluid that was leaking out, teasing and tantalizing.

As full erection was reached the hand was withdrawn, leaving the teased organ to throb and spasm, seeking the friction it needed to release. But none was forthcoming. After some minutes it again started to edge towards the safety of the hole in the silk. Again it was forestalled and the teasing repeated, the same elegant fingers working gently to arouse and tease. As they worked there were again whispers of sound- a page being turned, the soft clink of a glass. The sounds of relaxation and leisure.

Again and again the scene was repeated, teasing and tantalizing but never allowing release. But as time passed other things must intrude upon even the most dedicated tormentress. The organ began its retreat. There was a whisper of sound, of movement. No hand dropped.

Quickly now it retreated, abused and wet. Another whisper of sound. A hand dropped. An elegant forefinger sought out the most sensitive spot. The perfectly manicured nail gleamed in the light, the lavender polish enhancing the nails beautiful shape

Orginal story & orginal art work by Longbob ©

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