What Is Cyber Skin

What is CyberSkin®?

CyberSkin® is unquestionably the most realistic material on the market. Quickly warming to body temperature and mimicking the elasticity and softness of human flesh, CyberSkin® has the amazing look and feel of real skin. This material in its many shapes and forms is a stunning replication of the human composition.

Flexible, spring-like bonds promoting a unique skin-like texture, memory recovery, resiliency and flexibility.

In the physical make-up of CyberSkin®, the atoms bond with high resiliency. This means that the atomic memory of CyberSkin® allows the product to be malleable, like real flesh, as well as instantly recover to its original shape. Because it is created to retain its shape, the CyberSkin® product can last a lifetime with reasonable care and maintenance, always delivering high performance and realistic feel.
Also, with the added revolutionary molding process of Dual Density®, CyberSkin® products can simulate the softness of skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue and/or bone. In manufacturing, the molding machines use computerized injection that enables varying densities of CyberSkin® to be strategically placed throughout the product. This means that in a product shaped like a vagina, you can actually feel the softness of vaginal lips and the hardness of pubic bone. And in a penis, you can feel the softness of skin with the rigidity of erectile tissue, creating the most realistic sex accessory.

CyberSkin® Care Instructions

  • Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water
  • Pat dry with soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely

To properly maintain your CyberSkin® product, generously apply Renew to restore the original soft, non-sticky texture

  • Keep CyberSkin® toys separate from other toys when not in use
  • Store CyberSkin® in a plastic bag with a small amount of Renew in a cool, dry place


  • DO NOT use mineral oil or oil based products as a lubricant as it may cause deterioration of CyberSkin®. Water-based lubricants or climax® brand Silicone lubricants are ideal. If any other lubricant is used, clean toy immediately after use to prevent deterioration. Add Renew to extend the life of the toy.

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