Sensual Massage

A sensual massage is a great stress reliever; removes toxins from the body; and most important is an incredible erotic experience. Because the skin is the largest organ of the body and is covered with thousands of nerve endings, the very nature of touch stimulates all of our senses.

Creating a sensual environment is the beginning of truly great massage. Lighting, sound, smell and temperature all go into setting the mood. You do not want to be disturbed so turn off the phones and have a way to lock the door. Illuminate the room with soft lighting or candles. Exotic incense or scented candles add a nice touch. While it would be wonderful to have a commercial massage table, you can use a bed, table or floor – just make sure you have plenty of padding on any hard surface. If you are going to use a bed, position your partner cross ways at an angle and make sure you have lots of washable towels, sheets and a good mattress pad so the mattress doesn’t get stained. Assemble oils, lubricants, erotic toys (feathers, vibrator, blindfold, etc.), clean sheets, blankets and pillows. Make sure that the room is warm enough for the person lying naked (at least 78 degrees).Check your fingernails for length to make sure that they you won’t be inflicting any wounds. Last but not least is the right music. Selections should be soothing, relaxing and have the ability to repeat. You don’t want to stop the massage to change the music. Also keep glasses of drinking water handy for both you and your Domme.

Lubrication is an absolute necessity for a good massage.There are lots of different kinds of massage oils and creams.You may want to purchase a Massage Kit which has all of these items already assembled.Also try Honey Dust which is a smooth edible powder that creates a unique sensation when dusted and massaged on the body.Once again it will come down to personal preference as to the texture and fragrance you prefer. There are two considerations in using an oil based formula for massage.If you are using a condom at some point during the massage don’t use anything with an oil base – oil weakens latex.The second, oil based products can cause vaginal infections in women.Also make sure that any product you use to massage the body does not contain Nonoxynol-9 which will irritate the skin.Always warm the massage lotion before you start the application by warming it in the microwave or placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water.Also apply the lubricant to your hands first and then rub them together before applying the lubricant to your Mistress.Keep the massage lubricants in close proximity to the area where you are giving the massage and replenish often.

Let your partner take a hot bath or shower before the massage starts.This will open the pores and start to loosen up the muscles.Position your Mistress face down first with arms at the side using pillows underneath the ankles and underneath the hip area.Let a sheet or blanket drape over your partners body until you begin the massage and then remove from each area you visit.One of the basic rules of massage is don’t break contact with the skin – once you have started the massage keep connected with your partner at all times.

The Basic Strokes”

  • The Glide – long smooth strokes using the entire hand that follows the curves of your Domme’s body.

The Palm – Hands are face down on your partner’s body and using the palms as the pressure points fan out across the body pushing up and then lessening the pressure and coming back to the starting point.

  • Push Pull – This is done on the sides of the body using both hands – as one hand pushes up the other comes back in a push-pull motion.

The Lift – This is a kneading, lifting stroke with the fingers lifting your partners skin. All Thumbs – This is direct pressure by placing the palm of the hand on your partners body and using only the thumbs pressing against your partners skin and moving in a circular motion.

Put oils/lotions in your hand first and be sure it is warm. Begin with a light rhythmic motion on your partner’s back increasing to deeper, longer strokes.Go slowly and repeat strokes.Use your body weight for pressure rather than arm strength – the massage will last longer.Move from the back to the shoulders using the basic strokes listed above, then arms and hands.Deep strokes on the arms or legs should always be done towards the heart rather than away from it.Watch your partners reactions – stop any thing that causes a grimace.Continue to move to the butt, legs and feet.Now move your partner to a face up and reposition the pillows to the back of the neck and the knee area.Begin with the scalp, face, and then move to the abdomen, chest, arms, legs and top of the feet. Once you have completed all of the body parts it is time to focus on the genitals.

If your are new at massage practice the basic strokes on yourself until you get familiar with them plus it will allow you to understand how they feel and how much pressure you should use.Also purchasing a Massage Sample Kit allows you to work with different lotions and fragrances.

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