Prostrate Milking

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Per special request, for Mistress Cruella. I promised I’d do this, now I’m delivering! 

I don’t profess to be the guru of p-spot stimulation, but I’d like to think that I’ve been pretty successful with it, so here’s what it is that I do.

Key elements of a successful prostate massage:

1.He absolutely MUST BE relaxed. If he’s wired, anxious about anything (like performance), or he’s just fearful it’s gonna hurt, then it’s just not going to work.

2.If he’s completely brand new to anal, it’s usually a good idea to let him work on getting the anus open with a smallish butt plug and plenty of lube, on his own time. That way, he can feel the trajectory, know what it feels like when it slides in, etc. And working on his own, at his own pace, he’ll have the confidence when the time comes that he can endure that little bit of pain it takes to open him up (if there is any, at all). Better yet, have him practice wearing it, and have it in when you’re ready to start.

3.I’d also highly recommend before any anal play to administer an enema, or have him do one himself and evacuate prior to the session. There’s nothing worse then sticking a finger or two in there and coming back with a “door prize” . For this, I like to use a “dry” enema, by inserting about 4 tbsp of lube in the anus, wait about 20 min or until the urge hits him, then let him evacuate. All clean, no fuss, no muss, and no nasty surprises .

The best position for him for p-spot massage I think is on all fours, ass up, shoulders down. I may also give him a pillow or two to tuck in under his tummy, so he feels a little more comfortable.

I like to talk to him throughout the entire process, but especially while I’m first poking and prodding around down there. I usually tell him what I’m going to do, and then start introducing my finger in the area. Lube at this point is an absolute MUST, and the more lube, the better. I read somewhere that with all anal play, just when you get to the point that you think you’re using too much lube, that’s the point where you ALMOST have enough .

Gently slide past the outer ring, and feel for the inner ring, which is the sensitive part that usually makes them uncomfortable. If he gets to that point, let him know you’re backing out, slowly back out, then try again, or just stop moving until he gathers his bearings and feels ok again (and he will). Once you are past the inner ring, you’re going to feel downwards for a small little organ about the diameter of a walnut. If you have him on all fours, it’s going to be directly past the inner ring and straight down. It’s sits directly on the other side of the anal cavity, but you can definitely feel the edges of this delightful little organ through the anal wall.

And this is the funny part. Once you start applying pressure, he’s going to feel the overwhelming urge to pee. And it happens every time, like clockwork. That’s because you’re applying direct pressure on the prostate, which presses into the bladder. I let them make the attempt to pee, but it’s usually pretty fruitless .

At this point, it’s best to take your time and literally feel out your man and that amazing little internal button of his. Some guys like a circular motion all around the perimeter, some like pressure more on one side than the other, some like firm pressure right in the middle. It usually takes a little more time (I’ve found it usually takes about 10 min or so), but eventually he’s going to get AMAZINGLY turn on, and that wonderful clear fluid will start to drip, then eventually start running like a faucet. The key here is his reaction. Find that magical little spot that drives him wild and work the living fuck out of it. Keep checking his cock, comment on his “flow” from time to time (and how much of a mess he’s making of himself!). The important key here is take your time. You can manipulate him to cum at this point without touching his penis, or you can jerk him off with the other hand to give him a fairly overwhelming orgasm with ejaculation. Or play a delightful little game of tease and denial by edging and tormenting him for as long as you desire. Either way, I can assure you that a good time will definitely be had by all .

MissBonnie Comment:
I don’t profess to be the guru of p-spot stimulation
I don’t know, this reads pretty ‘spot’ on to me Thanks again for sharing.

for the dry enema for any one wanting to try it …I use a medical syringe (no needle of course ) less messy I can draw it straight from the bottle of lube. I use about two tablespoons which is 10 cc’s on the syringe measure so Regina’s way would be 20 cc’s (so you may need to load the syringe twice as most go to 10cc). ‘The ‘movement’ will be produced in a compact body, rather than in the more copious liquid form produced by a wet enema; and since no water is used, none will be retained higher up in the colon, to be expelled at a later, and possibly inconvenient, time I’m with Regina “door prize” not good.

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P spot milking

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