Washing Ropes

Some times with Femdom play, ropes can become sweaty and grimmy, grease builds up on them making them a challenge to work with.. your ropes can washed, and laundered with careful attention. if your in doubt cut and remove a small section of rope and pretest in you washing machine. (remember if you have whipped the ends of rope, re whip them.

Simply put your rope in some sort of washable bag to keep it from excessive knotting – we use a mesh laundry bag or just a plain old pillow case tied shut.

Place you ‘bag-of-rope’ into the washing machine, add you favorite laundry detergent and go ahead and wash on the normal cycle using warm water.

If you’d like you can add fabric softener during the rinse cycle, as you would with any other load of laundry – I personally prefer to use a fabric softener drier sheet as opposed to liquid fabric softener.

If you need to sanitize your rope, you can add a half a cup of bleach to the water – be sure to add it in such a way as to not splatter your colored rope (my machine has a separate reservoir for the bleach which mixes it with the wash water, you can also dilute the bleach in a bowl before you add it to the wash water, or pour it in carefully after the wash water has begun to agitate).

After washing, go ahead and put the rope into the drier (leave it in the bag you washed it in). I always use a fabric softener drier sheet, or two. If you did not put fabric softener in while washing make sure you definitely use a drier sheet now.

Set the drier to the ‘air fluff – no heat’ setting and let you rope tumble away until dry.

Do NOT use heat when drying your rope. Do not tumble dry Nylon rope leave to air dry.

Article by MissBonnie © CollarNcuffs.com

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