The Test

He was helpless, naked against the wall in the silence of the perfumed room.
His arms and legs were spread wide, held by silken cords.
They had been tightened to the point where no movement was possible,fastened at elbows and wrists, ankles and knees.
A leather gag stifled all hope of sound from his lips. And from his naked body jutted his erect penis, rigid and straining. At its base a a narrow strap was cinched tight, cutting into the flesh, preventing the blood from easily exiting the stimulated organ.
The room was luxurious, sensual. Deep piled crimson carpet, heavy green and gold velvet drapes, elegant chairs and lounges. Along one wall was an antique table backed by an ornate mirror.The door opened and two young women entered.

‘Hey look Carol, he’s here just as Linda promised’, smiled the blonde. She was tall and willowy, her thick blonde hair swinging well down her back from a high ponytail.
‘Oh yummy,’ laughed her companion, an Asian girl with her beautiful blue-black hair cut in a shining bob. They crossed the room to where he hung motionless. His eyes followed their progress even though he could not move his head due to the strap around it. Carol then reached out and caressed his naked body, her fingers feathering over his skin. He flinched at her touch.
‘Hey, Sally, I think that he’s ticklish,’ she gloated to her friend.
‘Mmmm, that could be interesting later – but let’s explore what Linda left ready for us first.’
Both girls dropped below his level of sight. He then felt their fingers on his penis, moving it, touching , exploring.
‘Oh Carol he’s just the right size and beautifully shaped. How did Linda find one so perfect?’
‘Well, she has been looking for a while. But I have to agree- this is a perfect pencil dick. It certainly wouldn’t be suitable for much else. Do you want to have first go Sally?’
‘Ok I think I would like to get down to it.’

The helpless male then felt the warm silk of Sally’s hair sweep across his groin, followed by soft lips caressing the head of his penis, sliding over it. There was the soft warmth of the bottom lip at his frenum, the too brief flicker of a tongue tip, then the warm contact of lips again enveloping the head.

‘Well, what do you think Carol?’ The girls were still below his sight level.
‘Oh yes – that’s good. I want to have a go now.’
Again the bound male felt the soft lips caressing his penis head, encircling it, closing on it, rubbing gently against it. ‘How about that?’ ‘No, I don’t think so – it’s not quite right. Let’s try something else.’ He then felt a soft fabric envelope his penis, gently rubbing it, teasing and tickling. At that moment the door opened and another young woman entered the room. She was tall, buxom and her and her shining auburn hair was cut in a classic long pageboy style, resting on her shoulders and curving under.
‘Sally, Carol, sorry I got held up, but I trust you are finding some entertainment’
‘Hi Linda, yes we’re really enjoying ourselves here. We’ve already tried our first sample. What do you think?’
The tree women met in the middle of the room. Linda examined Sally and Carol’s faces.
‘Oh yes, nice for you Sally – not quite yours though Carol. Doesn’t matter though. There are about 30 different ones there and the other girls are all bringing some.’

‘We were just about to try another,’ smiled Sally. ‘Which one do you think?’
‘How about that ‘Carmine Tease’ – that would go great with Carol’s dark hair.
‘Hmm – yes that might go nicely.’
Sally picked up an object and held it up. A gold lipstick tube. She removed the lid then slowly screwed up the rich red tube of colour. Watching the bound male intently, she touched the tube to her lips, and then flicked out her tongue to taste it.
‘Oh I think this will be a nice one to wear. It’s so creamy and rich. Do you like this one?’
She held it up under the nose of the helpless captive. The three girls laughed. Sally dropped down, and he felt fingers around his penis again, then the feel of something cold and creamy gliding over the head. Linda then produced a lipstick brush and bent down to join Sally. He then felt the soft brush joining with the lipstick as the creamy cosmetic was applied thickly to his straining organ. Linda seemed to delight in using the brush under the head, lightly stroking the sensitive frenum. After a minute the two women stood up again.

‘Beautiful,’ smiled Carol. ‘I really like that colour.’ She bent down and again he was teased by soft lips encircling his penis, caressing, enveloping, transferring the creamy lipstick to her lips.
‘Do you have a small mirror Linda?’ Carol asked. One was produced and handed down to her. Shortly after Carol stood up and faced the others. ‘What do you think of this?’
‘Much better gorgeous, much better,’ smiled Linda.
Sally was looking at their captives’ penis. She smiled.
‘Carol, how about some lip-gloss?’
She reached down and her finger lightly touched the end of the penis. When she held it up her fingertip was covered in clear fluid. Carol parted her lips, allowing Sally to gently smear the fluid over them, making them shine wetly.
Again the door opened and four more women entered.
‘Come on in girls and join the fun,’ laughed Linda. ‘We have Carmine on test at present. Might need a re-coat though. Anyone who wants to try it go ahead. Then I’ve got a nice lilac colour with spangles in it that I would like to try.

Orginal story & art work by Longbob ©

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