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I like to do bondage while I play Femdom, but how do I store my rope


Store rope neatly coiled, since kinks and twists can cause undue wear, and in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, such as an indoor cupboard or closet. Never store it outside, or even in a garage. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity will weaken it and may cause rot. Even so-called ‘water resistant’ marine grade rope will eventually wear and break under moist conditions; it will just take longer to deteriorate.

Properly stored rope will last a long time and serve you well.

Poor care will cause rope to weaken and eventually to break. This is particularly important to remember if safety could be compromised by rope failure, as in techniques like suspension. It is difficult to tell how much damage time, moisture, and the sun have caused to a rope: it could look completely sound, but still let you down. The only way to maintain safety is to take proper care in looking after it. Rope stored neatly will also be much more convenient to use during a scene. Don’t embarrass yourself by keeping an eager partner waiting while you wrestle with a spaghetti of ropes! Some well-organized bondage enthusiasts find it useful to keep coils of rope sorted or even color-coded by length and type. The even more organized insist on ‘chaining’ rope.

Chain-stitching Rope for Storage

Chain rope

Coiling rope for storage usually leaves something to be desired. Even coiled rope tends to tangle in your toy bag, and if you grab the wrong end when you’re uncoiling it, it can quickly get hopelessly tangled up. It is very frustrating if you are halfway through tying someone up and you have to stand there for ten minutes untangling your rope before you can continue. The solution is to chain-stitch your ropes for storage. This is how climbers store their ropes. It is basically the same stitch used to fasten the tops of potato bags and feed bags. To chain-stitch a rope, put the two ends of the rope together and lay them across your right palm, pointing in the direction of your thumb.

chain rope instructions

Wrap the long ends of the rope around the back of your hand, so they end up where they started.

With two fingers of your other hand, reach up (from the finger side) under the ropes, grab the long ends, and pull it out to form a loop.

Remove the loop from your hand, and pull the ends of the ropes moderately tight.

Reach through the loop from the back and grab the long ends of the rope.

Pull them through, forming a new loop

Reach through the new loop from the back and pull another loop through. Continue doing this till you are at the end of your rope.

Take the end of the rope, tuck it through the last loop, and pull it tight.

The final result looks like this:

To use the rope, pull the end back out of the last loop. Pull on the end, and the loops will all fall apart, and you will again have a straight piece of rope.

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