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Recognition Symbols for Perverts A little trick to share your Femdom interests

There have frequently been calls on ASB for a covert recognition symbol for perverts. The leather pride flag is an overt one, but it can require some delicate explaining if one is not “out” about kinky interests. Here’s one that is pretty covert, but noticable. Originally posted to ASB 7 Jan 1997; somewhat revised here. On ASB, Iain wrote:

Some of my friends in America carry keyrings with a bundle of
leather thongs tied through them, making a recognisable mini-
flogger that is quite deniable, as it is also a very practical


To make one of these:

You will need:

  • four 18“ (46 cm) pieces of leather lacing, about 1/8” (3mm) square.
  • one other piece of lacing about 12-14“ long.
  • Regular boot leather laces are okay; mine came from Tandy leather.
  • a key ring.

Mine is a 1-1/2” (3.7 cm) dia. split key ring. You could construct this on a smaller ring, to attach to another key ring, but I wouldn’t used a ring smaller than about 3/4“ (2 cm) diameter.


Line up the four 18” laces parallel to each other, and insert one end of the bunch through the ring. Put the ring at the laces’ centerpoint, and bend the laces over so that they hang down in equal lengths from the ring. These will be the 8 tails of the mini-flogger.

{For ex-Boy Scouts, the next step is equivalent to the knot used in whipping the end of a rope, where the bunch of tails are the “rope”}

Fold the 5th lace back on itself, 2-1/2“ from one end. I’ll call the longer end (12” or so) end “A” in the following description, and the shorter end (2-1/2“) end “B”. Lay the bent end of the 5th lace in the groove between the 4 sets of tails, parallel to the tail laces at the ring, with the bent end about 2” away from the ring, pointing toward the ends of the 8 tails, and ends A and B pointed toward the ring. End B lies over the ring but is not passed through it. End A is slipped through the ring, then, from the other side of the ring, pulled down parallel to the 8 tails. Now pass it between the 2 sets of 4 tails ring at the ring, so that it is parallel to the ring and emerges from the 8 tails at right angles to them.

Start wrapping end A around the tails (and its own bent end) tightly. (This will end up being the “handle” of the mini- flogger). Be sure to lay it down untwisted, to make a good-looking surface to the wrapping. After 6 or 7 wrappings, slip end A through the original bent end of this lace, that should be sticking out from under the wrapping. With a pair of pliers, pull end B (up by the ring), so that end A is pulled back underneath the wrappings, about halfway. Cut both end A and B short, where they emerge from the wrappings. That’s it.

If you carry your keys in a pants pocket, the tails hang out of the pocket so that you can pull on them to get the keys. Eden says that if you carry a purse, you won’t lose these keys… or if they head to the bottom of your purse, you can find ’em in the dark by feel.

Because of the potential value of this to we perves, I place this one writing, concerning keyrings as recognition symbols, in the public domain. Please distribute as you wish, but do not remove my name and eddress from it. Thanks, -^- . Copyright 1998-2003 by the author know as -^-^spectrum-^^-. No reproduction for commercial or profit-making use is allowed. If you want to use this for educational ends, please ask me for permission, so that I know where it has wandered to. This notice must be included in any reproduction. NO PUBLICATION OF THE CONTENTS OF ANY WEBPAGE ON THIS SITE IS ALLOWED ON AN YAHOOGROUPS MAILING LIST, OR ANY OTHER POSTING SOURCE THAT “ACQUIRES” COPYRIGHT BY THE FACT OF POSTING. THIS EXPLICITLY INCLUDES SBC-YAHOO AND YAHOOGROUPS. EVEN LINKING TO THE PAGES FROM THE LATTER WILL BE REGARDED AS A COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Removal of the last two paragraphs of copyright notice, or this paragraph, is prima facie evidence of deliberate copyright violation by both the poster and the ISP/posting host. 

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