How to kiss a woman’s breast

This might seem a strange topic to post in a Femdom site but, it amazes me the amount of men that get this wrong…and even more the amount of men who wish to get there partner to be more verbal during intimacy. Being more verbal during sexual intercourse takes work on both sides. We here at CollarNcuffs are often asked “How do I get my wife interested in Femdom, she doesn’t even appear to like vanilla sex” Our answer is simple work on the intimacy you have first.

licking a womans breast

If the basics aren’t pleasing her and she hasn’t told you, chances are she wont take to Femdom, like a duck does too water, or Domina to a single tail. This process wont make her the Femdom of your dreams but at the very least it will create some more intimacy in your sex life.

Intimacy builds and escalates, escalation creates want, need and desire. You can’t make a Femdom, but you can improve what sex life you already have…Then who knows! Get the idea 😉


Women in general, let alone those new to Femdom are some times reluctant to inform there partner just how they like their breasts to be touched. Some women have the belief men should just know what they like. As we mentioned above being more verbal during sexual intercourse takes work on both sides.

Most Guys Don’t Get It.

When most men approach their partner’s breasts they go directly for the nipples. The male reasoning is logical. Since the nipple is the most excitable part of a woman’s breast, why waste time on the less important areas, why not get to the point! Not a good idea.

Women are a lot more complex. Women love to WONDER about what’s coming next.
Tension and anticipation are some of the biggest turn-ons for her.
She loves to be waiting on the edge of her seat.
While making love, women prefer you to BUILD towards the center of interest rather than go to it directly.

The Way She Likes It

When kissing a breast it is best to start from the base, the farthest point from the nipple.
Kiss, nibble, and lick the breast along the base, around the breast.
Move reeeeeally slow…like a snail.
Come full circle\\. Then shift your mouth a little higher, about a half inch above the base.
Repeat kiss-nibble-lick (k-n-l) around her breast along this new circle.
Come full circle.

Now move up a further half inch.
Repeat k-n-l.
The circles get shorter, your mouth gets closer to the nipple.
It is the anticipation of your mouth on the nipple that truly arouses her; and the more you delay it, the more heightened her arousal. At this stage some women beg (literally) their lover to take nipple in mouth, or she’ll shove nipple into his mouth herself. Such is the power of anticipation. But control yourself; she’ll thank you for it later.

Keep moving round and round the breast, higher and higher, closer and closer to the nipple.
Just before you reach the nipple, you arrive at the dark patch around it, the areola.
Stop doing kiss-nibble-lick here because there’s a chance your lips or cheek may brush against the nipple, and that might lessen the anticipation.

Using just the tip of your tongue, lick the circular patch of the areola, round and round, doing your best to avoid the nipple.

Finally, the nipple.
Lick the nipple, then lightly blow on it. This causes contrasting sensations of heat/moisture and then cooling. Most women love it. Do this all over her nipple.
Then lower your mouth on her nipple to cover it completely with the moist warmth of your mouth.

  • Try this : while her nipple is in your mouth, flick it around internally with your tongue.Next take the nipple in your mouth and alternately lick, suck and “flutter-tongue” it. While at the same time kneading the breast with increasing firmness.

Time To Suck Harder

The Grind
With nipple in mouth, roll your lips inwards and press on the nipple. Your mouth looks like the picture above with lips rolled inwards. Now unroll your lips while squeezing firmly on the nipple. Then immediately, roll your lips back in. Unroll again. Roll and unroll your lips… repeatedly, causing a grinding kind of pressure on the nipple.
The Gasket

Pucker up your lips around the nipple to form a sealing gasket around it. Puckered lips look like the picture above. Then suck in and out without breaking the seal; so the nipple feels alternating currents of vacuum and pressure. Keep checking with your partner if she is comfortable with the intensity. Avoid teeth! Finish by licking her breast all over, like a puppy licks his owners face. Slow, wet, unhurried, generous licks from one point to the other with the broad of your tongue, until her entire breast is wet and gleaming all over.

  • Try this : Spread some honey all over her breast (before you begin) so when you lick, your focus will be to lick off all the honey; that’s the kind of licking she’ll love! Now do the same for the other breast.

