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Vibrators do something no human body can. They move faster, more consistently, and for longer periods of time than any fingers ever could and by simply adding extra stimulation to sex play vibrators can be a wonderful addition to sex and Femdom play. As you read on about vibrators keep in mind that while they are wonderful things, But vibrators aren’t solutions to sexual problems you may be having with a partner, they are a tool and a toy.
People use vibrators externally, internally, or both. Vibrators for penetration may be safe for vaginal or anal penetration, but be sure you’re vibe is safe for anal use before using it that way.
Anyone can use a vibrator, they aren’t made for certain genders or certain kinds of bodies, they’re made for a function. If you’re new to vibrators below you’ll find answers to common questions about vibrators, tips on how to choose vibrators, vibrator safety tips, and how to use vibrators for male and females, with or with out a Femdom play partner.

History of the Vibrator

History of the Vibrator – Vibrators have come a long way from when the types of vibrating sex toys for women available were Classical Era contraptions involving carts driven over rough stone roads and crude planks swung back and forth to induce vibration and, hopefully, orgasm.
The history of the vibrator reveals technology at work to reduce what was regarded as onerous manual labor for what was labeled female hysteria. Before long, both vibrators and hysteria faded from the American scene. When vibrators became prominent in stag films, they quickly disappeared from the home. Medicine advanced, any most of the symptoms associated with hysteria were identified as specific, discrete conditions and perception of women’s sensuality progressed in the public mind. Still, female hysteria brings about a whiff of strange nostalgia—with all the peculiar early treatments for female hysteria and bizarre vibrator prototypes that went along with it.

Why Use Vibrators?

Why Use Vibrators – There are as many reasons to use a vibrator as there are reasons to feel good. Some common reasons include:

  • Curiosity
  • Self-discovery
  • Spicing up a long-term sexual relationship
  • Help experiencing orgasms
  • Too reach the Female g spot when a partner can not
  • Extra stimulation with Femdom play
  • Just for fun
  • With Anal play
  • With prostrate milking

How to Use Vibrators for women, Men and couples

Vibrators may be the last consumer product group to come with absolutely no instructions or manuals from the manufacturers. At first blush you may think your vibrator doesn’t need a manual, but there are hundreds of different things to do with a vibrator, and if you’ve never used one a few pointers may be appreciated.

Beginners Guide to Vibrator use for men – On our ‘on site training entertainment program. A taste of Cyber, ‘it’s surprising the amount of subbies who have no idea I they could use a vibrator on themselves for play. They either thought vibrators only worked on women, or they weren’t for “guys like them.”
Once most of these men gave vibrators a chance, they quickly became converts.
Men in particular are offered a narrow set of sexual options, and vibrators can help expand those options and discover pleasure and orgasms you didn’t even know were in you. If you’re curious, on the link above there are some tips for men on how to use a vibrator, alone, or with a partner.

»»Vibrators aren’t made for a certain kind of person, vibes are for anyone interested in discovering new ways to feel sexual pleasure. MissBonnie

Beginners Guide to Vibrator use for women – Few if any vibrators come with instruction manuals. On the one hand, you might think that no manual is necessary – after all shouldn’t you know how to use a vibrator? But if you’ve never used one, how exactly are you supposed to know how? Most people do manage to stumble their way to pleasure with a vibrator, but if you’re looking for a few helpful hints here is a beginner’s guide for women on how to use a vibrator alone or with a partner.

Choosing the right Vibrator for the occasion

Choosing the right Vibrator for the occasion – Shopping for your first vibrator can be a daunting experience. There are dozens of different styles and thousands of different products, and few stores offer guidance on where to start. Differences in vibrator material, price and quality, and function account for most of the variation. We have put together for you a visual guide to vibrators and there individual uses.

Which are the Best Vibrators?-Vibe Guide

Which are the Best Vibrators – Finding the vibrator that’s right for you depends on answering some basic questions, including:

  • What do you want to use the vibrator for?
  • What’s the best material for your vibrator to be made from?
  • What is your budget?
  • What do you want your vibrator to look like?
  • Is quality more important than cost?

Vibrators do differ wildly in terms of quality, but you should be able to find a vibrator in your price range that can be used safely. Our guide can help with these issues

Cleaning Vibrators

cleaning sex toys


Sex toys made of rub (soft skin), silicone and plastic must be washed in the same way, but these materials require more delicacy. Dry them in the open air, rather than with a towel. Silicone is the easiest to clean. Silicone is resistant to heat. You can clean them in different ways : one way is to boil your toys for 2 to 3 minutes in plain water. -If you have a dishwasher, you can wash silicone toys in there also. Warm water and a soft soap will also do the trick (do not use corrosive soaps, use gentle soaps.) To make cleaning of sex toys which are supposed to be inserted inside the body (dildos, vibrators, plugs) easier put the condom on these devices every time you use them. Never talc devices made of soft synthetic materials. (talc powder has been linked to cervical cancer).


these toys are less resistant than silicone toys, we recommend: Warm Water and a soft soap (Do NOT boil ! or use HOT water)


Just as vibrators come in different shapes and sizes, they are also made from all kinds of materials. Vibrators can be hard-shelled—made of Pyrex, plastic, gold or aluminum. Lots of vibrators are soft, bendable and flexible; it’s more likely that these were constructed of silicone, rubber, latex, jelly, a jelly/silicone blend or Cyberskin (a material that mimic the feel of real skin). In the following links, we’ll discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of each type of material. We hope this information helps you make an informed and pleasing decision.



Remember that your vibrator is an electronic pleasure item. Just like other electronics, name brands and more expensive items generally perform better and last longer than cheaper products. A cheaper vibrator will serve you well, but may break sooner than a similar, more expensive item.

Sizes and Sizing

Just as vibrators come in different shapes, all kinds of materials. Vibrators also come in various sizes but how do know just what size. In the following link, we’ll discuss sizing issues. We hope this information helps you make an informed and pleasing decision.

Vibrator sizes and Sizing

Traveling With Vibrators

Have Vibe, Will Travel

Maybe you’re planning a romantic weekend, or perhaps you’re going on a long business trip. Either way, if you’re flying, you’ll want to make sure you pack your sex toys well to avoid embarrassing situations.

How Many People Use Vibrators?

How Many People Use Vibrators – People of every age, socio-economic class, race, gender, sexual identity, and political and religious affiliation use vibrators. That said, not everyone uses them, and they aren’t “required” for a great sex life. The point is that everyone has (or should have, depending on the state you live in) the right to sexual choice and experimentation, which for many people includes using vibrators.

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