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Rope is the most versatile, most easily obtainable and cheapest toy and can be used by anyone once a few simple knots are mastered. Most hardware stores carry rope but the best selection can usually be found in specialist yacht chandlers.

Types of Rope used in Femdom play

Rope is usually made by twisting individual fibers into yarns. Several yarns (usually three) are then twisted together in the opposite direction to form strands. The strands are then twisted now back in the same direction as the original fibers to form the rope. It can be made from a number of materials but the most usual ones today are nylon and natural hemp.


Nylon is a great general-purpose rope: it’s strong, it wears well, it’s relatively comfortable, and it looks good, too. Good, basic nylon 3-ply is highly recommended for beginners. The ends of cut nylon rope can be prevented from unravelling by heat sealing, which can sometimes by carried out by your supplier. Otherwise it is a relatively simple operation carried out by momentarily pressing on the newly cut ends of the rope with a hot knife to melt the nylon.

Traditional hemp

Traditional hemp rope is attractive to some people for its rugged look and its scratchy, uncomfortable feel. But compared to synthetic fibres it is more difficult to work, weaker, susceptible to rot and must be stored away from moisture and sunlight. It also is sensitive to abrasion, so your bottom might find ways to fray it by rubbing it along a sharp or jagged edge. The ends of hemp rope must be whipped to keep it from unravelling. For general bondage applications, large diameter rope is preferred because it is less likely to cause circulation problems: 8-10mm (3/8“-5/8”) diameter is ideal; look for softer nylon rope too if you want to avoid chafing . If you use smaller rope, you will need to leave more slack and keep an especially close eye on all extremities.

A variety of lengths is useful, and you will certainly need some shorter lengths of 1-2m (3′-6′).

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