More Tips

Using hands

  • While your mouth works on her breast, gently squeeze its base with one hand, while fondling the other breast with your other hand. Squeeze a woman’s breast as if you’re trying to locate a small pearl-sized object lodged inside, and then nudging it upwards and out through the nipple. Start from the base, squeeze all over, slowly moving your hand upwards, until you’re squeezing just the tip of the nipple. Repeat.

Increase her nipple’s sensitivity

  • You can make her nipple feel extra sensitive by stretching it. Place a finger on either side of the nipple just outside the areola. Press lightly and slide your fingers apart to make the nipple taut. This exposes more of the nipple’s nerve endings. Now start licking or sucking.

Talking sexy

  • Let her know you like her breasts. Even women with model-like bodies secretly feel insecure about their looks and are self conscious about their naked bodies. Say, “You have such beautiful breasts…I could kiss them for hours”. Or “Mmmm, your nipples taste so good.” Women love to hear about the details. Of course if you are using these techniques in a D/s relationship your Mistress may prefer you to remain silent, so please also keep this in mind. If in doubt ASK. This is the area most men fail women sexually. They forget to ASK. women are pre programed to except and not ask for what they require, want, or need. A woman will more openly convey her needs, if asked.

For small breasts

  • With small breasts, you can take the entire breast inside your mouth and suck on it like it’s a juicy mango; with the entire breast inside (or as much of it as you can take in), suck it slowly from base to tip, taking care to avoid biting too hard.

The caress

  • Rub some massage oil on your palm and rest it on the breast with the fingertips around its base. Lift your hand towards the nipple while your fingertips caress the sides of the breast, until they are holding on to the nipple at the top. Squeeze and pull on the nipple gently or hard depending on what she likes or how aroused she is. Repeat.

One by one, or both together?

  • Perhaps she prefers your fingers caressing one breast while your lips suck the other nipple. Or maybe she finds that distracting and prefers you lavish all your attention on ONLY one breast at a time. Or perhaps she would like your hand caressing her thigh or some other part of her body. Ask her if your allowed to speak, or just what she requires from you. Femdom requires communication on both sides.

What ‘most’ women dislike :

  • Twisting : Guys, nipple twisting is NOT hot. Twisting her nipples as if tuning a radio station is what a lot of sexually uneducated guys do. Doing what you like isn’t always a prerequisite to getting what you want.

Biting her breasts or nipples too hard, whether deliberately or in the heat of passion, is a SURE way to turn off most women


Unless specifically asked to so by Mistress, don’t do the above things. Also remember : The sensitivity of her breasts can vary from week to week due to hormonal changes in her body, so always be sensitive to her reactions. Using teeth: Some women love their nipples being nibbled very, very gently. Remember it’s a fine line between stimulation and pain.

Ice and fire:

  • Sucking her nipple after sucking an ice-cube can send delightful sensations through her breast. Or if her nipples are already cold, then sipping something warm just before sucking them can be a welcome surprise.

Browse the neighborhood:

  • Don’t limit your attention to the breasts and nipples. Also kiss and lick the spaces between, under and around her breasts. Because these areas don’t usually get much loving, you’ll find them grateful and extra-sensitive to the tongue.

Get her feedback:

  • Every woman is different, every Mistress is different just because your last Domme or lover enjoyed something doesn’t mean every woman or Domme will like it the same. Ask her what she liked about your technique and also what she did NOT. What would she like you to do MORE of, and what would LESS? What would she like you to STOP doing entirely? Is there something she would like you to ADD to the technique? This is a great method to get things going in Femdom directions if your partner is new to the experience of asking, what does SHE wants done to her body.

Suggestion for female readers:

  • (guys, read this to her)Tell your man you’re going to touch and kiss his “breasts” the same way you like to have yours touched and kissed…then do it. When you like it gentle tell him, “This is what I mean when I say gentle”. When you like it rough, grab his breasts and show him what you mean by rough. If you like your nipples sucked or nibbled, show him just how you like it, on his nipples. Guys pay attention to the way she does it. Women respond best to men who listen


  • A common complaint of women is that men don’t know how to treat a breast. Here they have in their hands a most effective tool to turn a woman on, but what do men do… they squeeze it too hard, grab it, bite it, do everything except make it feel good. A woman’s breasts are delicate and sensual, treat them like that.

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